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  • Path to Kali and More has had another chance to sit and chat with Magnus Bergsson. This time they chat about the upcoming changes, the Path to Kali and more. Don't miss the new screenshots! Speaking of factional warfare, What effect do you see it having on the day to day life of those not directly involved? To what extent will the borders fluctuate?

    Magnus Bergsson: That's all to early to determine, we need considerable play testing until we finally decide to what extent the soldiers fighting for their empires will have. On the other hand it should also be considered that we want Factional Warfare to be an entry into PvP combat hopefully sparking interaction which leads to these warriors to crate their own Alliances.

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    Tue, Oct 31, 2006
  • CCP's No Other Destiny video nominated for three Mackie Awards

    A press release was issued today to annouce the fact that EVE Online makers, CCP Games, has been nominated for three awards.

    No Other Destiny offers a glimpse through the mind's eye of a seasoned warrior as he prepares himself for a momentous assault where the Empires will collide head-on in the ongoing battle for interstellar supremacy. The video features actual gameplay footage from EVE Online with music by the Dutch group Black Sun Empire. According to producer Greg Kruk, the "Arrakis" music track is a key element of the video. "Its intensity really sums up player versus player combat for me."

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    Tue, Oct 17, 2006
  • Iceland’s one-and-only games developer have other plans for their award-winning online space adventure

    That is what Stargamer aims to find out about in their chat with Nathan Richardsson.

    With over 145,000 paying customers EVE may not have the numbers to compare with World of Warcraft, but given the output of content and the level of communication with the player base, CCP appear keen to explore an unceasing stream of ideas to develop EVE further, and not just in-game: With a collectable card game about to hit the shelves, novels being typed up and a thriving online store selling items from T-shirts to mugs and even socks, EVE’s is a universe that clearly has frontiers that reach beyond its own single-sharded universe – a universe that has, as I write this, over 30,000 people currently trading, fighting and scheming within. And that’s not including the Chinese...

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    Wed, Oct 11, 2006
  • Shack News Chats with Mafnus Bergsson

    ShackNews has updated their site with this interview which covers many topics including the recent investment banking scam.

    EVE Online is a pretty distinct MMO in that it focuses on complex systems and open-ended gameplay rather than level grinding. While it doesn't have an enormous mainstream userbase like other games in the genre, it has attracted a solid population of predominantly hardcore gamers. The game has been growing steadily since its launch three years ago and it's been quite succesful for independent Iceland-based developer CCP. Earlier this week I had a chance to sit down with the developer's CMO, Magnus Bergsson, at the Nordic Game event held in Malmo, Sweden.

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    Fri, Sep 22, 2006
  • WTB Tickets to Iceland...

    Its time for a EVE Fan Fest! All the details have just been announced. So head on over to the official EVE Online site and learn all about it!

    This year the fanfest moves from Loftkastalinn which hosted the previous fanfests to the cutting-edge conference center in a four-star comfort zone of the Nordica Hotel where all of the fanfest events will take place.

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    Wed, Sep 13, 2006
  • EVE Online Launches Largest Supercomputer In The Gaming Industry Running On IBM Server Technology

    The makers of EvE Online have issued a press release this morning that tells us about their new super computer set up.

    CCP Games announced today the largest supercomputer cluster in the history of the gaming industry for EVE Online, one of the leading science fiction Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG). The upgraded server cluster features dual-processor 64-bit AMD Opteron-based IBM BladeCenter LS20 blade servers, as well additional enhancements to the clusters internet backbone.

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    Mon, Sep 11, 2006
  • ISK Gate?

    CCP’s Chief Market Officer Magnus Bergsson takes some time to discuss the recent incident involving the EVE Intergalactic Bank heist of 790 Billion ISK – allegedly!

    “The EVE Intergalactic Bank (EIB) – noble idea come to ruin, or a scam from the get-go? Either way, many players lost billions in what has been revealed as the largest in-game heist of ISK ever seen in the virtual world of EVE Online. In the beginning, things were good. Deposits were made, interest was paid out, and the shareholders were happy. There were equal amounts of players on the forums, some screaming ‘Scam!’, others defending the EIB as a good thing, and all around both parties, countless players screaming, “Rabble! Rabblerabblerabblerabble!” for good measure.

    The nay-sayers were proven right one ominous day, when owner ‘Cally’ posted details in the official EVE Online message boards showing how he had just made off with 790 Billion ISK (no, that’s not a typo or misprint) in EIB assets. Public outcry since that day has been understandably vocal! In the wake of this event, CCP decided to hold a small online press conference to discuss some of the details, as they know them, of… ISKGate? I need a catchier name here… “

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    Mon, Sep 04, 2006
  • No Justice For the Masses?

    Do you play EVE Online? If not then lets get you up to speed. Gamers deposit momeny in a bank, similar to real life banking expecting to earn a bit of interest for a raining day. But one day that bank turns up missing. Should there be some forum of recourse?

    Normally, if bankers make off with all the money that clients have entrusted to them and mysteriously skip town, there's outrage, an FTC investigation, and a nasty jail sentence involved. If they get away with the crime and no authority's doing anything about it, it must be the plot of a "Deadwood" episode, right?

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    Tue, Aug 29, 2006
  • Charles Dane, Online Community Manager Talks to GamersInfo posted a great interview with EVE Online's Community Manager. Get a glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes and get to know Charles Dane a bit...

    One of the more difficult positions for any MMO is the Online Community Manager. Charles Dane, when not riding "anything with two wheels" spends his time working with the very large and diverse EVE Online community. Do the players ever drive you to drink or indulge in other vices? If so, what's your vice of choice. If not...well...what's your vice of choice? (How about your coworkers? They drive you to vice?)

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    Thu, Aug 17, 2006
  • Matthías Guðmundsson answer questions about the changes coming up in EVE with the change to Windows Vista and integration of Vivox

    GamersInfo sets out to find out how these changes will effect gameplay for EVE Online. Matthías Guðmundsson, Lead Progammer at EVE Online offers his answers... What's the biggest difference about working on the new Windows Vista platform?

    Matthías Guðmundsson: Vista brings mainly two new things for us. One is DirectX 10 and the other is tightened security. The new graphic engine will take advantage of unique new features in DirectX 10. We will have to make sure our code jives with the new security model in Vista. This mostly concerns installing and patching, as well as writing to the cache folder. Vista also has new features like the Game Explorer which we will look into.

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    Mon, Aug 14, 2006
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