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  • The hall of fame gets a lord.
    Richard "Lord British" Garriott has been inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame.

    " CALABASAS, CA - November 8, 2005 - The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) announced that computer games pioneer Richard Garriott will be inducted into the AIAS Hall of Fame. Annually voted on by the Academy's Board of Directors, this honor is awarded to individuals whose efforts and contributions have expanded the scope and success of the computer games industry. As the ninth member of the Hall, Garriott joins an already impressive fraternity of gaming icons, including Trip Hawkins, Peter Molyneux, Yu Suzuki, Will Wright, John Carmack, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Sid Meier and Shigeru Miyamoto. "

    You can read a bit more about Lord British being Honored at Blues News.

    Wed, Nov 09, 2005
  • A San Francisco treat for developers
    EverQuest is the sole MMO representative in a vote to see which developers see their name in the stars at San Francisco's monument to videogame entertainment. Strangely, "hot coffee" isn't among the nominees.

    "Walk of Game is located inside Metreon, a 350,000 square-foot entertainment
    complex at Fourth and Mission Streets in the heart of downtown San
    Every year, gamers worldwide cast their vote on to induct the next set of honorees to receive a permanent 24"x 24", customized steel star on the Walk of Game. From the list of nominees, the top four in the category of Games/Characters and the top two in Lifetime Achievement will be inducted. Inductees to date are: Nolan Bushnell, Shigeru Miyamoto, Halo, Link (The Legend of Zelda), Mario, and Sonic The Hedgehog."

    Want to vote or see the current results? Head to the Metreon "Walk of Game" official page.
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    Tue, Oct 04, 2005
  • The PC Version Is Still Making Too Much Money To Go Free-Box!

    Light server loads on EQ's Mac-Only server have driven SOE to throw Mac gamers a bone: a free, downloadable client. Though Mac expansions only run through "Planes of Power," EQ's 4th of 10 expansions, this move seems to ensure the Mac project's continued life for the short term.

    However, this isn't surprising to anyone who's played EQ Mac. The one server (Al'Kabor) was always more lightly populated than their PC cousins. The latest community manager even became more a fixture at a fan-based forum than the official ones, in a move eerily evocative of what became of EA's official support for Ultima Online.

    Read more about Everquest free for Mac Users!

    Sun, Aug 14, 2005
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