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  • The Official Site has some new Dungeons and Dragons Online Screens If you didn't want to play before, you will after seeing these shots. They're absolutely vibrant and gorgeous!

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    Tue, Dec 13, 2005
  • If you could ask Tolkien one question what would it be? The developers of Lord of the Rings Online answered this in their Developers Corner

    Welcome to the Thursday Insider. In each Insider, we'll ask team members to answer a question about themselves, LOTRO, or The Lord of the Rings. You never know what you'll get from the LOTRO team!

    In this Insider, we've asked two questions from the community. Enjoy!

    Jeffrey "Nigellian" Steefel (Executive Producer):
    If you could travel to Middle-earth, and had one week to stay there, what would you most like to do with that time?

    Chris "Hakai" Clay (Artist/Designer):
    If you could have lived the life of one of your characters who would it be and why?

    And my question.. Why did Peter Jackson make a mockery of your book for the purpose of Star screen time? *cough* Liv Tyler *cough*..

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    Fri, Dec 09, 2005
  • Adventure Starts Here
    has some Official Exclusive Lore for RF Online.

    Chapter 5 : Novus, the new hope

    Doctor Dohyun and his companions escaped the Lablum sector before its annihilation,
    beginning their voyage to nowhere. The search was for any inhabited galaxy
    containing human life. Messages were transmitted into the ether, only to be
    met with the silence of empty planets and the cold of space. Their journey,
    it would seem, would be a long and arduous one and with that prospect, the
    team continued on with their research into the Holy Mental.
    Slowly over time, members of the research team and survivors of the disaster,
    began to die through natural causes. Time had slipped by for these last members
    of the Arcane Club, but Dohyun’s hope and belief of finding traces of
    humans kept him alive. Even after 30 years, his heart drove his passion for
    survival. With all but three members of the team now remaining, it was with
    huge excitement and relief when they discovered a planet, thriving with sentient
    life and human activity within the Novus sector.

    Thu, Dec 08, 2005
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online- Oh My!
    has some brand new screenshots for every DDO player out there! Check them out,
    their pretty cool!

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    Thu, Dec 08, 2005
  • Today, the official site is promoting a new Weapons Tool that gives information on all of the weapons in game.

    Need a bit more information on weapons?

    Thanks to the guys over at the ever popular RFO community site //RFO.Asterix// comes a great little tool to help you in your weapon selection. By clicking on a particular weapon, you can see what potential that weapon has with additional talics. There may be a slight problem for IE users which I believe is being looked at.

    Big thanks to SpongeX and Xanavi for their work on this and the rest of the database.

    You can find the tool Here on the new non-harsh looking RF Online Forums.

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    Thu, Dec 08, 2005
  • Let's hope you never run into the dreaded GamerGod during a dungeon crawl.
    GamerGod makes some good points about why Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach satisfies its DnD heritage and makes for a good MMORPG.

    I’ve played D&D for as long as I can remember, and I always wanted someone to make a good D&D game where I played one character in a party and went out adventuring. I always dreamt that one day there would be a totally interactive D&D world where my character could live and meet people, slay mighty dragons, and have people recognize who I was. I've been thinking a lot about what I know of this game, and the thing that I like most is how this MMO has set itself apart from the rest. Most of the elements in DDO are headed in different directions to other MMO's; it forces you to form parties, real time combat, no mounts, and no houses. It's a risky strategy, considering many people play MMO's to buy houses, ride horses, and farm gold and become an almighty ruler of the game - but I think it's a brilliant idea and a brilliant-looking game. For many people, this game will not live up to their hopes or expectations, and although I haven’t played the game yet I'm eagerly awaiting the release. What do I think? Is DDO worth all the hype? My answer is that my dream may no be longer a dream.

    Read the rest of the GamerGod op/ed on Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach.
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    Wed, Dec 07, 2005
  • When faced with the choice of reading War and Peace or the tasty new Chapter 4 in RF Online's continuing lore saga, Awen chose Chapter 4...

    To survive this horrific destruction, the rest of mankind had no choice but to segregate themselves from the outside world. Planets were put into a self-regulated quarantine. All landing platforms and communications were destroyed to prevent any outside intervention. For a lucky few, a number of planets in the Lablum Sector escaped infection. This was one of only a handful of sectors that escaped the damage the virus had brought to the galaxy. The Lablum sector played home to Doctor DoHyun and he deduced that the current virus was somehow related to the Arcane Virus. Working closely with the scholars and members of the Arcane Club, they dubbed the new strain the “Mutant Strain Arcane Virus”. With the latest information gathered from the other colonies before the galaxy wide cut-off, the researchers resumed their investigations into this MSAV.

    Today, Codemasters released the latest and greatest in their series of Lore for RF Online. Read More Here

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    Tue, Dec 06, 2005
  • Fancy, shiny, moving pictures of marvellous beasts and magic missles. has posted a brand new Dungeons and Dragons Online movie.

    " The latest Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Stormreach™ video has been uploaded to the video library on "

    Be the coolest 20-sided dice rolling geek on your block by visiting our TenTonHammer DDO Community Site. If you need even more, we have More DDO News, and by more we mean older.

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    Tue, Nov 29, 2005
  • It might look just like this...or nothing like it.
    Turbine has posted some new Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar concept art on the official site.

    " These are two of several styles of armor found in LOTRO, as worn by a Man of Eriador. (In the game, players can wear armor designs from another race, if they so choose. Hobbits, being peaceful folk, have not developed an armor style of their own.) However, armor takes skill to wear effectively, and only certain classes will have the appropriate skills for some armor-types. "

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    Fri, Nov 25, 2005
  • RF Online, why do I always picture Tyco RC Cars when I see that name?
    Total Video Games has posted a RF Online interview featuring Community Liaison Manager Michael Rowland. The interview covers a bagload of areas. If you are interested in this title, which has over one million subscribers in Asia then click that fancy link above. If not, then move along...nothing to see here.

    " RF Online, the forthcoming MMORPG epic has gripped over 1 million players in the Far East we are informed by Codemasters. RF Online certainly looks a stylish game with its great presentation, backdrop story and setting. Derek dela Fuente eagerly presented Michael ‘Zzeno’ Rowland, Community Liaison Manager, for Codemasters Online Gaming with a long list of questions which resulted in a very detailed insight into the experience on offer. "

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    Wed, Nov 23, 2005
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