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  • Puzzle Pirates Review has posted a review of the strangely addicting Puzzle Priates.

    The client for playing Puzzle Pirates will probably be the easiest you'll ever download for any MMO. The installer is less than 500KB in size and the updates aren't a lot with the current version of the installer. It took me less than an hour to go from download to playing, including time to set up my account and patch the client.

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    Mon, Apr 02, 2007
  • Initial look at the immensely successful, free to play online world from developer Wizet and publisher Nexon

    RPG Vault has posted their brief look at Maple Story. Keep reading to find out what they think.

    MapleStory, which officially launched in North America this week, is a 2D side-scrolling online world that has already attracted some 50 million registered users internationally. From developer Wizet and publisher Nexon, it's free to play, employing the cash shop revenue model; the selection of optional purchases includes items, enhancements, cosmetic avatar customizations, pets and more.

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    Mon, Dec 04, 2006
  • Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard...Fantastic or Not So Nice?

    Macros. In MMOs, long the domain of esoteric min/max-ers and gold farming bottomfeeders. Establishing itself as a serious macroing platform with 54 programmable keys, the Logitech G15 gaming keyboard also boasts an onboard LCD, media controls, backlighting, and a few other surprises. Too much keyboard? Hell yea! Join Ethec as he plugs in and kicks the tires of Logitech's macroing monstrosity, and looks at the differences between cheating and macroing in MMORPGs along the way.

    "All that to say this: on many levels, it's important not to expect too much from the LCD. It's a nifty thought and definitely has its place, but gameplay-wise it suffers from the same marginal utility the LCD on the Sega Dreamcast controllers withered in back in the day. Your eyes can really only keep track of one screen at a time, why shouldn't they stay on the screen that really counts? Granted, I've only seen the LCD working in handful (World of Warcraft, Civ IV, Unreal) of the lackluster number of currently supported games, but if you're used to getting ammo counts, stat, or compass info from the actual game screen, the G15 offers little reason to change your habits. Add to this the aforementioned qualms devs have for giving too much support to peripherals, and you've got yourself a bona fide fluff feature."

    Keep readingto find out more. Think Ethec is off base with his feelings about this gaming keyboard? Tell us in our forums and keep checking back to Ten Ton Hammer for the latest news, interview and information on all your favorite MMOs!

    Fri, Jul 14, 2006
  • A mouse matchless among mice?

    Traditionally, high-priced, high-performance peripherals have been the domain of the FPS (first-person shooter) aficionado. But with the pace of MMOs increasing with games like Auto Assault, Fury, and Tabula Rasa, Ten Ton Hammer thinks it's time we take a look at how gaming-tuned input devices can benefit our game.

    We begin with the Logitech G5. As widely-available commercial gaming mice go, you can't do too much better than the Logitech G5 gaming mouse (or its wireless big brother, the G7). This high-resolution lazer mouse is all about smoothing out the pointer's once bumpy ride across the screen, giving gamers complete control over settings like onboard sensitivity and even weight-distribution in the mouse itself. Yea, great for sniping, but we had our fun scoring Unreal headshots in our pre-MMO days. So what do mice like the G5 offer the MMO gamer? Maybe more than you think!

    "The defining feature of the G5 and the G7 wireless is the 36 gram "weight cartridge" that you load and pop into the mouse's underbelly. You can load the cartridge's eight slots with 1.5g and 4.5g weights that come in a sort-of "Altoids" box. Now, I know you're thinking that this is pure marketing fluff, and I would've been inclined to agree with you. But the truth is: tweaking weight and balance is surprisingly noticeable. Part of the fun of owning this mouse has been experimenting with different total weights and weight "balances" - I finally settled on a featherweight setup with 4.5g weights at the top corners so it "digs" just a little when I push on the mouse, and I might change it again. There's no wrong way to load your mouse; like I said, it's fun to see how just a little more or less weight helps or hinders the selection of your next target."

    Check out our full review of the Logitech G5 gaming mouse.

    Thu, Jun 08, 2006
  • "A gentler type of MMO"
    reports that GameZone
    has a review over a different type of MMO, R.O.S.E. Online:

    The name itself is a bit of a mystery, likely losing something in the translation.
    It supposedly stands for Rush On Seven Episodes, and what exactly that means
    … well, that might be something only the developers truly know.
    But shorten it to ROSE (or R.O.S.E.) Online and you get an image of a fragrant
    flower blossoming in the landscape of MMOs (massively multiplayer online games).
    Now that is an image that befits this title. ROSE has been billed as a much
    gentler game and that is apparent from the onset. The characters have that
    Japanese anime feel, but are lush and colorful – just like the environments.

