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  • Acclaim has teamed up with legendary designer David Perry to build a brand new and entirely free MMORPG.

    Always room for more. The more the merrier. These statements seem to fit the ever growing genre of MMOs. Another new game has been announced today and there is an interview and screenshots over at

    2Moons is not for kids and Perry was very upfront to state that the game will carry an M rating.

    “Violence in games is just an issue if you’re not being honest about the violence in your games,” added Perry. “I’m doing my best to make this a violent game.”

    So head on over and check out this new game. Is there room in the genre for yet another MMO? How do you feel about MMOs that aim for violence? Let us know right here in the forums at Ten Ton Hammer!

    Wed, Aug 09, 2006
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