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  • Last week, Dalmarus brought everyone a quick glance at the City of Heroes universe, and was happy with what he saw.

    Fri, Dec 05, 2008
  • The release of issue 13 is just around the corner for fans of the City of Heroes universe.

    Fri, Nov 28, 2008
  • We are men! We're men in tights, tight tights!
    has a new review of City of Villians.

    As expected, there are numerous similarities between City of Heroes and City
    of Villains — in many instances this is a good thing, but in some ways
    the game is disappointing. To their credit, though, Cryptic did a marvelous
    job utilizing the same tools to create a different effect.

    For example, most of the graphics and animations in CoV are the same as the
    graphics and animations in CoH. But with the clever usage of lighting, placement,
    and a few new additions, the Rogue Isles are militaristic instead of pristine.
    Skills, at first glance, are a major disappointment; there are very few new
    powersets, and most of the new ones belong to the Masterminds. Once I started
    to play, though, I realized how different the CoV Archetypes are from their
    CoH counterparts; the mix of powersets creates truly different characters
    that require an entirely different game play style. Corrupters don’t
    play like Blasters, but they also don’t play like Controllers; even
    Stalkers are a far cry from their Scrapper brethren.
    Unfortunately, there is still a lot of balance work to be done with the CoV
    classes. Some archetypes are just way more powerful than another. For example,
    a Mastermind with six robots or ninjas can clear an entire mission on the
    highest difficulty setting, relentless, while a Corrupter might have a hard
    time on the easiest setting, villainous.

    Be wary of those Heroes!

    Fri, Dec 16, 2005
  • CoV Was Definitely the Game to Review This Week!
    Gameplay Monthly and Hooked on Games each posted reviews of Cryptic Studios's City of Villains, bringing the 7-day total up to six, by my count.
    From Gameplay Monthly:

    So, should you buy it? I personally did not enjoy the game. There is nothing to do except for run missions or PvP. The missions get extremely tedious after 30 levels, even if you increase their difficulty. The experience just did not scale right. You gain a small boost when you level up (say you get 3000 instead of 2800 for finishing a mission when you level up), but the amount you need to level up will dramatically increase (say you used to need 30500, now you'll need 36000). I just can't stand doing missions after missions. They are the only way to gain experience, there is no other way. Grouping with other people would take just as long.

    And from Hooked Gamers:

    City of Villains is solid as a stand alone title or as a City of Heroes expansion. Despite its weak points or flaws, the title has restored life to City of Heroes and has already caused scores of players, new and old, to repopulate the game servers, reuniting old alliances and challenging new rivals. If you are a veteran MMO player looking for something enjoyable but laid back to play or new to MMOs and looking to get into it for the first time, City of Villains will deliver countless hours of entertainment and player interaction. There is no doubt at all that City of Villains will follow the City of Heroes tradition of success and remain as a big player in the MMO genre.

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    Mon, Dec 05, 2005
  • I have super powers! I can fly! I choose to wear tights?
    WorthPlaying has posted their City of Villains review, taking a look at the recently released NCSoft title.

    " ...there are some conclusions that I can draw, based on extensive experience in the Massively Multiplayer genre, and on previous experience with City of Heroes (also somewhat limited). I think it unfortunate that many gamers who may have played City of Heroes will judge CoV unfairly based upon the reputation of it predecessor. I played CoH for several weeks and came away with what seemed to be a common opinion of the experience; it is a terrific, appealing idea, with beautifully crafted environments. The title had perhaps the single best character-generation system that was practically a game in itself, and the product as a whole was easy to learn and fun to play. However, CoH seriously lacked any significant content with little or no end game; in short, the game was boring. You can only put the beat-down on so many bad guys before it gets tedious. "


    Mon, Dec 05, 2005
  • It's "Criminal Minds," MMORPG-style
    GamerGod and Strategy Informer are giving City of Villains some pretty some pretty positive reviews. It's undeniable that CoV has that holy grail of just-launched MMOGs: polish. But the franchise's weakness remains its lasting appeal.
    From Strategy Informer:

    City of Villains is easy to understand and can be grasped quickly by any player. The interface is user-friendly and extremely flexible. Your target keys are easy to set up and windows can be resized whenever you feel like it. It can definitely be classified as an “easy” game.

