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    As a super quick news item so that you can all prepare yourselves, Carbine will be undertaking a special timely giveaway today at 9 a.m. PST. While I can't tell you what it is, rest assured if you like WildStar you'll want to be online for when this lands, ready to read the reveal as soon as possible. Unfortunately I can't tell you any more than that, so come back at 9 a.m. PST. Bookmark us now!

    [UPDATE] Quick everyone, hit the link to view the reveal!

    Beta Key Giveaway!

    Tue, Feb 18, 2014
    Lewis B
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    Carbine teases a little something special for next week with an attached reward for choosing wisely.

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    Thu, Feb 06, 2014
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    WildStar’s latest DevSpeak shows off the extensive customization options available for characters, housing, and the mysterious battle fort.

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    Wed, Jan 29, 2014
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    WildStar puts its own twist on guilds with some classic and familiar features along with a few new ones.

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    Thu, Jan 23, 2014
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    WildStar introduces its final class with the Engineer and unveils a new Tales from Beyond the Fringe comic.

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    Wed, Dec 11, 2013
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    Carbine announces their plans for livestreams and new class reveals throughout the rest of the year and a huge WildStar winter beta.

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    Wed, Oct 30, 2013
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    Community Director Troy "Aether" Hewitt is taking his leave from Carbine and has penned a farewell message to the WildStar community.

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    Wed, Oct 23, 2013
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    Chosen members of WildStar’s Dominion find out how they’ll be reaching their new home on Nexus aboard the Arkship Destiny.

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    Thu, Oct 17, 2013
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    Carbine devs delve into the juicy details of cross-realm interactivity and play in WildStar.

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    Wed, Oct 09, 2013
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    Carbine lays out the latest changes and updates to features in this week’s WildStar Wednesday update.

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    Wed, Oct 02, 2013
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