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  • Orcs and Dwarves..Oh My!

    Today sees an update to our newly opened Warhammer Online Community site. This update bengs us class overviews as well as corresponding images. The first to be added is the Black Orc...

    The Black Orc’s fighting style might best be described as brawling. He attacks with all the tools available – fists, feet, elbows, shoulders, and assorted other spiky bits, notably including weapons. His various attacks are designed to jar, disorient, or otherwise disable his enemy, and each of these conditions makes the enemy vulnerable to yet more punishment, in the form of other attacks which deliver additional effects based on the target’s condition.

    Next we are treated to a glimpse of the Dwarf Ironbreaker...

    The Ironbreaker is the quintessential dwarf – gruff, quarrelsome and taciturn. He is also your best friend on the field of battle, as any blow struck against his allies is a Grudge that is guaranteed to be repaid in kind. Equipped with his famed gromril armor, and practicing his elite weapon craft, he is a steadfast defender, proof against even the most powerful attacks, standing by his allies and ensuring their safety amidst the swirling chaos of battle. It is said that there are few warriors in the world who can boast they are as tough as an Ironbreaker, and none that can prove it.

    So what are you still doing here? Head over to Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer and check these two overviews out! New to the site? Register and share your thoughts with us in the forums...we promise not to bite, really.

    Tue, Aug 29, 2006
  • Need A Career? Check These Out

    Two great indepth looks at some of the careers that will be possible in Warhammer Online come to us today. The first is a look at the Goblin Shaman.

    The Shaman channels the primal bloodlust of the Greenskins into effects both beneficial and baleful. He keeps the lads up and running far beyond their normal capabilities and calls down the wrath of the twin deities, Gork and Mork, onto his enemies.

    Next we get a great look at the Dwarf Hammerer...

    When it comes to heavy blunt objects size matters, and that thought is the driving force behind the Hammerer’s choice of weapons. His job is to bash things good and solid, and in keeping with a Dwarf’s nature he’s selected the best tool for the job: the great hammer.

    The Hammerer Specialty:

    * A Hammerer’s most powerful blows can slow him down, but the blow’s devastating impact is well worth it
    * The longer the fight, the more the Hammerer’s strength and quickness increase
    * As long as there are more foes to fight, the Hammerer can build up momentum

    Head over and read both of these guides and be sure to stop by the Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer Forums and let us know what you are thinking. Is this the game you are waiting for? Tell us why!

    Mon, Aug 28, 2006
  • A Look At Blackfire Pass

    We get a look at Blackfire pass today along with all the other great content from Warhammer Online. If you have seem ot all, then be sure to head over to Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer and check it out!

    "Black Fire Pass has been the site of many battles throughout the course of history, but none were as significant as the first which was fought there. At Black Fire Pass, a great force of Dwarfs led by King Kurgan Ironbeard joined with a human army under the command of a young hero named Sigmar to confront and ultimately destroy a great horde of greenskins. Following the battle, King Ironbeard swore a great oath that for all time, the Dwarfs would safeguard the eastern mountain approaches to the lands of men. In the following year, Sigmar was made the first Emperor, uniting the scattered tribes of humans under one banner."

    Keep reading to learn more about Blackfire Pass. Don't forget to head over to the forums at Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer and share your thoughts with us. Jump into this newly growing community today!

    Mon, Aug 28, 2006
  • Concept Art, Career Images, Maps and More!

    The Warhammer Online Ten Ton Hammer community site now sports 50 new original images from the highly anticipated MMO adaptation of the popular tabletop game.

    Still here? Get clicking and check them out!

    Images, Media
    Mon, Aug 28, 2006
  • New Warhammer Online Concept Art

    We have a new round of screenshots and concept art from the talented folks behind Warhammer Online. We'll have bonafide screenshots on our WAR - Ten Ton Hammer site shortly, but here's some electrifying concept art to whet your appetite. If you needed proof that this game isn't just a WoW lookalike, here it is!

    Thu, Aug 24, 2006
  • EA Mythic Unveils Playable Alpha Build of Epic Fantasy MMO at Upcoming Shows

    EA Mythic releases their plans for this month's convention appearances...

