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    War is hell, as one general put it (whose name became the name of a medium tank, ironically) , but war was probably a lot more hellish before tanks. Think about it: first people lined up, charged, and chopped each other with blades and arrows, or lined up and shot at each other in volleys, or dug trenches and shot each other. Courageous, yes, but messy and brutish. Tanks brought mobility and a measure of elegance back to land warfare, and with WWII, war was made mobile again. World of Tanks is all about mobility and firepower, and offers plenty of clan warfare options, crew & tank development, and customization options to keep RPG types and social gamers interested. But how does it all tie together?

    Strap on your goggles and padded leather helmets and read along as Ten Ton Hammer reviews World of Tanks, the breakthrough online tank vs. tank shooter from
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    Mon, Apr 25, 2011
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