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  • Who doesn't want a firebreathing Hellhound for a cuddly, playful little pet?
    SOE's new "Visual Pet Guide" (and another guide for customizing the colors of your baby dragon) lets players get a quick glimpse of these creatures before they bring them home. I could only afford the "Ill-Tempered Humane Society Reject," and let's just say that, in some cases, it's better not to have a pet at all.

    " There are many house pets available in EverQuest II, many of which can be purchased from your local pet store and a few that can be obtained through other means. Enjoy this visual guide to the various pets you can gain as faithful house companions in EverQuest II."

    The Visual Pet Guide at the Everquest II official site.

    Sat, Aug 20, 2005
  • One lunch to souse them all

    Turbine has posted an account of the "Lunch of the Rings"at Dave & Buster's in Providence, RI . Apparently a couple dwarves had a little too much to drink, and after a frustrating session in the Mechwarrior arena took out their frustrations on the arcade with their axes! Film at 11.

    During lunch, most of the tables had at least one LOTRO team member to chat with (the exception being the table with Calandryll and our AC1 folks). It was such a pleasure to hear laughter coming so frequently from the tables – the LOTRO community is so friendly and fun, as long as you don't step on their lore. *duck* There was lots of drooling over the E3 video, which Thrindil and Polleke worked so hard to get working with the Dave & Buster's equipment, and laughter over the video greetings – especially Amon Ereb's, which started with a very, very twisted puppet show.

    Read more on LotROG I East at the official Turbine site.

    Sat, Aug 20, 2005
  • New Antonia Rules. Nerdly Types Drool.
    In a contest that began in early 2005, SOE announced that Anna Wainscoat, the woman interestingly surnamed after wallboard, is the new skimpily-clad Queen Antonia. The reward: a paid year of dressing up as Queen Antonia as various gamer events around the world. The punishment: a paid year of dressing up as Queen Antonia as various gamer events around the world.

    "Sony Online Entertainment congratulates Anna Wainscoat, a gamer from California with a background in sports, dance, and journalism. Anna was crowned Antonia on Saturday, August 13th at the Stuff Casino Weekend at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. "

    We at TTH would like to congratulate the runner-up also, our very own Neddie Seagoon, whose bid was tossed out after he goosed another female candidate and ran away giggling, losing his female disguise on the way. After all, it's not hard to look like a halfling female, nor is it a stretch for halflings to goose anyone.
    Yes, you can go see the pics on Everquest 2's Quest for Antonia here. Like hobos at a Mercedes Benz dealership you are, sheesh.

    Wed, Aug 17, 2005
  • More House Items That You Can't Dupe

    SOE has posted its 3rd feature on Creature Mastery quests. TTH only needed one article to tell you what they told you and much much more... just sayin'!

    Lore and Legend quests, also known as Enemy Mastery quests, involve the study of various creatures to learn more about them. In order to gain knowledge about these creatures, you must find and study various body parts. You can find suitable body parts for your studies by killing the type of creature you wish to learn more about. Find out more about these types of quests.

    See the SOE Everquest 2 Lore and Legend article, part 3 here!

    Sun, Aug 14, 2005
  • Economy Tanked, "Exchange" Skanked, H@ckz0rz Laugh All the Way to the Bank

    Cnet reports that virtual coin "dupers" have hit Everquest 2's nascent Station Exchange program, causing 20% inflation in the 24 hours before they were caught. These hackers attempted to sell their plat for real-world money using the SOE out-of-game marketplace.

    SOE proclaims its security mechanisms worked well to quickly catch the threat, though players on all EQ2 servers saw the player market grind to a halt for 48+ hours.

    Sony claims that a group of hackers illegally created a huge amount of EverQuest II currency over the weekend, and it says the players caused the game's economy to suffer 20 percent inflation in just 24 hours before being caught.

    According to Chris Kramer, director of public relations for EQ2 publisher Sony Online Entertainment, the players had, on Saturday, begun using their so-called "duping bug" to make large quantities of platinum, the game's currency. (A duping bug is a hack that exploits a weakness in online games' code to effectively create counterfeit currency or other goods.)

