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  • Virtual 20 sided dice.
    Dungeons and Dragons Online the focus in the latest GamerGod Preview. It is reasonable to assume that they may have written this:

    "True to the continuance of the setting of its creation, thousands of pen and paper gamers around the world still gather in basements, at kitchen tables, in living rooms with chairs centered on a table large enough for the dice to keep from rolling away and cheat that precious double damage roll of 20. On numerous occasions, these hardcore zealots of Imagination and loyal minions of the Lady Luck of 20 Sided Die have traversed the boundaries of their corporeal worlds into the virtual."

    You can read the entire Dungeons and Dragons Online Preview at GamerGod.

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    Mon, Jun 27, 2005
  • No monthly fee and now Q&A.
    GameCloud has a Guild Wars Interview Gaile Gray of ArenaNET posted. It is with utmost certainty that we say they probably wrote this:

    "Ever since ArenaNet's fantasy themed multiplayer action-RPG Guild Wars launched in late April, the game has stayed on top of the US best selling PC games list and critics have responded to the game's mix of action gameplay with massively multiplayer elements. To get a quick update on the game and ArenaNet's future plans Gamecloud got in contact with the game's community manager Gaile Gray."

    You can read the entire Guild Wars Interview at GameCloud.

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    Mon, Jun 27, 2005
  • LotRO Insider.
    The first installment of Lord of the Rings Online Insider is up and alive at the Official Site . Our Legal Department has strongly advised us not to mention that actor Nick
    Nolte was found wandering the streets mumbling the following:

    "Welcome to the first installment of our new series, the Thursday Insider. In each Insider, we'll ask some team members to answer a question about themselves, LOTRO, or The Lord of the Rings. You never know what you'll get from the LOTRO team!"

    You can read the entire Lord of the Rings Online Insider at The Official Site.

    Features, Interviews
    Fri, Jun 24, 2005
  • One on the go and two more on the way.
    RPGVault has a Dark Age of Camelot: Darkness Rising interview with Walter Yarbrough, the expansion's producer posted. We remain unconvinced that NHL Hockey settlement talks were postponed
    indefinitely upon realizing that they wrote this:

    "In Mythic Entertainment's popular Dark Age of Camelot the noble ideals of chivalry, justice and honor no longer define daily life in the legendary community. After King Arthur's demise, the idyllic age characterized by the Knights of the Round Table has soon ended. Instead, three realms contend for supremacy. Albion is where the fabled city still stands. Its inhabitants are primarily humans such as Britons and Saracens, plus Half Ogres and Inconnu. Based on Irish themes and populated by races like the Celts, Firbolgs, Elves, Sylvan, Hibernia is a verdant area where many lean toward the magical arts. Norse-influenced Midgard lies to the north, frequently producing strong, hardy warriors. Trolls, Dwarves, Norsemen, Valkyn and others call it home. Each of these domains persistently seeks to assert itself through force of arms, and to capture the treasures held by the others."

    You can read the entire Dark Age of Camelot: Darkness Rising Interview at RPGVault.

    Features, Interviews
    Fri, Jun 24, 2005
  • Movies become games. Games become movies. Books become games. Games become comics.
    Mark Waid of Top Cow talks about making a comic book out of City of Heroes. The Fox Network may indeed be considering a reality show centered on the

    following quote:

    "Ok, so we live in a world were pop culture now has videogames and movies jumping from the pages of comic books. Why shouldn’t we see the reverse? NCsoft certainly thought it possible and shortly after the launch of CoH, Blue King Studios rolled out the first City of Heroes comic book (Volume 1, June 04). Beginning with the June edition of this year, the mantle has been passed to Top Cow to continue the comic book."

    You can read the entire Mark Waid - City of Heroes Comic Book Article at GameZone.

    Features, Interviews
    Thu, Jun 23, 2005
  • If you create a villain, does that make you a villain as well?
    GameSpot chatted with Jack Emmert of Cryptic Studios about the upcoming City of Heroes standalone addition, City of Villains. We have no information confirming that Bob Geldoff immediately announced a
    live concert to raise awareness of this issue after reading the following:

    "After letting you create your very own superhero and save a virtual world in the online role-playing game City of Heroes, NCsoft and developer Cryptic Studios are looking to put the shoe on the other foot with the upcoming expansion pack, City of Villains. As you can probably guess from the name, this time around you will have the fun of creating a supervillain and carrying out missions to amass wealth, power, or infamy. And since you'll be playing online with up to thousands of other players, each controlling a unique superhero or supervillain, the stage is set for spectacular battles as good and evil clash. To get the latest details on the current state of the game, we caught up with Jack Emmert, the creative director of developer Cryptic Studios. City of Villains is scheduled to launch this fall."

    You can read the entire City of Villains Interview with Jack Emmert at GameSpot.

    Features, Interviews
    Thu, Jun 23, 2005
  • I'm a bad guy AND I wear tights.
    GamerGod has a short preview of City of Villains posted. We dodged laser beams and evil maniacs to find out that they possibly wrote this:

    "True believers all across the servers of City of Heroes need to make sure they are ready. The sequel to the critically acclaimed MMORPG City of Heroes, entitled City of Villains. Offering a wide variety of customization options, new powers and abilities, City of Villains allows players to get in touch with their dark side, and start working their way towards infamy. Just an FYI, the game does not include package monologue's to use when you have the hero captured and feel the need to reveal your whole plan thus give said hero time to escape. What it DOES include is awesome villain bases with your own nefarious weapon defense systems, new types of missions, and best of all: PVP!"

    You can read the entire City of Villains Preview at GamerGod.

    Features, Previews
    Wed, Jun 22, 2005
  • Bad guys as fun guys.
    1UP has a preview of City of Villains posted. It's possible that this coded message was found in the Personals section of
    the newspaper:

    "With great power come great ass-kicking supergadgets and nefarious world-exploding schemes. And no, that wasn't a typo--it's effectively the basis behind City of Villains, the long-awaited follow-up to CGW's 2004 MMORPG of the Year, City of Heroes. At long last, players will finally have the opportunity to get down with their bad selves."

    You can read the entire City of Villains Preview at 1UP.

    Features, Previews
    Tue, Jun 21, 2005
  • Two million subscribers and one interview. has an interview with the Blizzard development and it's all about, you guessed it, World of Warcraft. They may have written this:

    "Are there any plans at Blizzard to create more individual avatar styles than there are available now?  Could changes like new hairstyles, tattoos, scarring or equipment dye be worked into the current art and code?"

    You can read the entire World of Warcraft Interview at

    Features, Interviews
    Mon, Jun 20, 2005
  • I'm not a bad guy. I just play one in City of Villains.
    Digital Entertainment News has a preview of City of Villains posted. Three out of four villains claim that they wrote this:

    " This year at E3 we had the pleasure of meeting Jack Emmert, Statesman himself from City of Heroes. He was on hand showcasing his upcoming sequel/companion title City of Villains, which, as the name implies focuses on the “other” side of the costumed coin. "


    You can read the entire City of Villains Preview at Digital Entertainment News.

    Features, Previews
    Thu, Jun 16, 2005
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