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  • Halfhill Market
    Learn more about buying the farm from Farmer Yoon in World of Warcraft Patch 5.2.
    Features, Misc Guides, Guides
    Mon, Feb 18, 2013
  • World of Warcraft players have love in their eyes as Love is in the Air, a seasonal event, has launched. We've got the achievements, boss fights, and more all in our Love is in the Air 2013 guide.
    Basics, Guides
    Mon, Feb 11, 2013
  • 52-green-fire-banner-square.jpg

    Patch 5.2 comes with a great quest chain for Warlocks where you can earn the ability to have green fire, find out how here.

    Features, Guides
    Mon, Feb 11, 2013
  • wrathion-52-quests-square.jpg

    Find out what new quests the Black Prince Wrathion has planned for you in the upcoming patch 5.2.

    Features, Quest Guides, Guides
    Mon, May 06, 2013
  • tier15-square.jpg

    Raid tier sets are some of the best items in the game due to to the set bonuses they provide, so let's check out the new tier 15 set bonuses from the PTR so far.

    Features, Item Guides, Guides
    Sun, Feb 03, 2013
  • The Lunar Festival returns to World of Warcraft and we've got all the info you need for the achievements, pets, Elder locations, and much more.
    Basics, Guides
    Tue, Jan 29, 2013
  • throne-of-thunder-square.jpg

    A preliminary look at the new raid instance coming in patch 5.2, The Throne of Thunder.

    Zone Info, Guides
    Mon, Jan 21, 2013
  • 52-class-changes-square.jpg

    A look at the various new items that are being added in the upcoming patch 5.2.

    Item Guides, Guides
    Mon, Jan 14, 2013
  • 52-class-changes-square.jpg

    Here is a preview of the coming Patch 5.2 class changes and how they may affect your class.

    Class Info, Guides
    Wed, Jan 02, 2013
  • pet-battle-square.jpg

    Learn all the details about matching up strong vs weak pets in WoW Pet Battles in this pet battle tip guide.

    Mon, Dec 31, 2012
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