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  • Happy birthday to you...

    Final Fantasy XI nears its two year celebration on the 28th, and Game Chronicles decided to deliver its well-wishes in the form of a crappy review score. If you learn to treat the account setup as part of the Tetra Master card game, it's bearable.

    Final Fantasy lovers will probably get a big kick out of the game. But after you play for a while, unless you have oodles of time, you will grow weary of it. However, it’s often said that the people make the game, and I didn’t really find myself a player group for this title. Of course, if you can justify spending $13 a month on a 3D chatroom, go right ahead, but I’ll pass.

    Unless you'd like to pass, here's the rest of the Final Fantasy XI review from Game Chronicles.

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    Tue, Oct 25, 2005
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