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  • Computer Games Online Talks with Starr Long

    Computer Games Online presents an interview with Starr Long, Producer of the upcoming massively-multiplayer role-playing game Tabula Rasa. The game is set in an intergalactic war between humans and the destructive Bane. Long discusses the origins of the game and some of the challenges in creating a unique experience.

    How will the war unfold as more players join the fight and time progresses on the battlefield?

    The war constantly ebbs and flows. As one control point is taken, another might be lost. Ownership of control points is linked to lots of variables in the environment including which missions are available, where you re-spawn when you die, which NPCs are around, etc.

    Read the full interview at Computer Games Online.

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    Mon, Jun 19, 2006
  • The entire site is in German, but it's been bandied about that GamesDynamite has an exclusive Tabula Rasa gameplay video.


    More Tabula Rasa news.

    Fri, Jun 02, 2006
  • Tabula Rasa impresses GamingExcellence

    First NCSoft / Destination Studios's upcoming MMO masterpiece got some "ooos" and "ahhs" out of our merry band at E3 2006 (winning our "Player's Choice" award), now Gaming Excellence delivers a very favorable preview of the Sci-Fi FPS / MMO hybrid.

    Tabula Rasa not only takes a unique approach to the presentation of the MMO genre by focusing on story and the mechanics of battle, it also strives to remove the frustrating aspects associated with the time spent playing these games altogether. Besides the amazing alien environments, players will also notice that the interface used in the game is extremely different from other popular titles. Of course this is not a negative aspect of the game, on the contrary it appears that NCsoft may have another hit online game when Tabula Rasa releases late this year.

    Check out a Tabula Rasa preview and screens at GamingExcellence.

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    Tue, May 30, 2006
  • This man is so engaging that he could probably sell a tract of cockroach infested land to me and I'd ask for more.

    Another E3 has come and gone and the Tabula Rasa team comes home satisfied, enthusiastic, determined, energized and exhausted all in one. We spent three days showing the game to colleagues, press, and buyers and we feel that we have a great game on our hands. Those of us who didn’t make it to Los Angeles were in Austin working hard on the game or escorting, in game, the players that were logging on at the E3 floor. Those of us who did make it to Los Angeles participated in one of the best booths at the show. I would like to thank Mutaytor and Chris Vrenna for making our booth experience one of the best at the show.

    One of the great things about E3 is watching how people play our game. We were gratified that anyone could get in and play the game without lots of instruction time, and the people that did play said that it felt right. When we made the decision to create an RPG with shooter style controls, we knew that feel was going to be very, very important. So, now we just have to finish polishing the game by making sure it runs well on lots of hardware, getting in the rest of the content and opening up the servers for Friends and Family testing.

    So that’s it for this year. My final impression of Tabula Rasa at E3 is this: those that saw the game thought it looked beautiful and intriguing. Those people that played it had lots of fun and often stayed for hours, and that’s all you can ask for. I’ll leave you with some links that tell the story better than I will:

    You can find the rest of this message here.

    Wed, May 24, 2006
  • Little was "really" known about Tabula Rasa's new incarnation before GDC 2005. However, all of the good pulp free juice came from E3 concerning this game. Find out what "Lord British" has to say to Boomtown in this E3 interview.

    n Tabula Rasa you don’t select a class when you’re creating your character.

    - It’s a very bad concept that players have to select a class as soon as they start creating their characters. You normally don’t know much about the game when you start out and the risk of making a wrong choice is big. In Tabula Rasa, if you aren’t satisfied with your character choices you can always go back to your clone, explains Richard Garriot.

    Want more Tabula Rasa news? Find it here.

    Wed, May 24, 2006
  • Lord British Takes on WoW

    Father of MMOs Richard "Lord British" Garriott trash talks World of Warcraft in a recent interview with TGDaily. Nah, who we kidding, Garriott is the consummate gentleman. We'll simply color his comments... interesting.

    We ended our interview with what it would take for NCSoft to beat World of Warcraft. Blizzard now says it have more than 6.5 million WoW subscribers. Garriott graciously praised Blizzard, saying, "It is a really good game and deserves the success they are having." He also said that companies report subscribers differently and added, "I have some doubts as to that number."

    Garriott says the success of WoW has a crossover effect on NCSoft. Players that leave WoW can stream into NCSoft's family of online games. "I have no fear of Warcraft, I applaud their success and I think they are nothing, but good for NCSoft," says Garriott.

    Read more of the Garriott interview at TGDaily, then check out all our Tabula Rasa coverage from E3!

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    Wed, May 17, 2006
  • This game rocked my socks off. I can't tell you how exhilirating the combat looks. With that said, Gamespot has a Tabula Rasa impression of their own.

    The game is a blend of shooter action (you can switch between third-person and first-person perspectives, depending on your playing style) and online role-playing. Don't worry if you lack lightning reflexes, though, because the game is designed to appeal to those who don't necessarily like twitch gameplay, thanks to certain features such as auto-aiming, which makes locking onto a target easier. Meanwhile, the game will have role-playing calculations in the combat. If you put the reticle over a target and hit it, you'll pretty much be guaranteed a hit, but the game will calculate how much damage you did. There are going to be dozens and dozens of weapons--including energy, incendiary, poison, and more--and enemies will be vulnerable to particular types of damage, so you'll need to make constant tactical decisions about what to use in battle. We got to play as a heavy-duty soldier type, armed with multiple rocket launchers as well as various magic-style special abilities, such as a particularly nasty chain lightning ability. The way in which the game combines both science fiction and fantasy conventions isn't entirely unfamiliar but seems unique all the same.

    NCSoft came to the table this year with an outstanding lineup. Color me impressed.

    Tue, May 16, 2006
  • Will the E3 goodness never stop??

    here’s a vicious war being waged in a remote corner of the galaxy. The bloody tide of death and destruction that has swept through system after system, seeking to blot out the last vestiges of free sentient life, has found its way to the last redoubts of freedom.

    It is here that the surviving sentient species have gathered, to give their all in one last great battle…

    Witness exciting combat footage from the AFS frontlines! Be prepared for intense action as these warriors go up against the relentless Bane. The rest of the galaxy may have been easy pickings... but that was yesterday. Now they face the AFS and the price of their arrogance will be high indeed.

    Download the new trailer here.

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    Thu, May 04, 2006
  • Eurogamer talks Tabula Rasa with Richard Garriott

    The father of MMOs, Lord British himself, discusses what Tabula Rasa has to offer players in today's gaming market. Garriott promises something entirely different from what MMO gamers have seen before.

    What games do you see as your direct competitors?

    Richard Garriot: Well, that's hard to say, because we feel we appeal to MMO players and Shooter players alike. So in a sense we compete with games like Medal of Honor and Battlefield, but in the MMO space, we don't see another product attempting to do what we are doing. We believe we have a unique strategy that will bring lots of new gamers to MMOs.

    Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa interview continues at Eurogamer.

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    Tue, May 02, 2006
  • The man is a legend. You can't listen to him speak and not sit enraptured by his ideas. With that said, who else in this industry could scrap and almost finished game and start over? We will have full coverage on the new incarnation of Tabula Rasa at E3. Make sure you check back for that.

    In the meantime, 1up has an interview with Richard Garriott. It's a good read so check it out.

    More Tabula Rasa News.

    Mon, May 01, 2006
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