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  • The Truth About His Departure took some time to talk to Mark Firor who has recently left Mythic Entertainment. Speculation can now cease as to the reason for this move as he shares the truth with all of us.

    Matt Firor was the producer of Dark Age of Camelot and Executive Producer for all of Mythic until he stepped down a few weeks ago. Hot on the heels of the EA deal to buy Mythic, the timing was conspicuous to say the least. We get the truth from Matt about why he left. According to the official release, you left Mythic due to the commute. Obviously, with the timing so close to the EA buyout, there are a lot of skeptics. Can you explain exactly why you chose to leave Mythic and the reason for the timing?

    Found out what the answer is and then stop by the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer and tell us your thoughts.

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    Mon, Aug 07, 2006
  • Wolfpack Studios Closes, Stray Bullet Studios Is Born

    Recently Shadowbane's developer, Wolfpack Studios, was closed down. This spawned Stray Bullet Studios, a company made up of many of the team from Wolfpack. Not only did they form this company to help keep Shadowbane going, but to keep a successful team moving forward on many other projects. Read on to learn more...

    FiringSquad: How did the decision come about to form a new studio to continue supporting Shadowbane?

    Sean Dahlberg: We have a great team here; we’ve got solid experience developing and supporting MMOs, we’ve got multiple shipped products, and we’ve been working together for years. From the moment we heard the news, we started talking about possible ways to keep the team together.

    Initially, Shadowbane was not a part of that equation. While we wanted to keep the game alive, we wanted to preserve the studio and its pool of talent and experience more than anything else. It is very rare to find such a team that meshes so well together and has the drive, experience, and personality as Stray Bullet Games now has. We had a few loses but the majority of developers from Wolfpack Studios made the transition to the new company.

    Keep reading to see what the team at Stray Bullet Studios is up to. What do you think of the changes to Shadowbane? Let us know in the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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    Tue, Jul 25, 2006
  • Mark Jacobs Chats With

    In their weekly podcast, Game/On, Dana Massey gets a chance to talk with Mythic Entertainment's CEO.

    This week on Game/On, Dana Massey returns to the show to sit down for a one on one interview with Mythic Entertainment CEO Mark Jacobs regarding the recent announcement that Mythic will be acquired by Electronic Arts.

    But that's not all. Garrett Fuller and Jon Wood discuss all things MMORPG, including the new statistics released by

    Next week, Garrett Fuller and Jon Wood will bring you one of their patented commentary shows.

    To get more information and to listen to this podcast visit Don't forget to let us know what you think of the recent deal between Mythic and Electronic Arts in the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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    Mon, Jul 17, 2006
  • Interview and Screenshots

    RPG Vault had a chance to sit down recently with David Allen, co-founder and CEO od Quest Online. Crusade is currently in development with a target release date of late 2008. Don't miss the four screenshots included in the interview!

    Jonric: Regarding the developer, Quest Online, where is the studio located, how large is the team, and what related experience do the members have? And what is your status with respect to funding?

    David Allen: Quest Online, Inc. was founded in February of 2006 in Chandler, AZ specifically for the purpose of building the Crusade project. We currently have over a dozen people working on the project, and will continue to expand the team throughout the year. Part of this process will include the hiring of additional division managers as we grow. The first task is to establish the core technology; once it's ready, we will be enhancing our content teams - world building, modeling, texture / graphic artist.

    Read the rest of his answer and find out more about Crusade. Keep checking back here at Ten Ton Hammer for more on your favorite games, including Crusade.

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    Tue, Jul 11, 2006
  • Mythic's Mark Jacobs Talks to GameSpy had a chance to sit down with Mythic's Mark Jacobs to talk about the recent EA deal. He answers some of the questions that are burning in the minds of gamers who follow Mythic's games such as Dark Age of Camelot and the forhtcoming Warhammer Online.

    GameSpy: Let's start with the inevitable question: Does EA's history with MMOs (Motor City Online, Earth & Beyond, Ultima Online 2, et al) make you nervous at all?

    Find out how Mark Jacobs answers this question and more at GameSpy.

