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  • In a City of Villains, does that make the police the bad guys? Do they get put in prison?
    ActionTrip has posted their review of City of Villains.


    City of Villains is essentially a stand-alone expansion to City of
    Heroes. It can be purchased and played separately from City of Heroes,
    but existing CoH players can buy the CoV box and play a villain without
    paying a second subscription fee - a move that was lauded by CoH
    players everywhere. With the onset of City of Villains, a host of new
    features was added to the game, so let's take a look and see if its all
    worthwhile, shall we?

    You can read the entire City of Villains Review at ActionTrip.
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    Wed, Nov 02, 2005
  • Reviewing them before release.
    Via time machine, the folks at Rewired Mind have reviewed City of Villains, which is due to be released on October 31st. An entire city of villains, in Canada we call those prisons.

    "Ever wondered what it would be like to be the bad guy in a
    game for once? To hatch evil schemes and to generally run amuck? Well- now you
    can! The City of Villains beta servers have switched to full-time availability, which can only mean one thing – it’s finally here. Now that the NDA has been lifted I can tell you why this expanshalone (™) should be on your "must play" list. "

    You can read the entire City of Villains Review at Rewired Mind.
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    Fri, Oct 21, 2005
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