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  • A Treasure Chest! Full of words.
    Sony Online Entertainment has added a section called Treasure Chest to their EverQuest 2 site. Treasure Chest links back to useful threads in the official EverQuest 2 forums. A team from Gipeddo's Tailoring was called regarding the thread. They hung up on us, but I'm sure they would have said this:

    " Sometimes it's hard to find the buried treasures contained within the EverQuest II forums. The Treasure Chest will highlight useful, insightful, or entertaining posts that you may want to check out. Get your treasure maps and shovels ready--we're about to discover a Treasure Chest! "

    You can view the EverQuest 2 - Treasure Chest at the Official Site.
    If that's a treasure chest, then is the mother-load!

    Mon, Aug 15, 2005
  • More House Items That You Can't Dupe

    SOE has posted its 3rd feature on Creature Mastery quests. TTH only needed one article to tell you what they told you and much much more... just sayin'!

    Lore and Legend quests, also known as Enemy Mastery quests, involve the study of various creatures to learn more about them. In order to gain knowledge about these creatures, you must find and study various body parts. You can find suitable body parts for your studies by killing the type of creature you wish to learn more about. Find out more about these types of quests.

    See the SOE Everquest 2 Lore and Legend article, part 3 here!

    Sun, Aug 14, 2005
  • Economy Tanked, "Exchange" Skanked, H@ckz0rz Laugh All the Way to the Bank

    Cnet reports that virtual coin "dupers" have hit Everquest 2's nascent Station Exchange program, causing 20% inflation in the 24 hours before they were caught. These hackers attempted to sell their plat for real-world money using the SOE out-of-game marketplace.

    SOE proclaims its security mechanisms worked well to quickly catch the threat, though players on all EQ2 servers saw the player market grind to a halt for 48+ hours.

    Sony claims that a group of hackers illegally created a huge amount of EverQuest II currency over the weekend, and it says the players caused the game's economy to suffer 20 percent inflation in just 24 hours before being caught.

    According to Chris Kramer, director of public relations for EQ2 publisher Sony Online Entertainment, the players had, on Saturday, begun using their so-called "duping bug" to make large quantities of platinum, the game's currency. (A duping bug is a hack that exploits a weakness in online games' code to effectively create counterfeit currency or other goods.)

    A gnomish replicator, numerous dyes, and a stamping machine were seized in raids late Friday and GMs lead the perpetrators (faces concealed by unfolded newspapers) away for the sentencing phase.

    Anyway, read more facts about the Everquest 2 hacks here!

    Sat, Aug 13, 2005
  • I'm thinking Queen Antonia ought to know a gnoll from a drakota!
    Gamecloud has two more "Everquest 2: Quest for Antonia" finalist interviews for those of you that like to see hot women with give blithe answers to questions about gaming. Before you start with the letters, I think its cool when women play MMORPGs, and I'm sure there's plenty of hot ones that know their stuff. But these ain't it... case in point:

    "Gamecloud - Do you play Everquest II yourself or any other PC or video games?

    Carin Ashley - Yes, I do play Everquest II and other PC/video games. Everquest II is a unique experience in that it keeps you entertained and challenged at the same time.

    Gamecloud - What opportunities do you think will open up for you if you win the Quest For Antonia contest?

    Carin Ashley - I think winning the Quest for Antonia will open up many opportunities that I would not otherwise be able to experience without the opportunity provided by such a cutting-edge company as Sony Online Entertainment. You never know the future until you go after the possibilities and from there the opportunities can be endless."

    Let's face it: you, like SOE, just want to see some pics. Get your pics here!
    Gamecloud's interview with Anna Wainscot, and
    Gamecloud's interview with Carin Ashley.

    Features, Interviews
    Wed, Aug 10, 2005
  • Relationships and Group Level Differences...
    This Week's Ask Ethec on the TTH Everquest 2 site features advice for a young lady struggling to keep up level-wise with her boyfriend. She's wondering about the often-misanswered question of how group level differences work and specifically how high a level she can group with. As usual, Ethec's got the lowdown!

    "Outside of normal groups, SOE has provided a way for beaus and spouses to play together without the aforementioned frustrations of the "level leash." By "mentoring" you, he can drop down to your level while not making changes to his equipment, which also scales in level. He will have to change out his spell hotbars to match what he would have used at your level, but hey, he can give you a hand with completing your tasks when you're in a mood to play. Some guys I know create "alts" (alternate characters) for the sole purpose of keeping a character in sync with their gal's toon (or vice versa- guys keeping up with gals- as the case might be!)."

    Tough love and straight answers from a halfling healer (and part-time therapist) here!

    Thu, Aug 04, 2005
  • If Only This Worked On Rent In Real-Life...
    The key to making the most luxurious player housing in Everquest 2 affordable is to get yourself some Rent Status Reduction items. These items, when placed in your abode, not only look cool, but can lower your weekly upkeep costs. Up till now, we've bought these items blindly, relying on the Devs' good artistic sense. Thanks to our newest guide from Okooo, that's changing.

    " Who doesnt want to wow their friends with a room that makes the ladies swoon?

    Well, a big part of that is wall art. Sure, we all want that 4 x 8 foot print of "Scarface", but we'll have to settle for such things as "Nagafen, Lord of Flame" and "Her Royal Highness, Queen Higgbee". Now you can see before you buy!

    Find that perfect wall-hanging or room decorations and see how much it'll lower your rent in that uptown penthouse apartment you've been hiding away in! "

    Take a look at some fine rent-redux items here!

