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  • Real Estate in WoW - What's hot and what's not...

    As our loyal readers know, every Monday the TenTonHammer network takes a look at a topic in the MMO genre and produces an editorial for each of our sites. Today the World of Warcraft - Ten Ton Hammer site's newest writer takes a crack at his first ever TenTonHammer editorial, and knocks one out of the park. Here is a sample of Doogmeister's look at real estate in WoW.

    In real life, when we look at real estate of any kind, we ask ourselves this key question:
    “What is appealing to me about this particular location?”
    And when we think about the answers to that question, we consider several factors, such as:

    • Appearance – Does it look good?
    • Convenience – Will life here be easy or difficult?
    • Location – Is it near all the amenities I want?
    • Design – Is it well planned and laid out?
    • Enjoyability – Will I enjoy living here?

    In the World of Warcraft, it’s not much different! We all want to be near our trainers, vendors, flight masters and quest givers. We all want the areas we play in to look good and lend themselves to hassle free questing and adventuring. And of course, we all want to enjoy ourselves during our adventures in Azeroth!
    In this article, I’ll give my opinion on what I feel to be the best (and worst) designed zones, cities and instances in the game! I’ll also be outlining my reasons for my choices! Note that these reflect only my opinion, and you may well have different thoughts than me on the subject! Also, this article is written from the perspective of a casual player whose raid dungeon experience is very limited, so I’ve kept this article limited to areas in which you play up to level 60.

    So, take a look at WoW - Ten Ton Hammer's guide to what locations are hot… and those that are not!

    Mon, Jun 12, 2006
  • Kopps and Robbers...

    Brian Kopp sold his World of Warcraft guide for a tidy sum on Ebay and elsewhere. Problem was, his product was short on the "guide" and long on the cheats and exploits. Consequently, Blizzard sought to make a symbolic example of this glitch-ganking entrepreneur by threatening a cease-and-desist order aimed at curbing his sales.

    According to Cnet, after repeated counter-notices and litigation seeking monetary damages from Kopp, Blizzard's withdrawn it's threats.

    The terms of the settlement do not provide for monetary compensation for Kopp, which he had originally sought. Instead, the companies agreed to withdraw their previous take-down notices and to drop their infringement claims. They also said they'd refrain from filing any future take-down notices against the same items Kopp had already disputed through counternotices.

    Kopp, for his part, agreed to retain the book's disclaimers about its unofficial nature and said he wouldn't include links or instructions on how to locate "cheats" in the game.

    We offer plenty of guides here at Ten Ton Hammer. Guides that provide some fundamentals to build on, that offer hints on how to spend your precious gaming time most effectively, and yea, we give you the occasional spoiler to help you past a tough spot. We differentiate ourselves from Kopp's ilk because we want you to fully experience and enjoy these games while keeping the frustration level to a minimum. Cheating your way to level cap is a cheap thrill compared to the lasting joy you'll get from getting involved with the game's community as your character develops. /rant off

    Check out the denouement of the Blizzard vs. Gold Guide Guy standoff at Cnet.

    Fri, Jun 09, 2006
  • The Escapist searches out the recipe to Blizzard's "Secret Sauce"

    Snappy webzine The Escapist details the history of Blizzard Entertainment, questioning why Blizzard always seems to come out on top.

    "We had to build an entire company around [World of Warcraft]," says Kern. "This included tweaking everything from PR and QA to establishing entirely new departments like operations, customer service, GMs and billing - it literally transformed Blizzard."

    As well as the entire landscape of online gaming. It was the final move in a decade-long coup d'etat by Blizzard, against the entire gaming industry.

    Check out this superb article on Blizzard's meteoric rise at The Escapist.

    Wed, Jun 07, 2006
  • "Your daughter and the Moor... er, Tauren... are now making the beast with two backs." - Iago, I.i (sort of)

    As a class project, some industrious youths have acted out Shakespeare's play "Othello" in World of Warcraft and recorded a video for posterity. We'd give them an "A".

    This adaptation was created as a class project. The version includes the whole cast of Othello acted out by WoW toons, complete with newly scripted lines and more.

    With a running time of just over 13 minutes and a musical score that includes a little CCR with “Bad Moon Rising” and some “Obsession” by Animotion, this is the funniest remake of anything I think I’ve ever seen anywhere. The entire video is very well done. It’s a little fuzzy, but that minor problem is worth getting past.

    Q: What does the typical World of Warcraft raid share with Shakespearean tragedies?
    A: Everyone dies at the end.

    I plan to do "Titus Andronicus" myself, casting undead so they can do the cannibalism part at the end.

    I could go on and on, but instead I'll direct you to Irish site for a preview of "Othello," set in World of Warcraft

    Wed, Jun 07, 2006
  • Just in time for 6-6-06...

