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  • has an Interview with Nick Witcher of Redbedlam Studio, the developer of MMORPG Roma Victor. The interview is bundled with 8 exclusive screenshots of the game. Graphically, Roma Victor does not have the flash of some other games. What do you say to those who seem to like your game concepts, but are critical of your visuals?
    Nick Witcher: A critical response is understandable but I think a little unfair. We have only ever released candid live screenshots of real players and NPC's within the test. We don't release screenshots that are more concept art over a true in-game experience. The graphics settings are set low for testing reasons, but as the test progresses, we'll be turning those up, but not before we're ready. Tech issues first; eye candy second.

    Mmm... eye-candy... But I digress.

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    Wed, Dec 07, 2005
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