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  • The Matrix Online Re-Review has posted their latest review of Matrix Online today. Keep reading to see what their thoughts are...

    When you enter the world of the Matrix you get a choice to be a part of three Primary factions, Zion, The Machines and The Merovingians. Automatically upon character creation you start out as the Zion primary faction. This can easily be changed by taking missions with one of the three factions. As you do more missions for your primary faction you gain fame with them and thus favour. Also available are missions that are part of the main storyline. During these storyline missions you are able to meet some of the big characters in the movies, such as Commander Lock and Niobe.

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    Fri, Dec 08, 2006
  • Single White Planet seeks the ONE.
    Houston Vehicles has reviewed The Matrix Online. Keanu Reeves gave up his promising hockey career to go into acting. You decide if it was a good choice. He didn't have this to say about it:

    " The reason I really wanted to play Matrix Online was because I wanted to see a living thriving ‘modern’ day city like in the movies - full of life, cars, people and things happening. Kind of like a more civilized Grand Theft Auto. So I did have expectations going in, and hoped they would be fulfilled once I started the tutorial. The Matrix Online Website holds video tutorials and a lot of information on the game which was woefully missing from the tutorial, including news of the upcoming storylines. Unfortunately it does not save you from the rut of doing missions if it is not something you enjoy doing. Reading the website gives a LOT of information crucial to really enjoying your Matrix experience.  I would suggest you read it, watch the movies and make a more educated choice about your decisions in the game before you play. The site is not painful at all, and really an enjoyable experience, so do not let it turn you off. "

    You can read the entire The Matrix Online Review at Houston Vehicles.

    Mon, Aug 15, 2005
  • Blue pill fever. has a review of The Matrix Online posted. We're nearly sure that Neo had no part in the writing of this:

    "When I jack in, I am in the Matrix. The terminology used, the skill
    system, the events: these are the Matrix. However, it's really not the
    game itself that has succeeded in creating the Matrix Online. It's the
    combination of live events and the offline elements. Newspapers are
    sent to my email regarding what is happening in the Matrix. If I have
    signed up for their IM service I can speak to people in the Matrix
    while not in myself (and vice versa). A radio station was developed by
    players - Radio Free Zion - and was just incorporated into the game.
    Live Events of the highest caliber - performed by professional actors -
    occur at regularly scheduled intervals for days at a time. Summaries of
    the events are posted daily - sometimes multiple times per day - from
    the perspective of players, characters such as Morpheus (who was
    recently killed), or from the various factions like the Machines,
    Zionites and Exiles (Merovingians). Event summaries are posted in a
    very timely manner and then again sometimes weeks later you'll find
    another clue about what happened that will simply make your head swim.
    Add to that, short cinematics that often include the Oracle and you
    feel like you've found your spot inside the raining green code."

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    Thu, Jun 30, 2005
  • If Neo can do anything, can he make a rock that is too heavy for him to lift?
    PC Gameworld has a review of The Matrix Online posted for your blue pill pleasure. We slowed down time, dodged bullets and made friends with the machines just so we could tell you that they probably wrote this:

    "Combat is pretty entertaining at first. When you engage an enemy in hand-to-hand combat, the camera pans in and things take on much more of a fighter-game style. You queue up attacks and watch as they are displayed on the screen. The martial arts are impressive and seem varied; each battle appears like its own individual fight… until the fifteenth or sixteenth fight. After that it's pretty much the same moves over and over. Obviously it can't be different every time, but the sparkle does fade and fights get dull."

    You can read the entire The Matrix Online Review at PC GameWorld.

    Wed, Jun 22, 2005
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