    “Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR),” the next-generation fantasy MMORPG from EA Mythic (formerly Mythic Entertainment), will be playable at two events this month: the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) and the Games Convention in Germany. Fans on two continents will have the opportunity to experience “WAR’s” combat and quests as either a Greenskin or Dwarf in the new Alpha version of the game. Event details for “WAR” at PAX and Games Convention are below.

    ** Games Convention **
    Leipzig, Germany - August 23rd – 27th
    “WAR” will be playable in the GOA booth, Hall 3, D20

    ** Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) **
    Seattle, Washington - August 25th – 27th
    Fans can experience the new Alpha version of “WAR” in booth # 20-21

    Get ready...Get set...Get going to make your travel plans so you can get a look at Warhammer Online. Have you visited Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer yet? No? Get clicking then!

    Fri, Aug 11, 2006
  • It's in the game?

    Warhammer Alliance gets gritty with videogame colussus (and MMO peewee) Electronic Arts. Kudos to the WA folks for asking some tough questions, but the result is about what you'd expect, a verbal tug of war where Chip Lange of EA reads something like a talking press release.

    Motor City Online, Earth and Beyond, Ultima X, UO2�. By my count EA has published more failed MMOs than any one publisher in existence. How did EA approaching this deal differently than its past ventures? Why should gamers believe something is different about this deal?

    Chip: We feel differently. UO is the longest running MMO in gaming history and still supports an active user base who love the game as well as the new content we're pouring into the UO universe. We've had some other projects which have not lasted as long in the space as UO, but the learnings in game design which have come from those projects make EA a better partner in this space. We look to combine this learning with Mythic's design excellence and create the most dynamic and exciting games in the genre for years to come.

    UO ftw, eh? Those of us whose entire UO experience consists of swinging at a practice dummy for an hour only to earn a sound beating from a cow feel differently about Ultima Online.

    Anyway, check out the latest word from EA on the Mythic deal at Warhammer Alliance, then head to the Ten Ton Hammer Warhammer community site to discuss.

    Features, Interviews
    Thu, Aug 10, 2006
  • Is the Warhammer Online game in any way an attempt to be a translation of the table-top war game? has posted a preview of the upcoming Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning.

    Stood in a large hall, surrounded by empty tables where hundreds of undersized battles have been decided with hundreds of handfuls of dice, I ask Games Workshop's licensing manager Erik Mogensen a question that I know is a stupid one, but I feel I should ask. Is the Warhammer Online game in any way an attempt to be a translation of the table-top war game?

    "Not at all. It's not about the table-top game, it's about the IP".

    Keep reading to find out more. Tell us what you think about this preview at Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer!

    Features, Previews
    Mon, Aug 07, 2006
  • Ratboy Tries to Tackle the Network Topic Today

    Ratboy discusses the direction of Warhammer Online and its chances of surviving as a PvP-centric game in the current industry.

    Having been watching the game for almost a year now, it’s kind of interesting that this week for our Common Content articles “the powers that be” want me to discuss the direction that Warhammer Online seems to be taking. Since there have been no patches, no Beta or Alpha releases, or any other sort of physical items given to us aside from screenshots and basic class descriptions, I can’t go into the immense detail that I’m sure the other sites on our network can go into, but that won’t stop me from trying!

    Keep reading to see what Ratboy has to say at Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer! Stop by and let Ratboy know what your thoughts about this game are.

    Mon, Aug 07, 2006
  • Overview of the Badlands

    Mythic Entertainment has released an overview of part of the world for the upcoming Wahammer Online. Today we get a look at the Badlands which are situated between the Worlds Edge Mountains and the Dragonback Mountains. This rocky, arid land will prove an interesting testing ground.

    This desolate land is home to some of the most vicious and brutal tribes of greenskins to be found anywhere. These tribes war constantly with one another, and many of the most successful greenskin leaders in the history of the Old World emerged from the Badlands to lead their tribes on a path of destruction and conquest. The harsh environment and constant state of conflict weed out the weak and unworthy. In the Badlands, only the strongest survive.

    Keep reading to learn more about this desolate and harsh environment. When you're done head over to Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer and share your thoughts with the ever growing Warhammer Online community!

    Fri, Aug 04, 2006
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