    And from GamerGod:

    In addition to the gameplay aspects, the City of Villains engine is much improved from the original City of Heroes. It now supports ragdoll physics, bloom effects, depths of field effects, and other nifty new graphic card tricks. Consequently, many players may want to turn down the details a bit, as things can get pretty choppy on even a reasonably up-to-date computer. Regardless, all players should enjoy the new possibility to change graphical settings and key bindings without having to change to a different screen. Strangely, the enhancement and id editing screens have not benefited from this technology. The ID editor in particular still has weird quirks that result in difficult description editing.

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    Fri, Dec 02, 2005
  • If you looked like a bat and had super powers you would be a villain too. has posted their review of City of Villains. .

    " Ever since the release of City of Heroes last year, people have been leaping tall buildings in a single bound, outpowering locomotives, taking the law into their own hands, and exploring their alter egos as virtual superheroes. With the launch of City of Villains, NCSoft and Cryptic have made good on their promise to let you play the anti-hero. No more coming to the rescue of purse-snatching victims, this time around you will be robbing banks, carrying out hits for the mob, and pummeling everyone that gets in your way with a disregard befitting a criminal. "

    We also have some Pre-Enjoyed City of Villains News.

    Thu, Nov 24, 2005
  • In a city of villains are the heroes the "bad guys"?.

    City of Villains got a look-see from both GameZone and IGN with
    admirable results.

    "You know, MMOs are pretty tough to do successfully.
    Instead of crafting
    a 10-20 hour experience, the developers are expected to make something
    that you'll be coming back to for months and months, with a core crowd
    that may sustain the title for years. World of Warcraft, for example,
    started with about 1500 quests. That's one thousand five hundred
    quests. Granted, the overwhelming majority of those boil down to "kill
    this dude" or "get this stuff," but it's still a heck of an
    achievement, and the number of quests quickly ballooned. I think what
    gives WoW its strength is a combination of the novelty of exploring the
    Warcraft universe on foot, the delightful and varied art style, and its
    sense of humor. That and hundreds of servers across the world to
    satisfy what is probably approaching five million subscribers at this

    Still yearning for more?

    Mon, Nov 21, 2005
  • Villains, it's time to stand up and be marked.
    GameSpy has posted a review of City of Villains.

    " Like Batman's Joker or Superman's Luthor, NCSoft's extraordinary superhero MMO City of Heroes has found its perfect foil in the amazing City of Villains. "

    You can read the entire City of Villains Review at GameSpy.
    Still yearning for more?

    Wed, Nov 16, 2005
  • City of Villains first impressions a'plenty
    TTH puts on the tights and practices our best evil laugh as we join the thousands thronging the bad side of town in Cryptic Studios' City of Villains, a standalone sequel to its immensely popular City of Heroes. We bring back a report on what you can expect from the Halloween-released villain-fest if you too want to bring some evil balance to Paragon City.

    The villainous gameplay is compelling, convincing, and enjoyable, but the most fascinating aspects of the game are, as usual, subject to diminishing returns. While I motored through the first five levels, the pace slackened noticeably from level 6 on. Admittedly, part of this was due to my disappointment over the "power pool" abilities granted at the sixth level- supposedly players would be granted abilities like flight, superspeed, teleportation, and the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. These power pool abilities turned out to be severely limited teasers for the real thing; flight was replaced by the marginally-cool "hover" defense buff ability, superspeed by an endurance regeneration buff, and so on. Granted, in MMOs what's a curse can also be a long-term blessing, and my fears that CoV would be a flash-in-the-pan "10 level wonder" were allayed now that I'm looking forward to getting superspeed at the casual weeklong goal of level 14. Being able to do a Flash Gordon impression for a city block or two with a long recharge timer on the baseline ability would be pretty cool, yet it doesn't seem to fit the CoV framework where abilities are never truly superceded by better abilities.

    Get the TTH first take on City of Villains.
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    Fri, Nov 04, 2005
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