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  • Cue the melodramatic voice-over...

    Turbine's newest trailer features a glimpse at the city of Stormreach, a rundown of the classes, and, yup, dungeons and a dragon! More than one dragon, in keeping with the title, would have been overkill... like spamming the inbox of your mind!

    Adventurers have long travelled to the shrouded continent of Xen'drik to explore ancient ruins and discover the treasures hidden beneath. The bustling frontier city of Stormreach, a cauldron of ambition and secret plots, has grown on the edges of this dark and dangerous continent, safe and secure as the gateway to Xen'drik. But now danger threatens. Few explorers who set out adventuring the lands near Stormreach ever return, and those that do bring back only tales of death and destruction.

    Pick up the latest Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach trailer at Worthplaying.

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    Wed, Sep 07, 2005
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