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  • Scions of Fate: Review offers this review of Scions of Fate today to start the week with.

    I tried really hard to find something fun in this game, but it was near impossible. In this game you can only move by clicking and there are no options to change this. The click to move wouldn't have been that huge of a problem, but if you log out in town, when you log back in you will probably be surrounded by the mobs of people that crowd all over the city in sell mode. With so many people surrounding me often it would take me ten minutes or so to find a spot to click so that I could move!

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    Mon, Apr 09, 2007
  • Five New Screenshots has posted five new screenshots today. Head over and check them out for yourself!

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    Wed, Feb 07, 2007
  • A Launch-Day Interview With Scions of Fate has posted an interview with the Scions of Fate Dev Team. What type of payment system do you use for players? Has this been successful for you in Asia? How do you think players will react to the system when the game is launched in other areas?

    Scions of Fate: Scions of Fate will use the Cash Shop system so players can play the game for free. This payment system has done very well for us in Asia, and we are looking forward to seeing similar results here in the states. This system allows our players to play the game absolutely free, allowing more users to sample our game and see how they like it. It’s good stuff.

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    Wed, Feb 07, 2007
  • Ten Ton Hammer Has 2000 Scions of Fate Beta Keys to Give Away

    After much ado and anticipation, MGame USA is FINALLY just about to announce of the release of Scions of Fate!! But Wait! It gets better! Before actually releasing the game, they need help from a few good players to test aspects of the game to ensure quality of stability.

    So what does that mean for you?

    It means that you can get a speak peek into the world of Scions of Fate and help them finalize the development of the game if you get one of the 2000 Beta Keys that we have to give away!

    So hurry up and get a key as soon as you can (because they are limited in supply), and come see for yourself what’s got over 35 million players worldwide hooked on Scions of Fate!!!

    Before trying to receive a Beta Key, please note that those who participate in 1st or 2nd Closed Beta will not require another key to participate in 3rd Closed Beta.

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    Tue, Jan 30, 2007
  • Scions of Fate Dev Team answers Questions posted an interview with the Scions of Fate Development Team. Keep reading to see what they were able to learn.

    WarCry Network: Can you give us an insider's perspective of the gameworld - what are the conflicts? What are the major historical events coloring the "present day" in game?

    Scions of Fate: In Scions of Fate, the conflict and hatred between the Order and Chaos drives people into turmoil. In the beginning, before the factions formed, people gathered to share their knowledge; however, as the numbers of martial artists grew, they started to focus on gaining power rather than searching for enlightenment. Some of the groups started to call themselves the Order, people who walk the path of righteousness. They invited many schools, houses, families, and guilds to join them. As for those who did not join the Order, they named themselves Chaos. The members of Chaos did not have much power because they couldn't form one solid, cohesive group.

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    Wed, Jan 24, 2007
  • Ten Ton Hammer Gets 200 More SoF Beta Keys

    Just when you thought you weren’t going to get into the first phase of Scions of Fate beta, mGame was kind enough to give us an extra 200 beta keys to give away to our readers. All you have to do is enter your email address and as long as they last, you’ll get a beta key. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and enter!

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    Wed, Jan 10, 2007
  • New and Exclusive Scions of Fate Screenshots & Beta Info

    The martial arts comic book-inspired game that claims 35 million players in Asia and worldwide (with 600,000 playing concurrently) is coming to the English-speaking MMORPG market in about a month, and we have some post-holiday goodies from Mgame to celebrate. First, the beta / release schedule for the free-to-play game formerly (and elsewhere) known as Yulgang, and then eight new and exclusive screencaps from the game.

    Thu, Jan 04, 2007
  • David Park of Scions of Fate Talks With has just posted this intervoew with David Park. Keep reading to find out what they were able to learn... There are said to be about nine million players on Scions of Fate and that your peak users were 215,000 concurrent at one time. Can you comment on these numbers?

    David Park: Hehehe, not to sound cocky, but those numbers were gathered from our Chinese demographics over a year ago. Currently we have over 35 million international users with a record of concurrent users breaking the 600,000 mark. We have live servers in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Thailand all of which have received awards and recognition for outstanding gameplay and customer service. When we say that Scions of Fate is a game designed for community and party-play, we mean it!

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    Tue, Dec 12, 2006
  • Combat, PvP, equipment, crafting, quests and more

    RPG Vault has posted the conclusion of their Scion of Fate interviews. You can catch the first interview here.

    Jonric: How combat-oriented is Scions of Fate, and within this element, what notable or unusual features would you like to mention?

    Samuel Kim: By combat-oriented, I'm wondering if you mean PvP vs. PvE. Scions of Fate is a game designed to help build and make online communities so, of course, there is PvP AND PvE. But if you were to ask which of the two the game is more focused on, I would have to respond by saying the party system. Partying up is absolutely key in Scions of Fate, whether it be for PvP OR PvE, the game is much simpler when you're not alone.

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    Tue, Nov 14, 2006
  • New Interview at RPG Vault

    RPG Vault has posted an interview with MGame USA's Manager of Game Services, Samuel Kim. Keep reading to learn more about this upcoming game.

    Jonric: To begin with an introductory overview, what kind of online world is Scions of Fate, and what is its basic underlying premise or concept?

    Samuel Kim: Scions of Fate is a casual action MMORPG based on the conflicts between the two major factions of Central Valley, The Order and Chaos. In the story, Central Valley was originally a place where aspiring warriors and adventurers gathered to gain both strength and ability; it was a time of peaceful learning and devout training. But as time passed, the warriors of Central Valley began to create philosophy and ideology behind their teachings, which led to disorder and unease amongst the ranks.

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    Thu, Nov 02, 2006
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