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  • #1, Engage!
    The official Star Trek Online website has some new screenshots. In a scene that ended on the cutting-room floor, Jean-Luc Picard turned to Riker and said:

    " This is a test of the emergency description system. Had the guys at Star Trek Online taken 35 seconds out of their lives to post descriptions of their screenshots you would be reading them here. Remember, this is only a test. In the case of a real emergency you would find us running in circles like schoolgirls with mice in our hair. "

    You can view the Star Trek Online Screenshots at The Official Site.

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    Tue, Aug 16, 2005
  • Computer, Dev Notes On Screen!
    STO developed Daron Stinett posted a large blog entry detailing the basic design of the game, namely what will be availble to players as they rise through the ranks of the Federation. So begins a long parade of silly trekkie one-liners we'll use to announce the slightest bit of news coming out of the Perpetual camp!

    " At lower levels, players will access away missions via transporters and NPC piloted shuttles for missions beyond transporter range. As players rise in rank, they will gain access to player piloted shuttles and ships, and ultimately assigned a permanent commission. Personal (PC) ships are small to medium sized and assigned based on player department. They are primarily designed to be piloted by the owner but may have options for multiple players to work together as a bridge crew. Groups of players with ships can band together to tackle missions. Players will be able to walk around their ships, with medium sized (i.e. Defiant class) and larger ships providing more elaborate interiors and appropriate amenities. Manning any of the bridge consoles will enable an external tactical view for combat. The performance, appearance, and amenities of personal ships can be upgraded and customized."

    Head here to read the entire Dev Blog entry at!

    Wed, Aug 03, 2005
  • Star Trek Online is
    Perpetual Entertainment has unveiled the Star Trek Online website. The Borg arrived, but did not say:

    "Star Trek Online is a massively multiplayer online game where you will join Starfleet and explore the greatest wonders and discoveries from our galaxy and beyond. You will team up with thousands of other players as you advance from Starfleet Academy and master your skills aboard a starship. Your journey will take you to far-away posts at the fringes of known space where you will carry out missions to establish contact with new civilizations while protecting the values of the Federation during a time of rising tensions. Rising through the ranks will test your abilities as a warrior, diplomat, explorer, and most importantly: a leader. Play your cards right and you will one day become Captain of your own starship and chart your own course to the final frontier."

    You can visit the Star Trek Online website right here.

    Wed, Jul 13, 2005
  • Make it so.
    RPGPlanet has an interview with Daron Stinnett, the executive director of Star Trek Online posted. We are pretty sure it went like this:

    "STGU has put together a brief question and answer interview with Star Trek Online's new executive producer Daron Stinnett."

    You can view the entire Star Trek Online Interview at RPGPlanet.

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    Wed, Jun 08, 2005
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