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  • Oh Tanaka, we stand on guard for thee...
    1UP has an interview with Hiromichi Tanaka on the future of Final Fantasy XI. Strangely a game with Final in the name has a future, go figure:

    "At Square's recent Square Enix Party 2005 event in Tokyo this past weekend, 1UP had the pleasure of sitting down with Final Fantasy XI producer Hiromichi Tanaka to ask him about the popular MMO's most recent patch update, as well as the game's future on Xbox 360. While Tanaka and his team worked the crowd with team-based competitions for members of the audience, they also had a working Xbox 360 on display, running Final Fantasy XI. There wasn't much happening on the widescreen TV showcasing the 360 version, but the textures were exceptionally detailed, and the characters benefited from a richer color palette (as opposed to the occasionally washed-out look on the PC and PS2 versions) and enhanced lighting effects, which resulted in high-contrast shadows for a more solid look than ever before. We have a handful of new 360 screenshots for you to examine for yourself, but before you do, take a look at what Tanaka-san had to say about FFXI's current state of affairs."

    You can read the entire Final Fantasy XI Preview at 1UP.

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    Thu, Aug 04, 2005
  • I have super powers, and I've decided to wear tights.
    IGN has posted a hands-on preview of City of Villains. Dr. Evil had this to say about the new City game:

    "One of the nice things about this latest incarnation of character creation are the amount of sliders available to players. Now heads can be adjusted in quite a few ways along with the body. Wide or narrow shoulders, hips, waist, can make two villains look pretty different along with the sallow or bulky chest, long or short legs, and basic physique. Villains can also be about a foot taller than heroes at this point as well ranging up to 8' for some gargantuan sized baddies. Even better is that all of these slides can be used now within the costume creator so it's easy to see immediately what the costume will look like on a different sized body."

    You can read the entire City of Villains Preview at IGN.

    Features, Previews
    Wed, Aug 03, 2005
  • Dungeons and Basements - Ruleset 3.2 has posted a Dungeons and Dragons Online Interview featuring David Eckleberry, Lead Systems Designer at Turbine. The virtual dice rolled and the virtual DM yelled:

    "In the second bi-weekly Q&A, David Eckelberry, the Lead Game Systems Designer, answers five questions from Staff Writer David Souza. Within he discusses death, raiding, and much more."

    You can read the entire Dungeons and Dragons Online Interview at

    Features, Interviews
    Mon, Aug 01, 2005
  • Dance Party Bree!
    Turbine has released an MP3 to be used in-game for the Prancing Pony. You know, the one in Bree just east of the Chetwood Forest. Okay, so I spent hours of my socially-ostracized youth studying the Tolkien maps, what's it to ya? :)

    " Download Prancing_Pony.mp3 to hear in-game music from LOTRO! "

    Link to the download on the LotRO front page!

    Features, Previews
    Fri, Jul 29, 2005
  • Lower your dice. We have you covered.
    GameDaily has posted a preview of Dungeons and Dragons Online. Dice fell silent in basements across the nation as they read the following:

    "D&D Online is aiming to bring the traditional nerd-fabulous pen and paper experience to the Internet age. We take a close look."

    You can read the entire Dungeons and Dragons Online Preview at GameDaily.
    Our own Dungeons and Dragons Online community is getting rolling at

    Features, Previews
    Thu, Jul 28, 2005
  • Super Villain seeks waterfront home.
    GameDaily has posted a preview of City of Villains based on their viewing at Comic-Con. They wore tights and a cape, but that didn't keep them from writing this:

    "You've been good, now it's time to be bad. After gandering the latest on City of Villains at Comic-Con, we've got some more tidbits to report."

    You can read the entire City of Villains Preview at GameDaily.

    Features, Previews
    Thu, Jul 28, 2005
  • Dungeons and Basements - Oldschool.
    GamerGod has posted a Dungeons and Dragons interview featuring nine short questions. A Bugbear, a skeleton and a gnoll walked into a basement and said:

    "Will this be just another MMORPG? With so much competition, what will make DDO a standout from the rest? These questions were on my mind when I recently sat down with the dev's of DDO..."

    You can read the entire Dungeons and Dragons Interview at GamerGod.

    Features, Interviews
    Wed, Jul 27, 2005
  • Making friends and influencing people in Middle Earth.
    CVG now has a preview of Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar posted. Apparently you'll only be able to craft a character from the free races (man, hobbit, elf, and dwarf). A gleaming white figure on a bright white horse shouted this as he rode swiftly by:

    "Although the developer apparently discussed the idea of being able to play the game as good versus evil, in the end it's decided to let you choose characters from the four free races of the world: men, elves, hobbits and dwarves. Unfortunately, you won't be able to tread the Middle-earth turf as an orc or a goblin."

    Click here for more information, including when you'll see some familiar characters from the epic tale.

    Features, Previews
    Mon, Jul 25, 2005
  • "Alas, this camp shall not bequeath another fey beast for another hour and two score minutes!"
    With hundreds of Legolas-variations in character names roaming the countryside of games like Everquest 2 and World of Warcraft until recent attempts to thwart the use of "real" fantasy character names, the role playing aspect of the upcoming Middle Earth MMO was never in doubt. How will the game answer concerns of producing a game as friendly to Gandolfs (role players) as BigNukers (pure gamers)? Turbine Dev Floon Beetle weighs in on the issue:

    "Role-play is entirely a function of players, not code. Role-play is about people connecting with each other, not with bytes of code or icons. It is about turning what might otherwise be isolated imagination into a shared experience. There are no rules or systems that truly make that more meaningful: it is the personal interaction that makes it significant."

    The moral of the story? Give players a world worthy of role-play and see what happens. Sounds good to us! Check out the full article.

    Features, Previews
    Mon, Jul 25, 2005
  • If you had super-powers, would you wear tights?
    GameCloud has posted a City of Villains Interview featuring David "Zeb" Cook. All Deliverance jokes involving the word "Zeb" were removed from this news posting. In there place we give you:

    "Last year, developer Cryptic Studios and publisher NCSoft released City of Heroes, their long awaited super hero themed MMORPG, to solid sales and reviews. Now the one big thing that most reviewers and players felt was lacking in the original game is about to be taken care of in City of Villains, the stand alone MMO that will give player the chance to try out the dark side. Gamecloud got a chance to chat with the game's lead designer David "Zeb" Cook to find out more about City of Villains."

    You can read the entire City of Heroes Interview at GameCloud.

    Features, Interviews
    Fri, Jul 22, 2005
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