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    We take an advanced look at the feasibility of making an MMO with a spooky theme. Can the horror genre work in the massively multiplayer format or is it single player only? Is there any hope of future horror MMOs? We take a look at these questions and theorize what mechanics would be needed to make a scary MMO a successful MMO.
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    Sun, Jan 13, 2013
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    The Secret World had been out for five months now and I feel that not enough people are playing. To that end, I offer these five reasons why you should be playing in the shadowy The Secret World.

    Thu, Nov 15, 2012
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    Once, free-to-play games were known as low quality Asian grind fests, but the tides have recently changed. Is the free-to-play coming to reign as subscription-based MMOs as we know them fade into obscurity?
    Wed, Sep 12, 2012
  • TSW New Ability Wheel
    There are fewer topics more contentious than whether or not The Secret World should have a respec mechanic to let players reallocate misspent Ability and Skill Points. In this editorial, our editor examines the argument from both sides...and just maybe has a change of heart.
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    Wed, Jul 11, 2012
  • TSW Teaming Up
    Creating good builds in The Secret World can be challenging for the new player. We took a look at how the deck system functions to help players create solid builds, and examine what Funcom did right, and what they could've done better.
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    Mon, Jul 09, 2012
  • DCUO Gameplay - 07
    Over the course of the past ten years, Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye has had the opportunity to watch the churn of MMO gaming from its very infancy with
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    Sun, Jan 11, 2009
    Cody Bye
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