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  • Greasy food and mechanical bulls. has posted their look at the Auto Assault Roadhouse #2 session. We are certain that two pounds of chicken wings may not have been ordered while writing this:

    "For the last two Fridays I’ve had the pleasure of joining NCSoft’s Richard Iggo (Auto Assault Product Marketing Manager), Richard Weil (OCR Manager), Steven Snow (Auto Assault Producer), Todd Keister (Auto Assault Assistant Producer) and NetDevil’s Ryan Seabury (Design Director), and Brian Booker (Lead System Designer) for the first two of four teleconferences about their upcoming game Auto Assault. Both conferences have been fun and enlightening and I have enjoyed learning more about the game and the genre. This last Friday our focus was on skills, which may sound like a very narrow topic, but for a game as diverse and complicated as Auto Assault … let’s just say we ran over."

    RPGVault also gives us their take on the vehicular mayhem. It's a given, though not for sure that they fell off the mechanical bull just before writing:

    "As reported a week ago, NetDevil and NCsoft have started a series of telephone sessions designed to focus on a particular aspect of the game at a time. Carrying forward from the first one, which looked at various aspects of a character creation and advancement, the topic for last Friday was skills. It wasn't always possible to discern who was speaking at any given moment, but it did seem that the three participants representing the developer, Technical Director Scott Brown, Design Director Ryan Seabury and Lead System Designer Brian Booker, did most of the talking and answering, with intermittent help from a few team members on the publisher side."

    Of course, we have our own coverage as well.
    You can read the entire Auto Assault Roadhouse #2 Session Coverage at, and
    For even more Auto Assault information stop by:

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    Tue, Jun 28, 2005
  • Bar fights and mechanical bulls.
    Our coverage of the Auto Assault Roadhouse #2 session is now online. It is not likely that Patrick Swayze wrote this:

    "Even after the Patrick Swayze joke and having apparently read my first article the folks at NCSoft invited me back for round #2 of the Auto Assault Roadhouse Sessions. Skills were the advertised special of the day and the skill system smorgasbord drew quite a crowd..."

    You can read the entire Auto Assault Roadhouse 2 session coverage at

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    Mon, Jun 27, 2005
  • Virtual 20 sided dice.
    Dungeons and Dragons Online the focus in the latest GamerGod Preview. It is reasonable to assume that they may have written this:

    "True to the continuance of the setting of its creation, thousands of pen and paper gamers around the world still gather in basements, at kitchen tables, in living rooms with chairs centered on a table large enough for the dice to keep from rolling away and cheat that precious double damage roll of 20. On numerous occasions, these hardcore zealots of Imagination and loyal minions of the Lady Luck of 20 Sided Die have traversed the boundaries of their corporeal worlds into the virtual."

    You can read the entire Dungeons and Dragons Online Preview at GamerGod.

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    Mon, Jun 27, 2005
  • Pig Pen, this is Rubber Duck. Looks like we got us a convoy.
    NetDevil has posted all about convoys (groups) in their upcoming title Auto Assault. Official Pentagon sources maintained their position of plausible deniability in connection with this quote:

    "The odds are against survival in the Central Wastelands. The large groups of powerful factions roaming the Highways - not to mention vying Humans, Mutants, and Biomeks that hate each other with a passion –can sometimes make it difficult to go it alone. It only comes naturally that drivers may feel the need to mutually help each other, if only for short periods of time. These temporary or “pick up” groups of drivers are called Convoys."

    You can read the entire Auto Assault Convoy Article at the Official Site.
    More Auto Assault information than tatoos at a Nascar event -

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    Thu, Jun 23, 2005
  • It's all about the contamination.
    MMORPG has posted a preview of Auto Assault. We are in no position to confirm that Russel Crowe threw a telephone upon
    reading this:

    "First off, the back story. About present day for us the first Alien craft began to arrive, their crashes and collisions raining Contamination down on the planet. Because of this Contamination, mutations began to surface among Humankind and the populace erupted into a panic. Conspiracy theorists had a field day; governments flip-flopped their stance on the subject from vehement denial to promises of a cure and back again. Mutants became the scapegoats of society, herded up into camps and shunned from citizenship."

    You can read the entire Auto Assault Preview at

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    Thu, Jun 23, 2005
  • I'm a bad guy AND I wear tights.
    GamerGod has a short preview of City of Villains posted. We dodged laser beams and evil maniacs to find out that they possibly wrote this:

    "True believers all across the servers of City of Heroes need to make sure they are ready. The sequel to the critically acclaimed MMORPG City of Heroes, entitled City of Villains. Offering a wide variety of customization options, new powers and abilities, City of Villains allows players to get in touch with their dark side, and start working their way towards infamy. Just an FYI, the game does not include package monologue's to use when you have the hero captured and feel the need to reveal your whole plan thus give said hero time to escape. What it DOES include is awesome villain bases with your own nefarious weapon defense systems, new types of missions, and best of all: PVP!"

    You can read the entire City of Villains Preview at GamerGod.

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    Wed, Jun 22, 2005
  • Bad guys as fun guys.
    1UP has a preview of City of Villains posted. It's possible that this coded message was found in the Personals section of
    the newspaper:

    "With great power come great ass-kicking supergadgets and nefarious world-exploding schemes. And no, that wasn't a typo--it's effectively the basis behind City of Villains, the long-awaited follow-up to CGW's 2004 MMORPG of the Year, City of Heroes. At long last, players will finally have the opportunity to get down with their bad selves."

    You can read the entire City of Villains Preview at 1UP.

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    Tue, Jun 21, 2005
  • I'm not a bad guy. I just play one in City of Villains.
    Digital Entertainment News has a preview of City of Villains posted. Three out of four villains claim that they wrote this:

    " This year at E3 we had the pleasure of meeting Jack Emmert, Statesman himself from City of Heroes. He was on hand showcasing his upcoming sequel/companion title City of Villains, which, as the name implies focuses on the “other” side of the costumed coin. "


    You can read the entire City of Villains Preview at Digital Entertainment News.

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    Thu, Jun 16, 2005
  • Soft tires and big guns.
    Worthplaying has posted a preview of Auto Assault. Yep, they wrote this, maybe:

    "I must admit, Auto Assault was one of the coolest new games I saw at E3 this year. NCSoft's new action MMORPG is some pretty slick stuff. I also have to admit that I was surprised by the game, which was being touted as the "fastest, most destructive MMORPG" in advertisements, which automatically set off warning bells in my head from the moment I saw the first ad. Fortunately, it really does live up to the claims by combining some of the best elements of action games with a strong MMORPG backbone."

    You can read the Auto Assault Preview at WorthPlaying.

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    Tue, Jun 14, 2005
  • Big Black Crows with pointy teeth.
    Turbine has posted more creature information for Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. The creature of choice today is the Crebain. There is a fair to slim chance that they wrote this:

    "These menacing black birds from the lands between the Misty Mountains and the dark forest of Fangorn are often controlled by the forces of darkness, acting from above as the eyes and ears of the enemy.  Large and intelligent, flocks of these crow-like creatures darken the skies on their mission of evil.  But be warned – even one Craban is capable of alerting the enemy with the swiftness of the wind. "

    You can read the entire Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar - Creban Article at the Official Site.

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    Fri, Jun 10, 2005
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