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  • An Interview with Brian "Psychochild" Green, Founder of Near Death Studios

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    Mon, Jun 04, 2007
  • Back from the dead. has a Meridian 59 Evolution interview posted featuring Brian Green of Near Death Studios. We can assure you that they may have written this:

    "A few weeks ago at E3, I had a chance to catch up with Brian Green of Near Death Studios, the company hard at work on Meridian 59. The show had just ended, and as he and I were in the same hotel, we decided we could not leave E3 without one last interview each. So, in the hotel lobby, laptop in hand, Brian took me on a brief tour of his game and we chatted about where it has been and where it – and he – are headed."

    You can read the entire Meridian 59 Evolution Interview at

    Features, Interviews
    Fri, Jun 17, 2005
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