    Ten Ton Hammer offers a new guide to the undead home city: Undercity. Home of the Forsaken, Azeroth's freethinking undead carved Undercity out of the ruins of the once-majestic city Lordaeron.Ten Ton Hammer's latest city guide offers a detailed map, background info, and quest information to help you feel at home in the bustling necropolis.

    "Lady Sylvanas continued Arthas's building project in the crypts beneath Lordaeron. Though newcomers might be initially confused by the city's architecture, it's actually fairly logical. The city is divided into quarters- the War Quarter (which houses warrior & priest trainers and the accoutrements of battle), the Mage's Quarter (where mages and warlocks study the arcane and purchase their wares), the Rogue's Quarter (where pickpockets ply their trade), the Royal Quarter (the well defended seat of Forsaken power), which lies beath the apothecarium (the attention the Forsaken give to creating a new plague cause the living among the Horde much anxiety).

    The sixth and central area is the Trade Quarter (yep, there's more than four quarters - which means that Undercity offers a rich playing experience... har har), where you can find all manner of goods plus the bank and mailbox."

    Check out the WoW @ TenTon Hammer Guide to the Undercity, we may even get the Undercity Guardians to spill their guts!

    Tue, Jun 06, 2006
  • What's coming up in the 1.11 patch?

    Blizzard Entertainment is giving World of Warcraft adventurers a glimpse of the forthcoming Shadow of the Necropolis update - or patch 1.11 - for its MMORPG in a gameplay trailer of massive battle proportions. View big boss fights and other WoW malarkey by clicking on the moving thumbnail, handily located over to your right.

    Shadow of the Necropolis, for those unaware, deals with the dirty Scourge launching a direct assault on the lands of Azeroth, regions Azshara, Blasted Lands, Burning Steppes, Eastern Plaguelands, Tanaris and Winterspring bearing the brunt of the invasion.

    Computer and Videogames has the latest Shadows of Necropolis teaser trailer for your drooling pleasure.

    While you're waiting for that to load up, check out our World of Warcraft Community!

    Mon, Jun 05, 2006
  • Is paying to play a pain, or just part of the game?

    In most MMOs if you want to play, you have to pay. It’s just a part of the game. There are the exceptions out there like Guild Wars and a few others, but the standard MMO has a monthly fee. In this editorial, Messiah (from our World of Warcraft @ Ten Ton Hammer community site) looks at the following questions and answers them from his point of view.

    Does paying a fee drive players to squeeze more enjoyment out of the game, or does it make players more likely to quit at the first significant hurdle? Nobody likes the monthly fee, but what good comes of it? Are game's pricing models a good fit for the player base, and do they change based on the player base? For games without a monthly fee, such as Guild Wars, do you find yourself less forgiving of other fee-based MMOs? Does the lack of a fee make players less intense about playing regularly?

    To read the whole article, head over to The Business of MMO’s - A look at your monthly fees @ WoW - Ten Ton Hammer.

    Mon, Jun 05, 2006
  • World of Warcraft is officially the genre's 24K lb. elephant...

    Citing figures, Ars Technica has done a little math and declared that WoW officially has more than 50% market share. Statistically, more than half of you have WoW accounts. Creepy.

    The big surprise, however, was Blizzard's World of Warcraft, released in 2004. It quickly surpassed all its rivals in subscriptions, passing the six million mark in February of this year. Now, according to the web site, it has hit a new milestone by moving past the 50 percent mark for market share of massively multiplayer online games.

    View Ars Technica's take on WoW's predominance, then half of you should check out our WoW @ Ten Ton Hammer community site before logging in.

    Sat, Jun 03, 2006
  • Is that kind of like a bad rash?

    With our next major content patch, Shadow of the Necropolis, players will have access to the new high-level raid dungeon Naxxramas, the seat of Kel'Thuzad, one of the most feared enemies the world of Warcraft has ever known. Horrors of the past and new terrors yet to be unleashed are converging inside the necropolis as the Lich King's servants prepare their assault. Soon, the Scourge will march again...

    You can find out more details here.

    I hear that soap and water works best for scourges.

    Visit our WoW community. It's your Cure all.

    Fri, Jun 02, 2006
  • A look into the seedy, slimey underworld of WoW hackers...

    ITWorldCanada did a nice bit of investigative journalism on the hack attacks made against World of Warcraft players in May.

    Win32.WOW entered gamers’ accounts via e-mail or seemingly innocuous peer-to-peer downloads.

    "The key logger virus sits silently in gamers' computers recording key strokes. In this way it acquires users’ login information," said David Frazer, director of technology services at F-Secure Corp., a Helsinki, Finland-based security software vendor.

    Is your WoW account vulnerable? Check out "The Games Hackers Play" at ITWorldCanada to find out!

    Thu, Jun 01, 2006
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