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  • Friday Forum Roundup

    Once again we bring you lots of forum goodies for you to browse and cry "NERF" over. This week was all about the new patch and the Friday Forum Roundup brings you some handy threads from the official WoW forums!

    “Akeru brings us the dire warning of the dreaded "Lead Designer" whose machinations can be found in every forum. He sows discord and nerf threads throughout all forums, causing much heartache and head-banging-against-the-walls.”

    Sat, Dec 09, 2006
  • Up and Down of End Game has posted this editorial that takes a look at the World of Warcraft.

    Have you ever played a team sport? Baseball, Basketball? How about doubles tennis? If you have, you know that personal interaction is the most crucial element of teamwork. Communication is key to keeping the relationship between you and your teammates healthy and progressive. Good communication will lead to personal and team growth. Adversely, poor communication will lead to breakdowns of functionality and conflicts of the team's collective interest.

    More is just a click away. Share your thoughts on this in our Ten Ton Hammer Forums today!

    Fri, Dec 08, 2006
  • Burning Crusade Screenshots

    The official site for World of Warcraft has been updated with some great screenshots of the upcoming Burning Crusade! Don't miss out. Head over to our WoW Ten Ton Hammer Community site to see the latest exclusive content today!

    Images, Media
    Thu, Dec 07, 2006
  • Consumables - A beginners guide

    Many players muddle through the World of Warcraft without ever touching a consumable, and they manage to make good progress despite hindering themselves. Are you one of these players? Do you know what consumables are? Which ones you should carry? Which to use when?

    This guide is meant to be a primer for players that have not really experimented with them before or are unsure what they should use. It is based on the needs of low level characters (level 1 - 40) and from a PvE point of view.

    Thu, Dec 07, 2006
  • Ten Ton Hammer’s First Look at Arenas

    Ten Ton Hammer gets down and dirty in the arena, giving you a first look at the new World of Warcraft PvP system.

    “The play was actually surprising for me; the arenas are much faster-paced and require more teamwork than battlegrounds. Even though, we never won, the battlegrounds were a lot of fun.”

    Get clicking to keep reading!

    Wed, Dec 06, 2006
  • The World of Warcraft 2.0.1 patch is now available!

    And it's a big one, weighing in at 512 megs. But, lucky you, you can skip the queues and download it at WoW-TenTonHammer.

    Download, Media
    Tue, Dec 05, 2006
  • Updated U.I. Mods for Today's Patch

    Our U.I. Repository has been updated with 2.0 complaint mods that will work with Patch 2.0 (today's patch)! We have all of the essentials mirrored here on our speedy servers for you convience. From CTMod to bag mods to bar mods to well, plenty of other things are available for download right now. So while waiting on that patch to finish download, please browse through our database of U.I. Mods and grab yourself some updated mods!

    Tue, Dec 05, 2006
  • Burning Crusade Portal Updated

    Looking for how today's patch affects you? How about what some of the new expansion zones look like? Need a run down of the Honor changes? Good news, all of these questions are answered with our new Burning Crusade portal! Find everything you need or want to know about the upcoming patch and the expansion at our updated portal!

    Tue, Dec 05, 2006
  • Before the Storm - How it will change your WoW experience

    Today is patch day! Hurray! Today Blizzard releases patch 2.0 - Before the Storm, that introduces many of the changes that we thought we would not see until the Burning Crusade is launched next year. What are the most important changes and how will they affect you? Find out here.

    *Talent Changes - *This to me is the biggest change since it effects everyone! All the new talents will be in the game opening up many different play styles and opportunities. I can't wait to be able to use many of the new talents in a live setting rather than just beta. It is important to note though that all the talents are still being tested in beta and may change again when the Burning Crusade is actually released.

    Tue, Dec 05, 2006
  • TenTonHammer's First Look at "Escape from Durnholde Keep"

    Over the last week I have had a chance to further expand our First Look series of articles focusing on the Instances in the Burning Crusade. This time I look at the first instance in the Caverns of Time: Thrall's Escape from Durnholde Keep

    The Caverns of Time are a really neat concept from a fan boys point of view, and one that provides endless possibilities if and when Blizzard chooses to expand them. The caverns are home to an entirely new faction that tries to protect the time continuum. To do this they must send groups back in time to correct the timeline as an enemy faction tries to corrupt it for their own gain. The first such time line that needs to be corrected is Thralls escape.

    Keep reading to learn more.

    Tue, Dec 05, 2006
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