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  • Is a new look on an old game enough?
    GamersInfo has posted a review of Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny. A drudge got caught in a Turbine causing the following annuouncement from those involved:

    "Much has changed from the old AC that many of us knew. While the basics of the game remain the same - gain experience, spend experience on skills while leveling - ToD gives us new content to experience. Gone is the Lego-like blocky world and surroundings and in are new graphics. Granted, the new improved graphics are still in their infancy compared to the cutting edge work of the latest MMO, and perhaps more work could be done, but those of use who play the "old" AC will have to get used to playing in the "new" AC. The first time I logged into the expansion I really had to wonder if I was indeed playing the same game! Again, while the graphic improvements that are being included in ToD don't measure up to some of today's MMOs, AC will still run on many lower end machines - something almost no MMO on the market today can boast. The likelihood of you needing to buy a new machine to play this game is slim."

    You can read the entire Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny Review at GamersInfo.

    Thu, Jul 21, 2005
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