    A gnomish replicator, numerous dyes, and a stamping machine were seized in raids late Friday and GMs lead the perpetrators (faces concealed by unfolded newspapers) away for the sentencing phase.

    Anyway, read more facts about the Everquest 2 hacks here!

    Sat, Aug 13, 2005
  • Relationships and Group Level Differences...
    This Week's Ask Ethec on the TTH Everquest 2 site features advice for a young lady struggling to keep up level-wise with her boyfriend. She's wondering about the often-misanswered question of how group level differences work and specifically how high a level she can group with. As usual, Ethec's got the lowdown!

    "Outside of normal groups, SOE has provided a way for beaus and spouses to play together without the aforementioned frustrations of the "level leash." By "mentoring" you, he can drop down to your level while not making changes to his equipment, which also scales in level. He will have to change out his spell hotbars to match what he would have used at your level, but hey, he can give you a hand with completing your tasks when you're in a mood to play. Some guys I know create "alts" (alternate characters) for the sole purpose of keeping a character in sync with their gal's toon (or vice versa- guys keeping up with gals- as the case might be!)."

    Tough love and straight answers from a halfling healer (and part-time therapist) here!

    Thu, Aug 04, 2005
  • Will SOE Run Into a Great Wall in China?
    Gamania Entertainment will open public testing of Everquest 2 in China on August 23rd to compete with the incredibly successful release of World of Warcraft in the Asian block. Somehow the idea of Everquest 2 Cafes just seems... wrong.

    ""EverQuest II's" advanced animation and game play should allow the title to compete well against "World of Warcraft." However, hardware requirements may act to hinder development of "EverQuest II" in China. The U.S. version of "EverQuest II" requires a minimum of 512 megabytes of RAM, with a recommended 1 gigabyte of RAM, in order to play the game, requirements that few PCs in China now meet."

    Read the entire article, courtesy of Interfax China.

    Tue, Aug 02, 2005
  • Investing in the Everquest 2 community's future...
    A bit of lore called "Investing in the Future" is now sizzling on the SOE skillet related to the recent new content addition: "The Mysterious Mines". The good news on the adventure pack: its now playable (erm, 4 days after launch!). The bad news, its reserved for the upper, tippy-top crust of the player community (level 49 and 50 players only), though low level players can't complain. By all accounts, SOE's not been stingy with the new content. Everyone can, however, enjoy the aggro from the nasty little albino rat-like creatures near the home cities.

    "Only two weeks ago, a handful of little white rat-folk appeared, asking questions about the soil, the conditions and the mine's depth. He'd seen ratonga before, but not little rats like these. They reminded him of stories of rat-folk that had lived in Norrath long before ratonga first appeared. Stories he had not heard or thought of since he was a child.
    Whatever they were, the main thing was that they were willing to pay for the mine. Ashargru could retire and need never set foot below ground again. The rat-folk whispered excitedly amongst themselves, scurrying to and fro. Whatever else they might be, most of them were excitable and edgy. Every so often, they stopped running around to gawk at their surroundings as though overwhelmed."

    More lore than a boar can snore at here.

    Fri, Jul 29, 2005
  • More Bind Points. The cheer heard 'round Norrath.
    Like most things that are added to EverQuest 2, getting them is a mix of luck and good management. We've taken out the luck and posted the guide to the "Ties That Bind" quest. Imagine choosing your bind point? The future is now!

    " The Tie That Binds.

    Reward : ( Ability ) Set Recall Point (Change your bind location) "

    You can read the entire "Tie That Binds" Walkthrough at

    Thu, Jul 21, 2005
  • Be a Troubadour, not a Noobadour.
    The EverQuest Community Site has updated the Troubadour class guide. While dancing and singing and merry making a bard looked happily into the camera and shouted:

    "The Troubador guide has been updated with info on how to become a troubador (on the Qeynos side) at level 20, as well as how best to spend your training choices at levels 10 and 20. Thanks to contributors Maris (of Everfrost server) and Tessaire for their input!"

    You can read the entire EverQuest 2 - Troubadour Class Guide at

    Wed, Jul 20, 2005
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