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  • A chronicle of The Chronicle.
    MMORPG has posted a The Chronicle developer's diary featuring an unmentioned developer and focusing on the races available in the game.

    " An important feature we have incorporated with The Chronicle is a diversity of playable races and avatar customization. We believe that it is a vital part of a player experience to truly feel unique and diverse in the game world, where players can be recognized by appearance rather than the text floating above their heads. Although the text floating above your head feature would be really cool in real life, we believe that players want more diversity than that in their gaming experience. Our attempt at this diversity comes through our expansive list of playable avatars and the distinct customization of each unique avatar. In The Chronicle, we are featuring nine playable base races with a total of 27 sub-races. That is 27 different avatars which each have distinct and unique customization options. We will discuss customization in a future developer journal and will focus on introducing our future explorers, warriors, heroes, empire rulers and evil nemeses. "

    You can read the entire The Chronicle Developer's Diary at MMORPG.
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    Thu, Nov 17, 2005
  • Question: How would Scooby Doo pronounce Raph?
    OGaming has posted an interview with Raph Koster of Sony Online Entertainment, focusing on the future of the games we love.

    As the author and illustrator of Paraglyph Press’ upcoming novel A Theory of Fun, you could say Sony Online Entertainment chief creative officer Raph Koster wrote the book on gaming. It’s not necessarily far from the truth: As the former creative lead and lead designer on the award-winning Ultima Online – a legend in the massively multiplayer industry – he’s certainly been a driving force in MMO's. Seriously; just look at the guy’s resume, which includes everything from a turn as creative director on Star Wars Galaxies to stints performing keynote speeches at the Austin Game Conference. "

    You can read the entire Raph Koster Interview at OGaming.
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    Mon, Nov 14, 2005
  • A rose by any other name is a hacking, slashing massively multiplayer online game. has posted a preview of ROSE Online based on their chat with David Kim at the Austin Game Conference.

    " While at the Austin Gaming Conference I got to meet with David Kim of Gravity Interactive’s ROSE Online, a new Korean MMO that is currently in open beta. This kid-friendly MMO takes place in a huge world, or rather, universe — players can travel between seven different planets, three of which are already in the game, to fight monsters, do quests, and make friends. "

    You can read the ROSE Online Preview at
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    Fri, Nov 04, 2005
  • Note to developers, please stop putting the word "Dark" in every MMOG title. has posted a Dark Solstice interview featuring Frank Ross of Black Masque Games.


    Frank Ross, of Black Masque Games, was kind enough to answer some questions concerning their upcoming title, 'Dark Solstice,' touted as a "2.5D" MMO with turn-based combat, pub games galore, and a regularly random world event, the "Dark Solstice." "

    You can read the entire Dark Solstice Interview at

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    Wed, Nov 02, 2005
  • What happens when you cross a FPS with an MMO?
    A gank-fest with sniper aggravation? We'll see. RPGVault check in with developer Smiling Gator to see how the project is progressing. We always had a hunch that southern California was headed towards the apocalypse faster than the rest of the nation.

    " Twilight War: After the Fall is a post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer project in which a key element is the complex web of alliances and hostilities the ensnares these and other organizations. In development by the team at Florida-based Smiling Gator Productions, it attracted a good bit of attention last September when it was revealed the company had licensed the vaunted Source engine technology to deliver the graphical aspects of its action-oriented experience. Soon thereafter, we learned a lot in a lengthy interview, but hadn't very heard much at all since then. Fortunately, we were able to obtain this illustrated progress report. "

    Along with Huxley, Twilight War represents the MMO genres foray into twitch-based shooter action. Read the latest on Twilight War at RPGVault.
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    Tue, Oct 11, 2005
  • Because women are all over this virtual sex thing.
    Next Generation has posted a preview of Spend The Night, billed as an erotic MMO that targets the female audience. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Hello Kitty Online or ToonTown Online are going to have a larger female population than a pixel-sex game. Pornography and virtual sex expert Peewee Herman was contacted for comment, but was too busy watching Japanese escalator movies to say anything more than this:

    Republik's Spend The Night is about sex. It's an online multiplayer
    game in which adults can meet other adults and act out their fantasies
    through graphically rich avatars. Next Generation spoke to company CEO
    Robert Coshland.

    You can read the entire Spend The Night Preview at Next Generation.

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    Wed, Oct 05, 2005
  • Talking to the folks who play 'em, not make 'em.
    Without the players and the guilds they form, games wouldn't exist. With that in mind we back to the grass-roots of the gaming industry and interviewed the people who you love, or in some cases love to hate, the players and their guilds.

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    Tue, Sep 27, 2005
  • A chronicle of the The Chronicle. has posted a developer written preview of The Chronicle. The preview focuses on the battle system and specifically on the opportunity subsystem of combat. Vin Diesel, the master of combat and of opportunity flexed the muscles in his eyelids and roared:

    " I attack you and hit for 22 damage. You attack me and hit for 17 damage. I attack you and miss. You attack me and critically hit for 34 damage. I attack you…
    Does the above exchange sound familiar? It probably does, because that’s the way combat works in just about every MMORPG on the market today. In reality, combat is a complex dance of subtle maneuvers, split-second perceptions, and exploiting opportunities, which is why most RPG battles seem so sterile and monotonous by contrast. It’s tough to get excited about a match of dueling calculators, but one of the things The Chronicle is attempting to do is add a new dimension to RPG style combat, putting more emphasis on strategy and timing than just clicking auto attack to find out who has the best damage per second and hit points."

    You can read the The Chronicle Preview at
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    Thu, Sep 22, 2005
  • Can we get an APB on APB?
    1UP has posted an All Points Bulletin preview. Davey Jones asked me to take the last train to Clarkson and he'd meet me at the station, but when I arrived the only thing there was this note:

    " How many times have you played a Grand Theft Auto game and envisioned how cool it would be if all those folks walking and driving around the streets of Vice City were actually other human players? Funny, the original creator of Grand Theft Auto, David Jones, wonders the exact same thing. That's why his new company, Real Time Worlds, is crafting exactly such a game, due for release on PC in 2007 and Xbox 360 in 2008. "

    You can read the entire APB Preview at 1UP.

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    Wed, Sep 07, 2005
  • All PvP. All the time.
    CorpNews has posted a Shadowbane interfeaturing Sean Dahlberg and focusing on the new Loreplay server. I got friggin' ganked just trying to post this Shadowbane story... and then the 12-year old taunts me and says:

    " Wolfpack Studios recently announced the opening of a loreplay server for their MMOG Shadowbane, a first for the Austin, TX development house. Many of us have played Shadowbane in the past and are well familiar with it's virtues and shortcomings. In this Q&A, we posed a few questions to Sean "Ashen Temper" Dahlberg about the new server, Shadowbane's growth over the years, and the general state of gameplay today. "

    You can read the entire Shadowbane Interview at CorpNews.

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    Tue, Aug 30, 2005
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