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  • Gods & Heroes at SOE's Gamer Day

    Though the development team behind Gods & Heroes is in polish
    mode with no new breakthroughs to report announce since the advent of
    the Nomad class and tinted armor last month, Ten Ton Hammer is on hand
    to see the first public demo of the game's instancing system. The
    Volcanic Vents, a level 15 instance, and the swampy Numidian Delta
    were the focal point of Perpetual's showing at SOE Gamer Day, and Ten
    Ton Hammer was on-hand to report!

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    Thu, May 10, 2007
  • Guild Wars: Eye of the North Q&A - Introduction to the First Guild Wars Expansion

    Gamespot has posted this interview with ArenaNet game designer Ben Miller. Keep reading to seewhat they were able to learn about the upcoming Guild Wars expansion.

    GS: What's the reasoning for making Eye of the North a true expansion rather than a stand-alone chapter? Was it to provide more high-level content for existing players?

    BM: There are a couple reasons we chose to do an expansion rather than a stand-alone campaign. One is that with each new campaign, the game gets more and more complex and the tutorial areas become larger as we need to explain the new professions and the new mechanics. Instead of reinventing the "tutorial wheel" yet again, we are using that energy to develop more content for existing characters.

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    Tue, Apr 17, 2007
  • Wait... this isn't an expansion? A sequel you say?

    Games Radar takes a look at the recently announced Guild Wars 2.

    No chance actually - you and your party would meet up, then fight through an instanced zone. Loads of other people could well be fighting there, but you’d be in a curtained-off, parallel dimension, and never the two would meet. Guild Wars 2, however, will take place in a fully persistent world - and still won’t ask you for any fees.

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    Wed, Apr 11, 2007
  • Jeff Strain and Guild Wars lead designer Ben Miller Talk About Guild Wars 2 posted part one of this interview yesterday. You'll want to keep reading to learn more about the upcoming Guild Wars 2.

    In what major ways does the experience you plan to offer with Guild Wars 2 differ from what you've offered with Guild Wars?

    Jeff Strain: I think, first and foremost, one of the biggest differences that people will perceive in the world between Guild Wars 2 and the first campaigns is that it's much more of a living, breathing world. I

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    Mon, Apr 09, 2007
  • Ben Miller and Eric Flannum Interview

    Eurogamer had a chance to sit down with Ben Miller and Eric Flannum and talk about Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Keep reading to see what they were able to learn.

    Guild Wars began as three people's big idea, an MMORPG to break the mould, and one that would feature no monthly subscription fees - something many of us predicted would certainly lead to an early demise, especially against such fierce opposition.

    The full interview is just a click away.

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    Fri, Apr 06, 2007
  • Radical changes incoming

    Games Radar has posted a preview of the upcoming expansion to Guild Wars. Keep reading to see what they think of Eye of the North.

    Whereas Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall were separate, yet linked, chapters where anyone could start off a new character, Eye of the North is designed solely for max-level characters. It’s being built as a stepping stone for both the existing community and the GW storyline in the lead up to the all-guns-blazing sequel. It introduces villains and big bad evils, bigging up the Human and Charr races, while introducing the Asura and the Norn (all of whom shall be playable come the advent of the sequel), and giving its famed instanced gameplay an almighty send off.

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    Thu, Apr 05, 2007
  • Expansion and Sequel Interview had a chance to talk to Jeff Strain and Mike O'Brien about the upcoming Guild Wars 2 and about Eye of the North.

    I understand that another release in the Guild Wars series, Eye of the North, is in development. Is it really the end, or will further expansions be considered if Eye of the North is a success?

    Jeff: We haven't actually announced what the follow-up plan is for Guild Wars. This is the first Guild Wars expansion but we certainly haven't said that this is the end of Guild Wars 1. Regardless of our product release strategy, it goes without saying that even after Guild Wars 2 ships we have no intention of shutting down servers or ending support for Guild Wars 1.

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    Thu, Mar 29, 2007
  • Guild Wars 2, GW Expansion Unveiled has posted an article format interview that covers the recently announced Guild Wars 2.

    Eye of the North, set to hit this holiday, will be Guild War's first expansion. In the past the games that came out to bolster Guild Wars were all stand-alone titles which while they could be played with the original title, didn't need to be.

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    Tue, Mar 27, 2007
  • See What GameDaily Has to Say

    GameDaily has posted their preview of the upcoming expansion to Guild Wars. See what they think of Nightfall.

    Players then step into the sandals of a Sunspear soldier who works to rise up the ranks to gain recognition. Anyone who played previous Guild War games will be able to jump right into Nightfall. In fact, characters can travel across to different campaigns as long as the player owns them. The core game mechanics are identical. Characters can select one primary and secondary profession. They go out into instanced worlds, where the entire landscape is dedicated to the player's party without anyone else intruding, When venturing out, they are only allowing to bring eight skills with them, making this as much a game of strategy as it is role playing. What sets Nightfall apart, other than its story and setting, are the two unique classes and the hero.

    Keep reading to see what else they have to say. Our Guild Wars Ten Ton Hammer Community site has all the latest news and information, stop by today and get caught up!

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    Thu, Nov 09, 2006
  • Members of the Sony team that created the latest expansion speak about some of their personal favorite elements

    RPG Vault has had a chance to sit down with the developers of the latest Everquest Expansion. Keep reading to find out what they had to say.

    EverQuest: The Serpent's Spine is the most recent expansion pack for Sony Online Entertainment's landmark persistent state world. Available via digital distribution since the middle of last month, it features the addition of the Drakkin as the first new playable race in some years. Another major element is Crescent Reach, which is described as a fully functioning city complete with merchant, quest, combat and tradeskill areas. The Serpent Spine Mountains area offers content for characters of every level, from complete newbies up to those at the level cap, which has been raised from 70 to 75. There are also new zones, enemies, abilities and more. As always, we were interested in how the individuals who created the product view the result of their combined efforts. To this end, we got hold of three team members' opinions on some key aspects.

    Keep reading with just a click. Share your thoughts on the Serpent Spine expansion in our Ten Ton Hammer Forums today!

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    Tue, Oct 31, 2006
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