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  • An oldie but a goodie...

    Savanja, from the EverQuest 2 @ Ten Ton Hammer community site, has a new guide for the popular Splitpaw Saga adventure pack released last year. Welcome to Splitpaw, a fun and challenging adventure pack, full of danger and peril. Aid the Splitpaw gnolls in their stuggle, and they will reward you with their trust! And maybe a little mushroom pet or gnoll illusion?

    Savanja brings to you the Splitpaw Saga guide, complete with quests and easy to follow maps that will make navigating those dark and dreary tunnels a breeze.

    In the beginning, before the Shattering, Splitpaw was home to whatever tribe of gnolls were in charge at that time, the Torn Ear clan and the Splitpaw Clan come to mind but there were others. During the Shattering, after the gods had left Norrath, Splitpaw collapsed. Adapting to the new environment, the Splitpaw gnolls made due with what they had and also began a new practice that separated the strong from the weak… cannibalism.

    Check out the Splitpaw Saga zone guide at EverQuest 2 - Ten Ton Hammer!

    Wed, Jun 07, 2006
  • Counting the cost of costly MMOs

    Monthly subscription fees. Do these charges change how you view the game? Would you feel differently if you played for free? RadarX looks at MMO subscriptions, how the affect us, and what you can buy in the Walmart PC game bargin bin.

    If you are like me, you are only reminded of what playing MMOs cost when you get your bank statement. Of course, that is assuming you actually look at your bank statement. You'd have to check the mail, which is all the way out in the garage, and it's kind of warm this time of year you know? Some of us have a number of subscriptions. Some of us also spend agonizing hours monthly, deciding if this is the day we should cancel one of them.

    Read the rest of this look at subscriptions at the EverQuest 2 - Ten Ton Hammer community site

    Mon, Jun 05, 2006
  • Wholesome help for EverQuest 2's Half Elves

    Just because you're not a whole elf doesn't mean you don't need quest help sometimes. Kiara heads into the starting areas to give you the low down on all the Half Elf racial quests.

    So there was this update thingie a while back that reworked a lot of the pre level 20 content. Part of that included the introduction of race specific starting quests. Half elves, being half one thing and half another, go all out with that whole half thing and can start in either Qeynos or Freeport. Silly things, can't make up their minds. So of course, I had to do twice the quests for your folks' benefit! I'll accept all offerings of cash or chocolate.

    Read the rest of this amusing and informative guide at EverQuest 2 - Ten Ton Hammer.

    Sat, Jun 03, 2006
  • Win a date with Coyote Sharptongue...

    TenTonHammer's very own Coyote Sharptongue meets the winner of the official "Win a Date with Coyote" contest. The beautiful contestant will fulfill all their dreams, and spend a romantic evening with Coyotee. What happens when he meets his date...I just can't describe. You have to read it.

    "This is Coyotee Sharptongue reporting to you live from the posh and extravagant restaurant "Grimy's Grubbery," where we are happy to announce the winner of our "Date with the Stars" contest." A large Kerran dressed in a very formal tuxedo jacket and tie smiles suavely into the camera from behind a table full of wine glasses and steaming food.

    Read the rest of this humorous and strangely horrifying story at the EverQuest 2 @ Ten Ton Hammer community site.

    Sat, Jun 03, 2006
  • Humans only... no ogres allowed.

    The Humans are one of the most diverse races in EverQuest 2 able to choose from many classes. Join RadarX as he presents your walkthrough, for the Human only quests, that take place in Nettleville Hovel. .

    Welcome to Qeynos! The streets are clean and people DO appear just a little too happy. So slap the guy in the Mickey Mouse costume on your way in, and lets get to work. Right as you get off the boat in Nettleville Hovel, head straight to Helain Conyers who will give you a little background on Humans.

    Read the rest of our walkthrough at the EQ2 - Ten Ton Hammer community site

    Fri, Jun 02, 2006
  • If you've been waiting for the new adventure pack but you aren't certain if it's worth the cost. WhoDigs has a preview.

