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  • Oddly enough, goddess wings taste just like turkey wings.

    If you're brave enough to venture out to the mall today, you could pick up a copy of Final Fantasy XI's latest expansion, now out: Wings of the Goddess.

    At long last, today sees the release of the highly-anticipated "Wings of the Goddess" expansion for FINAL FANTASY XI! The new dancer and scholar jobs, the monumental Allied Campaign battle system, a plentitude of heretofore unknown monsters, and of course, the epic unfolding of the Crystal War in the Vana'diel of old...

    Fri, Nov 23, 2007
  • Surging ahead from last place, San d'Oria takes the day!

    The Crystal War is officially over for Final Fantasy XI players and the results are in. In a surprising move, the continent of San d'Oria swept back and overcame both of the others for first place in the pan-world standings (San d'Oria was dead last on every server but one at the halfway point).

    The winner of the Crystal War Revisited event is...(drum roll)... San d'Oria, kupooo!

    Tue, Nov 20, 2007
  • How much more epic can battles get?

    The latest feature coming to FFXI was announced today. They're going to be introducing the Allied Campaign, a way for individual players to take part in epic ongoing battles.

    Fri, Nov 16, 2007
  • Keep fightin' the good fight!

    PlayOnline brought down the hammer on over 5000 Final Fantasy XI accounts today in another round of bannings.

    Based on the results of our investigation, around 4,400 PlayOnline accounts were terminated while around 1,210 accounts were temporarily suspended.
    Additionally, we have increased the number of mass bannings against certain PlayOnline violations in order to prevent illegal acts.

    Read all about it at the FFXI site.

    Wed, Nov 14, 2007
  • Poor San d'Oria...

    The official standings for the Final Fantasy XI Crystal War event have been tabulated. At this stage, it looks likes Bastok and Windhurst are winning on most of the servers. Keep an eye on the charts as the event unfolds!

    Tue, Nov 13, 2007
  • Lets get ready to download!

    There's an update coming down the pike for FFXI players on November 20th:

    On Nov. 20, 2007, the FINAL FANTASY XI: Wings of the Goddess expansion disc will be shipped.

    Due to the number of new features included in this expansion, an update of the game will be required for all players (even those who have not installed the expansion). The preparatory version update for the FINAL FANTASY XI: Wings of the Goddess expansion disc will be performed on the following date.

    Fri, Nov 09, 2007
  • Ban Hammer ahoy!

    Square Enix continues to fight the good fight against cheating, botting, and illegal RMT with this latest round of bans.

    Wed, Sep 26, 2007
  • I bet they taste good with BBQ sauce.

    The release date for the upcoming Final Fantasy XI expansion, Wings of the Goddess, has been officially announced! The boxed version ships on November 20th and players will be able to access the expansion data beginning November 22nd.

    Take a step back in time and uncover the breathtaking mysteries surrounding Vana'diel's violent past when the long-awaited fourth installment in the ongoing FINAL FANTASY XI saga ships on November 20, 2007!

    Fri, Sep 21, 2007
  • Achieve the rank of First Lieutenant.

    Final Fantasy XI is providing its players with even more ways to advance in the game, this time by adding a new rank for Mercenaries and by adding several new assault missions. Like the original Everquest, FFXI just keeps chugging right along.

    Tue, Aug 07, 2007
    Cody Bye
  • FINAL FANTASY XI Linkshell Community Beta Version Update

    Thu, Jul 05, 2007
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