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    MindArk pushes the boundaries of Planet Calypso microtransactions with a new political system and shared annual revenue with players.

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    Wed, Nov 16, 2011
  • Virtual Real Estate Bidding War Frenzy - 2 Days Left in Auction for Prime Entropia Universe

    Entropia Universe is closing out a public auction for three mall properties and the latest bid is over $34,000. Virtual real estate is a growing phenomenon, with key players investing up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The latest trend in role playing games shows a profit for bold investors.

    Entropia Universe has opened bidding in a public auction for three malls in
    its virtual universe. The auction, and subsequent winner, will be announced
    on Thursday, December 28. Activity during the auction has created a virtual
    real estate feeding frenzy, with bids sky-rocketing (currently - December 26
    - bids were already at over $34,000) and estimated to reach up to $100,000.
    Now, with only 6 days left, the public is invited to place their bids on the
    most valuable real estate online.

    Read the rest of the press release for more details!

    Tue, Dec 26, 2006
  • Give that ATM machine a taste of pwnage

    Entropia Universe, the futuristic-style MMO which pits players against each other to compete for real-world money, will now offer ATM cards for easy, convenient conversion of virtual PEDs to cold, hard cash.

    An Entropia Universe participant can acquire the ATM card from MindArk, the developer of Entropia Universe. The card is associated with the participants' Entropia Universe account (similar to a bank account), allowing one to efficiently and securely access funds to make a withdrawal of virtual money (Project Entropia Dollars) in real life currency using any Versatel machine around the world. All of the features of transferring, withdrawing, depositing, viewing account balances and more are available with this virtual ATM system. This innovative service for Entropia Universe members provides true economic freedom and puts them one step closer to bridging the gap between the virtual and real world.

    Read the rest of the Entropia Universe PEDs to ATMs press release.

    Tue, May 02, 2006
  • The MMO formerly known as...

    The only MMO that could help you lose your rent money in a single night of play is getting a facelift. That's right, the MMO formerly known as "Project Entropia" is now Entropia Universe. I'm not sure the new name compels me to ante up, but hey, it's cheap press.

    Project Entropia, the fastest growing virtual universe utilizing a real cash economy, today announced the next phase in its evolution to become the ultimate virtual community, "Entropia Universe" ( The new name embodies the concept of Entropia Universe as more than just another MMORPG, but rather a complete virtual world with the unique identifier of allowing players to utilize a RCE (Real Cash Economy). The built-in RCE links the internal Entropia Universe economy to that of a real world through a fixed exchange rate of $1 USD for 10 PED (project entropia dollars).

    Read the full story on Entropia Universe's name-switcharoo at MediaWire.

    Tue, Apr 11, 2006
  • And you thought your MMO was hardcore.
    WarCry has a very interesting read on Project Entropia's economy. PE is the first game with an real life economy- you can "buy in" for in-game cash using real dollars, and "cash out" using the same exchange rate.

    I saw miners hitting deposits worth 5,000 PEDs. And that's just the materials value. If they make it into stuff, who knows how much they’ll make? Crafters were making a couple hundred bucks right in front of me, throwing together tools worth $50-plus. Quick perusing of the auction house revealed items actually going for 4,000 PEDs. Sure, you start crafting in EVE, maybe you make enough ISK to sell to IGE for beer money, but $400 bucks? Sign me up for mining and crafting in Project Entropia.

    There’s even PvP zones and, yes, it’s old school. You may actually lose items if you wander into a PvP zones. Consequently, PvP combat has actual cash rewards and penalties. Imagine ganking a guy and making ten bucks on his gear. Now imagine being ganked and losing your hundred dollar mining doodad. That’s what I call serious PvP. When a jerk with a dagger might cost you your rent money, it’s hardcore.

    I agree. Check out Warcry's Project Entropia editorial.
    We'll throw this link in, free of charge:

    Tue, Nov 22, 2005
  • A poster? When someone loots a new car, let me know!
    Project Entropia, the renegade real-life mixing MMO that was the first to move to a dollars for in-game currency scheme, is now reporting that a player named Starman looted a real-life poster, which will be mailed to his residence. Fortunately, there are no plans to make zombie parts real-life lootable.

    This package in particular was looted by Starman a few days ago, and contains a real life poster which will be sent to him. What the poster look like (sic), it doesnt say.

    Check out the real-world loot announcement at
    Other links of interest:

    Tue, Nov 15, 2005
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