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    Sun, Jul 09, 2006
  • Raph Koster On the Past and Future of MMOs and Game Design

    German site MMPlay has posted an interview with Ralph Koster. Thankfully, they have posted an English translation for all of us who do not speak German! What would Raph Koster be doing today if MUDs and MMORPGs had never been invented?

    I'd probably still be chasing the dream of being a writer. For much of my life, that was what I was training to do, and it was my chief passion. These days, I don't spend that much time doing it. Sometimes, I kind of miss it. It's also possible I'dbe doing something with music, I suppose.

    Read the rest of this interview and let us know what you think in our forums!

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    Sun, Jul 09, 2006
  • Mythic CEO Talks About EA Acquisition

    Gamespot has posted an interview with Mark Jacobs, CEO of Mythic Entertainment, and Owen Mahoney, EA SVP of corporate development. This interview offers a look at the recent deal between these two compaines and what it may mean for the future.

    Electronic Arts bolsters its foundation with the acquisition of MMO specialists Mythic Entertainment. We talk to the company's CEO, and the EA exec who cut the deal.

    Head over to Gamespot to read the full interview.

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    Thu, Jun 22, 2006
  • Still In Beta But Holds Promise...

    Silkroad Online is a recently translated Asian MMO that is currently in beta. GameZone posted their preview of this interesting title.

    The Silkroad was the major cultural and economic trading route connecting ancient China with Islamic and European civilizations. It was a hazardous byway, often haunted by thieves, merchants and those who would protect the merchants from the thieves.

    In an increasing trend, yet another Asian massively multiplayer online game has been translated over to English and is in the testing phase. Silkroad Online does carry some Asian influences, and some of the combat styling could be likened to KOEI’s Dynasty Warriors franchise (in a tiny way), but the game also carries some of the influences of other Asian-generated MMOs, like Lineage II.

    Read the full preview at GameZone.

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    Thu, Jun 22, 2006
  • Damon Grow Talks About Making an MMO While Being Followed By Cameras

    Mixing the development of a MMO with the rigors of making a reality TV show is sure to make for interesting times. Damon Grow and a team of volunteer developers are trying to do just that as they work to make Kaos War. The TV show is guessed it...Creating Kaos. Recently he sat down to talk to the folks at Firing Squad.

    FiringSquad: How hard is it to develop an MMOPG with an all volunteer development team?

    Damon Grow: It is unbelievably hard. What made it extremely difficult from the beginning is that we are spread all over the world. We have to deal with time zone differences, the inability to work face-to-face, and many have daytime jobs to pay the bills while they work on the game. We lessen the hardships as a virtual company by using tools such as email, instant messenger, Voip programs like Teamspeak and Ventrilo, and passing data along by FTP and Sourcesafes such as Subversion. Many of our developers are currently on their way to our headquarters in San Francisco, which reduces the obstacles significantly.

    On top of all that we are not just building a small game. Kaos War is an epic AAA MMO title and at this time an MMO game is simply the hardest and most time intensive game to develop. This means that without further funding, we’d need 100’s of industry quality volunteers to get enough work done to actualy finish the game. Getting financial backing is essential for a game like this.

    Check out the rest of this intriguing interview and stay tuned for updates on Kaos War.

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    Thu, Jun 22, 2006
  • Greecing up the MMO genre

    While many of the gameplay & social elements of Mgame's live MMO Legend of Ares seem banal, I'm intrigued by the guild system and PvP construct. From a recent GameZone interview:

    Q: How does the guild system work? Will players benefit more from being in a clan or guild, or are the missions geared for an solid experience even as a solo player?

    MGame: The guild system for The Legend of Ares is quite elaborate with special rankings as well as salaries and rewards for members. Guild masters will have the option of rewarding their guild members through rewards (monetary) as well as pay their higher ranking officers with salaries. When money becomes low, Guild masters have the option of accepting dues from their members or engage in Guild Wars to win money. In Guild Wars, guilds pay 100,000 units of money to participate with the winner taking home the pot. With multiple guilds participating, the cumulative totals can get quite large.

    Nifty. Check out the rest of this Legend of Ares interview at GameZone.

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    Wed, May 17, 2006
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