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    Just in time for Halloween, we bring you The MMO Graveyard; an MMObituary listing of sorts in which we take a look at some of the top games that simply didn't stand the test of time.

    Wed, Oct 30, 2013
  • jumpgate-evolution-logo

    What is it about this futuristic genre that causes projects to drag an anchor labeled “DOUBT” behind them wherever they go?

    Features, Opinions
    Mon, Oct 11, 2010
  • The silent finally speak out!

    The Matrix Online developers have put out their first producer letter in some time. If you were watching this game on the back burner or haven't thought about it in a while, be sure to give it a read.

    Tue, Nov 20, 2007
  • Resistance is futile.
    GameCloud has an interview with Jason Hall of Monlolith discussing the SoE purchase of The Matrix Online. It's within the realm of possibility that they wrote this:

    "One of the most interesting moves in MMORPG history was made last week as The Matrix Online, the heavily hyped continuation of the movie trilogy, began its move to Sony Online from its now former developer Monolith. Gamecloud got a chance to briefly quiz Jason Hall, the head of the game's publisher Warner Brothers Interactive, to find out more about the move."

    You can read the entire Matrix Online Interview with Jason Hall at GameCloud.

    Features, Interviews
    Mon, Jun 20, 2005
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