    Thu, Aug 04, 2005
  • Antonica is for Lovers... er, New Adventurers, Rather!
    Yours truly has authored a detailed guide especially tailored for newer goody-two-shoes (Qeynos-based) players of EQ2, being a zone guide for the expansive zone of Antonica. Illustrated with 3 exclusive maps, peppered with 30 quests, and imbued with great ways to gain experience solo and in groups (plus the best places to harvest resources) throughout the large outdoor zone. Read up before you head out!
    It seems a little weird to quote myself, but here goes...

    "Ah, Antonica. A Qeynos citizen's first taste of big-time adventuring, though there's plenty for the far-traveling Freeport citizen to do here as well. A region of the Shattered Lands relatively unscathed by the fractile moon, though that didn't stop the gnolls in the surrounding area from besieging Qeynos in the aftermath. The gnolls have a cavernous stronghold not far from Qeynos' North Gates along the Antonican Road, though their expansive lair, Blackburrow is found in the far sou'-mideast. At night, the Timberclaw gnolls vie for Archer's Woods adjacent to the Claymore Monument; which itself is watched over by a defensive line of watchtowers. Farther southwest is a lighthouse, whose vigilance safeguards ships rounding Coldwind Point.
    In the northwest, a strange infestation of Klicnik mites endangers the foothills approaching the Forbidden Isle, home of vast ranks of undead guarding an ancient tomb. Proceding east, we find the Oracle Tower, home of powerful if reclusive mages and scholars, and the Ruins of Caltorsis, another dreadful mausoleum protected by a veritable army of undead. Further east is a last bastion of civilization, Windstalker Village, which (time spent there will show) has a haunted past as well. Proceding southward from the village is the Shattered Vale, an area only large groups of young adventurers fear to tread. Next is the gate to Stormhold, a deep, rent fortress of once mighty warriors, and then the Thundering Steppes, itself a vast zone and a hub of commericial and social activity. Three tall griffon towers bind the major regions of this beautiful low-level zone."

    Take a look at the guide! Yes you!

    Wed, Aug 03, 2005
  • Will SOE Run Into a Great Wall in China?
    Gamania Entertainment will open public testing of Everquest 2 in China on August 23rd to compete with the incredibly successful release of World of Warcraft in the Asian block. Somehow the idea of Everquest 2 Cafes just seems... wrong.

    ""EverQuest II's" advanced animation and game play should allow the title to compete well against "World of Warcraft." However, hardware requirements may act to hinder development of "EverQuest II" in China. The U.S. version of "EverQuest II" requires a minimum of 512 megabytes of RAM, with a recommended 1 gigabyte of RAM, in order to play the game, requirements that few PCs in China now meet."

    Read the entire article, courtesy of Interfax China.

    Tue, Aug 02, 2005
  • Secrets of Enchanted Lands: the Everquest 2 Premier Mid-Levels Zone Exposed!
    Our very own Kebia has authored a guide detailing the ins-and-outs of this large mid-levels zone. Therein is a large amount of quest information and the best places to hunt (solo and grouped) to maximize your experience and loot.

    "Enchanted Lands is a place of wonder, exciting vistas, and numerous dangers and challenges.  The varied terrain and huge array of mobs guarantees that your sojourn in this part of the Shattered Lands will not be boring.  There are many quests to accomplish here and in adjoining zones with varying rewards.  EL itself is divided into sections, among them Gobland, Far Shire, South Mist, and Fay Shire.   But the primary division comes from a high wall called the Great Guard.  This wall is open in several spots for passage through.  On the east side of the wall is the southeastern section, including the docks, the fay isle, the entrance to Rivervale, the Bobick lost village grounds, the beetle hill, the broken wizard spires, and various lower level mobs. Beyond the wall the more dangerous mobs roam, notably goblins, lamias, twisted fairies, and nightbloods. Also the entrance to Runnyeye is located north of the docks beyond the wall. "

    Check out the entire illustrated "Enchanted Lands" zone guide. Also on the EQ2 site: updates for the Paladin guide (making the most of imbued armor), the Guardian guide (tank-friendly potions, stat foods, and drink), and the Warlock guide (Warlock-friendly quests galore!).

    Mon, Aug 01, 2005
  • Investing in the Everquest 2 community's future...
    A bit of lore called "Investing in the Future" is now sizzling on the SOE skillet related to the recent new content addition: "The Mysterious Mines". The good news on the adventure pack: its now playable (erm, 4 days after launch!). The bad news, its reserved for the upper, tippy-top crust of the player community (level 49 and 50 players only), though low level players can't complain. By all accounts, SOE's not been stingy with the new content. Everyone can, however, enjoy the aggro from the nasty little albino rat-like creatures near the home cities.

    "Only two weeks ago, a handful of little white rat-folk appeared, asking questions about the soil, the conditions and the mine's depth. He'd seen ratonga before, but not little rats like these. They reminded him of stories of rat-folk that had lived in Norrath long before ratonga first appeared. Stories he had not heard or thought of since he was a child.
    Whatever they were, the main thing was that they were willing to pay for the mine. Ashargru could retire and need never set foot below ground again. The rat-folk whispered excitedly amongst themselves, scurrying to and fro. Whatever else they might be, most of them were excitable and edgy. Every so often, they stopped running around to gawk at their surroundings as though overwhelmed."

    More lore than a boar can snore at here.

    Fri, Jul 29, 2005
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