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  • Top of the Totem Pole – Scorekeeping in WoW

    Scorekeeping has come a long way from the numerical high scores of arcade games in the past. This article takes a look at how players can prove that they are the best in today's MMORPGs, such as WoW.

    “When I think of scoreboarding, my first thought is of arcade games--you know, those high scores at the end that allowed you to put in your initials so that everyone who came to play the game after you left could see just how great DJW or ADI was. Gaming has come a long way since those Pacman days in the local pool hall.”

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    Mon, Nov 06, 2006
  • Burning Crusade FAQ Updated

    We've gone through our Burning Crusade FAQ and updated it with tons of information from the beta! Your burning questions about "The Burning Crusade" answered directly from experience with the beta itself. If you have a question that isn't answered in our FAQ then feel free post about it in our community forums!

    Fri, Nov 03, 2006
  • TenTonHammer's First Look at "The Burning Crusade: The Underbog"

    Today I continue our first look at the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, The Burning Crusade. Once again I am focusing on the new instance in the game since small group adventures are one of my favorite things about MMOs. So far I have covered the Hellfire Ramparts and the Blood Furnace in the Hellfire Citadel and the Slave Pens in the Coilfang Reservoir. Today I once again head to Coilfang Reservoir in Zangarmarsh, but this time to visit the Underbog. The Underbog is the second of the four instance in Coilfang Reservoir in Zangarmarsh.

    The Fen Rays were very cool because they had an ability called terror. It worked almost exactly like fear, except you ran away faster than a fun (seemed like epic mounted speed) and it seemed like it was not avoidable. I tried trinkets and abilities to avoid and negate fear and they did not work. This got really fun since the first one terrored one of the group into a second, which did it into a third. This left us scrambling to survive having 1-3 members running at all times. The lesson here: remember to pull far back. In this case pull back further than normal since you can run quite far at that speed.

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    Fri, Nov 03, 2006
  • Hands On Impressions of Burning Crusade

    Pro-G has posted their hands on impressions of the Burning Crusades. Keep reading to see what they think of the upcoming expansion to World of Warcraft.

    The Burning Crusade presents an interesting conundrum for World of Warcraft players: drop your existing high level character for the allure of starting one of two new races, or keep on with your uber-equipped killing machine and brave the shattered realm of Outland.

    So far, most beta players have opted for the high level rewards of Outland over starting a new character. But this isn't to the detriment of TBC's two new races, the manga-esque Blood Elves and the big blue aliens the Draenei - both have aspects that have drawn concern from the typically vocal WoW fan base, but overall are shaping up nicely.

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    Thu, Nov 02, 2006
  • All You Wanted To Know About Making Jewelry!

    The fine folks over at our WoW Ten Ton Hammer Community site have been busy updating our wonderful guides with the information for The Burning Crusades. Today, they bring you an updated guide to jewelcrafting!

    “Tell me about this prospecting skill.

    Prospecting is a skill available to jewelcrafters at skill level of 20. It takes 5 ore to use. Basically, you destroy the ore to search for gems.”

    Head over and read the rest of the guide. Have you tried your hand with jewelcrafting? Share your adventures in the Ten Ton Hammer Forums today.

    Thu, Nov 02, 2006
  • New Screenshots Released

    the official site for World of Warcraft has been updated with new screenshots of the Burning Crusades. Head over and check them out!

    Images, Media
    Thu, Nov 02, 2006
  • FiringSquad Previews The Burning Crusade has posted a preview of the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, The Burning Crusade.

    The Blood Elves are the new Horde race, Blizzard’s answer to the calls for attractive models and Paladins for the Horde. Continuing the story from WarCraft III, the Blood Elves have split from the Alliance by making common cause with Illidan. Their lands and Silvermoon, their city, lay in ruins. The passage of the Scourge has quite literally left a mark on what were once the beautiful lands of the elves.

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    Wed, Nov 01, 2006
  • TenTonHammer's First Look at "The Burning Crusade: The Slave Pens"

    Today I continue our look at the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, The Burning Crusade. The part I have been the most interested in are the new instances, as featured in my last few articles that covered the first two instances in the Hellfire Citadel. Having leveled my Undead priest to 62 I headed into the marsh to explore. In today's article I will look at some more of the new instances. Over the last little bit I have ventured into the Coilfang Reservoir in the Zangarmarsh. In what now seems the standard, the location houses another four brand new instances. The instances range from 2 low level ones, a max level 70 one and a raid.

    Wed, Nov 01, 2006
  • The Burning Crusade Preview: Shattrath City

    We've gone and braved the perilous Outland to provide you with another preview of the upcoming expansion. We traveled to the major hub of Outland to bring you an in-depth history of the city along with tons of screenshots and our first impressions of this grand city. So come join us as we take a look at the beauty and wonder of this city and its unique culture.

    "Both the Alliance and Horde are welcome within the city and can freely move around any area and interact with each other through normal racial relations. The only limitation is that there is no violence within the city. It's flagged as a city of sanctuary and as such combat can not take place."

    Get clicking to learn more. Stop by our WoW Ten Ton Hammer Community site to see all the latest Burning Crusade information and news.

    Tue, Oct 31, 2006
  • WoW CM Messiah talks Burning Crusade balance...

    And this time, he's through playing Mister Nice Savior:

    Today I am going to firmly plant my feet on what many would call the
    wrong side of the fence. I consider it “the other side” of the fence. I
    am doing this for no other reason than I like being a devil’s advocate.
    If you disagree with me fine, that’s OK, all I ask is you read this and
    think about the points.

    With that I am going into rant mode on the topic of fair and balance
    rewards in the World of Warcraft and the Burning Crusade...

    It's that independent, slightly crotchety take we've come to know and love from Byron "Messiah" Mudry in this Burning Crusade Beta Journal at Byron's blog: Messiah's Digital Haven.

    Beta, Official Announcements
    Tue, Oct 31, 2006
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