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  • Pictures of Dwarves and wolves. Sounds like an EQ2 bachelor party. has posted two new Dark and Light screenshots featuring some wolves and some shiny Dwarves. Who wouldn't want to be a drunken, unshaven, vertically challenged character in a MMOG?

    "Alchemic Dream continues our weekly screenshot series of our most hyped
    MMORPG Dark & Light. Today we have two images, one showing a character at rest while wolves look on and the other showing some dwarves around a siege engine. "

    You can view the Dark and Light screenshots at
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    Tue, Nov 08, 2005
  • Darkness Rising vs Dark and Light in our confuse the consumer contest.
    MMORPG has posted two new screenshots from Dark and Light. Brad McQuaid who is in no way affiliated with Dark and Light, in no way said this:

    " Today we get a sneak peek at two more images from NPCube and Farlan's MMORPG Dark and Light. These images show off the expansive world. " 

    You can view the Dark and Light Screenshots at MMORPG.
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    Wed, Oct 12, 2005
  • Dark and Light? But the contrast looks ok!
    Two more screenshots for the in-beta fantasy MMO Dark and Light:

    "Two brand new images of Dark & Light are featured today. Both images show off a darker side to the game and one gives fans a close look at some of the character models. "

    See 'em at

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    Sat, Aug 20, 2005
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