    The game begins with picking an avatar and alignment. Then you venture off,
    as a Visitor, to the fairy in the newcomer area. Your first task involves
    learning the barter system (trading, buying and selling) as well as the combat
    system. You are out there killing jelly beans and bugs that look like caterpillars
    (called choropies) but don’t worry, the challenge soon ramps up and
    you will be, before long, killing flowers, pumpkins, bees, ant-like critters
    and then wolves that wear chef’s hats and carry carving knives. But
    at the start you are sort of like an anti-candy psycho gardener – which
    can be a good thing, especially in the context of this game.

    Sounds interesting to me...

    Wed, Dec 21, 2005
  • A golf MMO? Those krazy Koreans!
    Broken English and hole-in-one hackers! Korean developer OnNet's "Shot Online" puts players inside a world populated by golfes and lets them golf together. A lot.. How exactly does this work out? I could tell you, but I'd rather quote something funny.

    "A sample description [for one of the playable characters], this for Wotan: “Reticent and sincere. With a great sweat, he ranks one of the tops even though he lost his one eye in an accident. His nick name, Odin becomes him.” If you’re anything like me, first off, your wondering what is up with the names? Then you get hit with the broken-English translations, (which is a recurring theme). I had to laugh at this description numerous times. If he has a “great sweat”, it does not sound like much fun playing 18 holes with him. Kind of like that underarm deodorant commercial where the golfer sinks a putt, raises his arms in victory, and the entire crowd, wildlife included, fall over from the apparent stench. Also, if he “lost his one eye in an accident”, would not that make him partly blind? I would be pretty impressed if he still ranked as “one of the tops” then! "

    The article does a good job of detailing how a golf MMO works, or doesn't work. You decide! The Shot Online review at

    Thu, Sep 22, 2005
  • AC2 Gets A Fancy Review.
    CVG has reviewed Asheron's Call 2: Legions. Tom Cruise couldn't get any other press to talk to him today so he came to us and said this:

    " At last count, AC2 was existing on around 14,000 subscribers, despite recent attempts by Turbine to woo players back to the franchise following its acquisition of the brand from Microsoft. Unfortunately, the reasons why most of them left in the first place are beyond the ken of a mere expansion pack (unless that expansion pack is called Asheron's Call 2: World Of Warcraft). Legions is one for the existing crowd only, bringing all the new content you'd expect of an MMO add-on pack - new weapons, new spells, new armour, new dungeons and quests and a whole new continent called, ahem, Knorr. "

    You can read the entire Asheron's Call 2: Legions Review at CVG.

    Thu, Aug 25, 2005
  • An oldie, but a goodie gets an expansion and coincidentally a review.
    GameZone has reviewed Asheron's Call 2: Legions. We're almost positively sure that they wrote this:

    "Looking back, Turbine has had a few rough patches with Asheron’s Call 2. A lot of players have moved on for the promise of brighter futures in other games. As a result the community in Asheron’s Call 2 is relatively small and closely knit. The players are also extremely knowledgeable about the game. New players will have a lot of “older siblings” they can ask for help. Just be prepared to spend some time looking for people to answer your questions. A lot of the existing players have high-level characters as their main avatars"

    You can read the entire Asheron's Call: Legions Review at GameZone.

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    Tue, Jun 07, 2005
  • More Wookies Than You Can Shake a LightSaber At.GameSpot has posted a review of Star Wars Galaxies: Rage of the Wookies. Almost for sure, they wrote this:. "Like most massively multiplayer online games, Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided has been in a constant state of change since it launched in July 2003. Significant additions to the original game have included, but certainly aren't limited to: vehicles and mounts, player-created cities, new dungeons, and a series of quests for Jedi wannabes that, although lengthy and challenging, are infinitely better than the original system that required you to obtain "holocrons" and master multiple professions (from a list of 30) until you found the one that would unlock your second character. The most significant addition to Star Wars Galaxies since its launch, though, was undoubtedly the release of the Jump to Lightspeed expansion pack last year, which finally let you fight battles in space and, just as importantly, travel between planets without having to stand around waiting for shuttles. Now, with the release of a new Episode III-themed expansion pack called Rage of the Wookiees, the Galaxies universe has gotten even deeper." Read the entire Star Wars Galaxies: Rage of the Wookies Review at GameSpot.

    Thu, Jun 02, 2005
  • Insert cool Wookie roaring sound here. Star Wars Galaxies: Rage of the Wookies has been reviewed by GamerGod. We're guessing that they wrote this: "What this does is keep you focused on the content, and RotW delivers content in spades. While every planet contains Points of Interest, Kashyyyk's P.O.I's have quests that provide a story as to the background of the POI. Whether you are a boot licking slaver, a spineless Imperial, an out for yourself smuggler or heroic rebel, Kashyyyk has a place for you, and a story that will draw you into the conflict." Read the entire Star Wars Galaxies: Rage of the Wookies Review.

    Wed, Jun 01, 2005
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