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  • Mass-Effect-3-Extended-Cut.jpg

    Mass Effect 3’s Extended Cut DLC arrives next week. Will it manage to appease the fans?

    Audio / Podcast, Release Date, News, Official Announcements
    Fri, Jun 22, 2012
  • ME3-Reaper-Attack.jpg

    Team BioWare talks more about the evolution of Mass Effect 3 and what’s new in Shepard’s epic finale.

    Video, News
    Thu, Mar 01, 2012
  • Mass Effect 2 Panorama

    Mass Effect 2 isn't just a sequel to the award-winning 2007 Role Playing Game (RPG) from the talented minds at BioWare, it's a continuation in every sense of the word.

    Features, Previews, Interviews
    Thu, Dec 17, 2009
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