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  • The SOE Comic Book Creator is now available for digital download on the Station Store at! With the SOE Comic Book Creator, you can create stories of your gameplay with over 500 different layout and design templates to choose from. Use the SOE provided art or screenshots taken from within the game! Download the 5 day trial from the Station Store and make your own comic adventures today!

    SWEET! This is good news for the artistically challenged that like to poke fun at the games. *cough* me *cough*

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    Tue, May 16, 2006
  • EQ2 Team Adds Humor to the Day

    With the new expansion quickly spanning the horizon, all eyes turn in wide wonder to the
    promised new player race “The Fae”. But what sets this race apart from the others?
    What are their goals, abilities, and more important, what is their destiny upon the
    face of Norrath? With Coyotee Sharptongue falling ill, Emergency
    Correspondent “Krunnk” has stepped up to the plate to interview this new race, and
    set our minds at ease once and for all. Plus, we use the word “poop”.

    "Krunnk fillin' in fer Coyotee 'cause him got the butt scoots." Krunnk explains, his brow furrowing with the seriousness of the situation. "Bosses need somebody to interview NEW FAIRY PEOPLE! So Krunnk say, HEY! Me LOVE Fairy people! Then me go please please please please PLEASE until they say " 'kay" an' here me is." He dances happily from side to side as he hefts the microphone.

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    Thu, May 11, 2006
  • The Warden guide gets quite a few updates this week. SLiDE makes some much needed changes to the current guide, trashing some of the old items and throwing in the current stuff. Check out the spell list and progression tables fresh out of the oven with the 1-20 and 60-70 spells. It's all about healing over time here at the Warden's Glen. Bring in your dead for a revival party!

    The Warden, druidic friend of Nature and scourge to those who would corrupt it for their own purposes. While their druid-counterparts, Furies, would call upon the forces of Nature to bring harm to their foes, Wardens harness the powers of Nature moreso to support their friends' fighting abilities. Either is an avid student of the regenerative power of Nature to redress injury.

    Check it out for yourself at EQ2 Ten Ton Hammer.

    Wed, May 10, 2006
  • No, not some hairy guy with his shirt unbuttoned this is the latest Dev Chest feature at EQ2 Official Site.

    The Dev Chest highlights useful, insightful, or entertaining posts from
    the developers that you may want to check out.

  • What's in a name? Who is Najena For all the answers that you seek, check out Vhalen's post on this very topic!
  • Having trouble with the Keeper for Screaming Mace quest? Jindrack answers this topic with a suggestion.
  • Infamy, a must have if you want to become a great slayer in PvP. Archonix clarifies some questions regarding loosing infamy to someone 20 levels above.
  • If you happen to have a problem with Intoxication Stacking, Lockeye comments on what's going on.
Wed, May 10, 2006
  • Savanja explores, leading the way for all, in one of the newest zones
    brought to EQ2 by the Kingdom of Sky expansion. Find out where to hunt in
    The Bonemire, what quests to look for, and navigate your way through the
    multiple islands with an easy to read map by Slide.

    The Bonemire is a bitter desolate place. A rocky wasteland, doomed to be
    forever shrouded in darkness, which is why this zone is also known as the
    "Realm of Night". Accessible from Norrath via the teleportation spires in
    the Feerott and the Enchanted Lands, and from the sister realms of the
    Barren Sky and Tenebrous Tangle, the Bonemire is one of the 3 major zones
    brought to us by the Kingdom of Sky expansion pack.

    Check out the

    Tue, May 09, 2006
  • Sony Online Entertainment will soon be delivering Planetwide Games’ Comic Book Creator to fans of its many MMORPGs through its store.

    The program, customized for Sony games, will let players of EverQuest, EverQuest II and PlanetSide create their own comic books using screenshots and art from the game. This version of the creator has a library of art assets from each of the titles. Players can now show off their online conquests to friends and fellow gamers in a new and unique way.It will enable the creation of DVD movies, digital photos and personalized comic books and strips.

    It will be available through the Station Store for $34.99.

    Tue, May 09, 2006
  • The long anticipated details for Echoes of Faydwer are here! New zones, new quests, and a whole new city await. Kiara takes a look at what we know, speculates on what could be, and gushes over the cute little playable race, the Pixies.

    The first thing that catches my fancy is the new starting race. Fae. Pixies even! Woohoo! How cute is it going to be to get to play a little winged fairy thingie? I'm betting they're going to be tiny and have butterfly wings (OOOO WINGS!!!) and flutter and be all deceptively cute and and and.... yeah. Have I mentioned that I'm excited about this?

    You can find this on our
    id=813"> EverQuest 2 Community Site.

    Fri, May 05, 2006
  • Braaaaaains!!!

    Zombie. The word makes us clutch the shotgun tighter and fight a tendency to shoot stuff in the face. We all watch zombie movies, but have you ever thought about them actually having feelings too? Coyote's interview, well, speaks for itself.

    "That's right. Zombies. The living challenged. They have been beaten, abused, and exploited long enough." The protest leader chastises as she glowers into the camera.

    "Exploited how?" Coyotee asks as he turns back to the protest leader, his eyes warily darting to the zombies that draw nearer with each stumbling step.

    "For years Necromancers have been callously summoning and enslaving these wondrous and intelligent beings without even once considering their thoughts or feelings." Ingrid explains angrily as she slams a fist indignantly into her palm to emphasis her point.

    "What thoughts or feelings? It's a ZOMBIE." Coyotee exclaims incredulously, his blunt statement drawing an agitated glare from Ingrid.

    Check out our newest installment of Coyote Sharptongue humor: "Persons for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies", at EQ2 - TenTonHammer.

    Thu, May 04, 2006
  • Into the Barren Sky

    EverQuest 2's Barren Sky is a great zone in newly released expansion "Kingdom of Sky," but the numerous islands and instances can get a bit confusing at times. Fortunately, our EQ2 zone and class guide authority Savanja jumps in with intricate knowledge of the zone and the quests you are able to do.

    The Barren Sky, also known as the Realm of Dawn, the home to the Hooluks, Aviaks, and gross eyeball monsters that creep me out. The lands are dry, with a desert feel, and aptly named "barren", it's landscape very much reminding me of the Pillars of Flame. The large menacing chains, with Aviaks perched upon them, reminiscent of the former Plane of Air from long ago.

    Like the other Realms that make up the Kingdom of Sky expansion (necessary to play in this zone), this zone is broken up into islands. Each island holding it's own secrets, surprises, and challenges.

    Be sure to check out EQ2 - TenTonHammer's Guide to Barren Sky!

    Thu, May 04, 2006
  • Eurogamer plays the dating game with the upcoming EQ2 expansions

    Eurogamer announced that the high level whet-your-whistle adventure pack "The Fallen Dynasty" will be available in June for a digital download cost of $8, which will be followed in mid-November by a full-scale retail expansion: "Echoes of Faydwer" for around $40.

    Anyway, the new expansion's called Echoes of Faydwer, and will be the game's third proper expansion when it pitches up in mid November for around $40. It introduces the Fae as a playable race - they're an enchanted lot of winged creatures, from the arboreal city of Kelethin, which will be a new starting city. (Arboreal means they live in the trees, Mum.)

    Get your Faydwer expansion pack fix (only 6.5 months more!) at Eurogamer, and be sure to check out our EQ2 - TenTonHammer community for all the latest!

    Wed, May 03, 2006
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