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  • What does it take to run a WoW raiding guild?

    With CEOs consulting with World of Warcraft guild leaders , WoW-TenTonHammer's Messiah sought out one of these paragons of leadership advice for an interview. He spoke with Bind, a guild master for "Visions of Anarchy" on the Dragonblight server. Visions of Anarchy is a large and successful Horde raiding guild.

    Messiah: I hear a lot of "we" in your responses, what exactly is the guild structure and how do you break up duties?
    Bind: The guild is basically me and a band of dedicated officers. We all pitch to get all the work done. Between running a raid, and doing the points, all officers get pretty beat up after a long week of raiding. I refer to we since it is really a big team effort with all of use doing a ton of work to keep things running smoothly.

    Check out Messiah's interview at WoW - TenTonHammer.

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    Mon, Apr 24, 2006
  • 5 million x $15/month x 3 months = phat lewt

    VU Games, parent company of Blizzard and subsidiary of Vivendi Universal, reported extremely strong first quarter earnings. Thanks largely to World of Warcraft sales and subscription revenues, VU Games saw a revenue increase of 18.6 percent compared to last year. This from Next Gen:

    Subscription and retail revenue for WoW continued to roll in, driving sales of 134 million euros ($165 million) for the quarter. VU games also cited strong performances from Ice Age 2 and older releases including 50 Cent: Bulletproof and Crash Tag Team Racing.

    All your $$ belong to a French mega-conglomerate. Read up on Vivendi's massive earnings at Next Gen.

    Thu, Apr 20, 2006
  • So soon, I'm shocked. Yes.. shocked. So what is it that they have in store for us this time? Find out here.

    # Guild Recruitment channel functionality has been improved to be turned off for players already in guilds, and turned on for players not in guilds by default.
    # Fixed a bug which caused players to drop from combat after destroying a totem.
    # Fixed a soft-lock bug that occurred under certain conditions when players were near ships, zeppelins, elevators, and the Deeprun Tram.

    Those are some to list a few.

    Check out our World of Warcraft Community.
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    On a side note... There is also a new wallpaper of Stratholme up as well as a Behind the scenes DVD. Take a peek at the official site for more details.

    Thu, Apr 20, 2006
  • Oh give me a home, where the Tauren druids roam...

    WoW @ TenTonHammer has a new city guide, complete with a detailed map, quest listing, and lore section. This one's all about the Horde city of Thunder Bluff, home of the tauren race:

    With the help of Thrall and the orcs, Cairne Bloodhoof and the Tauren have pushed back the hated, warlike centaur and given up their ancestral wandering; founding the mesa city of Thunder Bluff high above Mulgore's grassy plains. The proud heritage of the Tauren is reflected in the vestigal longhouses, totems, and peace pipes that adorn the precipitous city, more temporary constructs reminiscent of more nomadic days. Would-be invaders take note, judge the Tauren "backward" at your peril. Not only do Tauren hunters employ guns with savage effect, Thunder Bluff is a technological masterwork against incursion in and of itelf. The city is only accessible by air or from carefully guarded elevators in its southeast.

    Check out our guide to Thunder Bluff, the newest TenTonHammer - WoW city guide!

    Wed, Apr 19, 2006
  • Blizzard says "Nein!" to The9.

    Blizzard is shopping around for a new Chinese operator, according to a press release late last week. Methinks this says a lot about about how the company operates, but first: a quote.

    In a press release issued on Thursday, Blizzard said it is "actively exploring and discussing cooperation opportunities and further expansion of its business with local potential partners for mainland China".

    The reasons why Blizzard's dropping hints about a change in China: "poor customer service" and "overloaded servers". Poor customer service is always inexcusable, but over-crowded servers? Come on! Given World of Warcraft's historically unreliable performance on North American servers, perhaps they should reevaluate their US partnership with... themselves. Let's make the attempt to shift blame a little more obvious.
    Read the entire article at

    Tue, Apr 18, 2006
  • There are new beasts to be had in World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion Burning Crusade.

    The orcs of Outland were not the only ones to suffer the Burning Legion's demonic corruption. The Broken, led by the great Akama, fell prey to the
    demons' sinister influence, and just like the orcs, they too were changed by the corruption. Though they lost some of their former powers, the Broken still present a clear danger to all of Illidan's enemies throughout Outland. It almost seems like a miracle that the Broken somehow managed to preserve their shamanistic heritage, yet no one can say for sure how many of their traditions are still intact. From the safety of the fortified villages the Broken hold in Outland, they lord over their lesser cousins, the wretched Lost Ones.

    Orcs always get a bad name.

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    Tue, Apr 18, 2006
  • I Won you to Won me.
    Blizzard has cut the monthly subscription rate of World of Warcraft by 20% in Korea.

    "Blizzard, whose "World of Warcraft" remains third in the country's online multi-user network game rankings, announced it will charge 19,800 won for a 30-day package, down from 24,750 won. The one-week package went down from 8,800 won to 7,040 won."

    You can read the entire story in the Korea Herald.

    Mon, Apr 17, 2006
  • Vivendi Universal subsidiary Blizzard Entertainment announced on Friday that it has invited Chinese online game company The9 (Nasdaq: NCTY) to negotiate the expansion set to World of Warcraft (WoW), The Burning Crusade. The9 is Blizzard's current partner for WoW in mainland China, and also owns 30 percent of the company operating WoW in Taiwan. According to the release the expansion is currently planned for 2007 in mainland China, whereas previous expectations had the expansion hitting China in late 2006. According to several industry analysts, The9's contract with Blizzard for World of Warcraft already gives The9 the rights to operate any expansion of the game in mainland China.

    I just can't think of any pithy comments on this one. Am I losing my sense of humor or is this just something that says meh to me? One can never tell

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    Thanks to Pacific Epoch for the story.

    Mon, Apr 17, 2006
  • How does endgame WoW treat avid soloers?

    Messiah, our World of Warcraft site lead, has addressed the soloing question from a variety of angles. This week, he looks at the question from a level 60 perspective:

    In most MMO's friendships and communication skills are formed very early on in the game. You grow with other players, you learn to rely on them for help and to help them in return. In WoW, with the game being so easy to solo, that generally does not happen. I have gotten to level 60 and gone into instances with other players, then had to explain to them what an instance was (i.e. what that big shimmering door was!!!). I have had to explain tactics, pulling, tanking, off tanking, aggro management, protecting cloth wearers, and much much more; all to players who are my own level but chose to never group before they ran out of things to do solo.

    Check out Messiah's editorial on endgame groups at WoW - TenTonHammer.

    Mon, Apr 17, 2006
  • Who's that fugly tree? Oh.. right that's Dire Maul. If you'd like to be able to stare into his bulbous eyes every day you are in such luck my friend! The New Wallpaper is available!

    Orrrr you could just visit our World of Warcraft Community site and get the need to know information on the game.

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    Thu, Apr 13, 2006
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