    To prepare for Echoes of Faydwer, The Fallen Dynasty adventure pack will add content onto Kingdom of Sky’s end game. Developed in conjunction with SOE’s Taiwan studio, The Fallen Dynasty Adventure Pack promises to deliver the same downloadable story-rich content seen in the previously released The Bloodline Chronicles and The Splitpaw Saga, but this time with Asian influenced adventure zones, weapons, tradeskill rewards, as well as all new quests.

    The Fallen Dynasty introduces EQII players to a mysterious city shrouded in secrets and once ruled by a powerful entity. The Whistling Fist, an ancient order of monks, guard its veiled past, but seek adventurers brave enough to explore the mysteries of this forgotten civilization.

    You can find the entire preview here.

    Visit our EverQuest 2 Community.

    Wed, May 31, 2006
  • War!

    Huh. Good God ya'll. It writes history and changes the souls of those involved. Peace talks have begun between Qeynos and Freeport, and the negotiations are tougher than deciding chicken or beef. Join Coyote as he covers these peace talks while standing on his head.

    "This is Coyotee Sharptongue for Ten Ton Hammer news reporting to you live from the peace talks between the beautiful and gracious Antonia Bayle from our lovely city of Qeynos.." The catman begins as he gestures to the woman who nods in regal confirmation. "..and the unwavering and merciless Overlord Lucan D'Lere from the ever imposing city of Freeport." He finishes the introduction as he turns towards the gray haired man who's ponytail bobs angrily as he sharply acknowledges the greeting.

    Don't miss what's behind the scenes Coyotee Sharptongue's weekly feature at EQ2 - Ten Ton Hammer.

    Fri, May 26, 2006
  • A new Crier is up.

    Hark! Be that the Town Crier I spy? He brings us tidings from the far reaches of Norrath's influence. Be they dismal, strange, or otherwise? Let us observe as he waxes eloquent about current affairs.

    # The Town Crier stopped by the nuker of all things living or not Aggro me, only this time he wasn't nuking. Aggo Me was enjoying a video he found titled EQII Parkour. The Town Crier enjoyed it!
    # In the land of OGaming the Town Crier came upon some useful information that he thought he'd shout back to all. The Claymore Quest guide has been shown for all passers by!
    # The Town Crier travels far and wide and this week he stopped to visit the Caster's Realm. With a good chuckle and a smile or 3, The Town Crier sends back the news of a new Jethal comic "Tradeskill Blues".
    # Where hammers weigh in at Ten Tons discussions are abundant. A visit with Slide discovers the "Repetition of Gaming" while Kiara explains why "I can't believe it's not Butter!".For those looking for a little aide and assitance the "Heritage Quests Compendium" should fit the bill nicely and those looking for class help might want to look into the "Troubador's Songbook".

    Get it all right here.

    Check out our EverQuest 2 Community and laugh your quest off.

    Thu, May 25, 2006
  • RUN! It's a purple con 3 up-arrow Curt Schilling!

    In a PR move that will most assuredly generate better karma than offering a year-long modeling contract to a real-life Queen Antonia lookalike, EverQuest 2 will soon boast a new in-game enemy that fights for charity, former MLB hurler Curt Schilling.
    The World Series MVP and longtime EQ2 player will man a mob aptly named "Curt Schilling" and wander about terrorizing the playerbase. Every time he's defeated, SOE shells out a little more money to help fight ALS (also known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease").
    Check out the "Curt Schilling and SOE fight ALS" press release right here. Then log on June 5th-7th and gank for a good cause, EQ2 players!

    Thu, May 25, 2006
  • Something is rotten in the state of Norrath...

    The world of Norrath can be quite repetitive. Most people don't even notice. THEY don't want you to notice. Slide wakes up, realizes that something is wrong, and begins investigating. What secrets will he uncover?

    Have you taken a walk around Norrath and actually looked around? I mean, yeah you've traveled from the Coldwind shores, to the Ruins of Varsoon, to the dusty streets of Maj Dul and back again, but have you actually "looked"?

    Is there something they don't want y...*dart sound*...

    Wed, May 24, 2006
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