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  • There's only one way I know how to build a tribe from scratch, and it's not guide-appropriate (not at this site, anyway)...

    Want to have the acclaim of building a successful Tribe in the upcoming Gods and Heroes? Find out how with Darkgolem's new guide on how to do so, Tribes of Rome!

    Your new tribe members will follow the lead of this core. If
    they make jokes, then jokers will stay and make similar jokes, while
    those who don't fool around will leave your tribe, or be uncomfortable.

    Tue, Oct 02, 2007
  • Caveat emptor.

    Always wondered what the Romans said and thought? Find out by reading some of the more famous things they've said with Darkgolem's new guide to Roman Sayings, Quotes and Proverbs!

    "Veni, vidi, vici." - "I came, I saw, I conquered" Gaius Julius

    Read the guide at Ten Ton Hammer's G&H site.

    Sun, Sep 30, 2007
  • Tip #1: PUGs are your last resort. Avoid them like the plague.

    Here's the latest of Charabis's etiquette guides, covering that most-hated of all MMOG things, the Pick-Up Group! Join him as he takes a look at how not to become hated.

    ...It's all too common for someone to just grab everyone they
    can get to fill out their group, without first figuring out how they
    fit. This random assembly consistently leads to groups that will wind up
    completely frustrated, and often bickering amongst themselves even while
    the enemy pounds on their heads...

    Fri, Sep 28, 2007
  • There she is, in her natural habitat! Shhh...

    Charabis is taking a look at the possible future of the endangered roleplayer, and whether Gods and Heroes will be able to provide a safe haven for these rapidly disappearing creatures.

    Some time ago, we tracked the elusive and endangered
    Roleplayer. This creative creature was in danger of extinction, and
    conservation efforts are ongoing. With this in mind, we began to examine
    whether the world of Gods and Heroes could mean the salvation of this

    Thu, Sep 27, 2007
  • If you've been kicked out of LOTS of guilds, you might be beyond helping.

    Have you ever been in a guild and been kicked out? Have you
    ever dealt with people in a guild that just made you want to tear
    your hair out? Have your guild experiences been farther from perfect
    than you would have liked? Well now's your chance to see if you
    were doing something wrong! Regardless of your reasons, you're
    still not going to want to miss our Gods and Heroes Guide to Guild Etiquette!

    Since guilds fulfill gaming and social needs for their

    Fri, Sep 21, 2007
  • Funnest: It's a word because I say it is, and there is no dissent here. All is at peace under my iron fist.

    The funnest part of Gods and Heroes is their unique squad combat system. Picking the right minion combination can be key to a successful adventure, so find out the best way to choose your minion set-up with Darkgolem's newest guide!

    "There appear to be 4 types of minions, from what information I
    can find. These are: Infantry, Skirmishers, Spellcaster (magus) and
    Spellcaster (healer)."

    Wed, Sep 19, 2007
  • It's usually by being a jerk.

    Ever wondered how people get labeled as trolls, flamers, or just
    plain wind up being hated by the forum communities? Well wonder no more!
    Join Charabis as he takes a brief look at forum etiquette and how you can be a
    valued member of any forum you're on!

    ...If you simply want to agree with someone by saying, "Me
    too!" or something similar, you're better off not posting. Make sure you
    actually have something to say or add to the conversation before posting...

    Thu, Sep 13, 2007
  • The technical details OF THE GODS!

    Charabis has been keeping a close eye on Gods and Heroes technical developments, and has now released his newest findings in a newly reformatted FAQ! Drop by and check out all the technical news that's fit to print about Sony's involvement in the game, the beta, and even the options that Mac users have for playing the game!

    Peruse the FAQ at Ten Ton Hammer's G&H site.

    Thu, Sep 13, 2007
  • So, how would you say "Uberleetninja" in Latin?

    Don't suffer the embarrassment of choosing a bad name for your first character in the upcoming Gods and Heroes. Learn the way Romans formed their names and used them with Darkgolem's newest guide, Nerro Nome: Guide to Choosing a Roman Name!

    "Cognomen is a family name, shared by your blood relatives. It
    can refer to the area of origin, appearance, profession or otherwise of
    the patron of your family."

    Tue, Sep 11, 2007
  • They follow you everywhere, and there's no mention of them ever bathing...

    What can we say about those lovable minions? Not as much as
    we'd like to! But come check out what we can tell you about these
    unique individuals who will follow wherever you lead. You do know
    how to lead, right?

    Welcome to Ten Ton Hammer's, Gods & Heroes Minion FAQs! Quite a mouthful, neh? Much like the game itself, this FAQ is still developing as more information becomes available, so check back often to find the updates!

    Thu, Jul 19, 2007
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