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  • More help for World of Warcraft's first 12 levels!

    Yesterday at WoW - TenTonHammer, we looked at the dwarf / gnome starting zone of Dun Morogh. Today it's only fair that we look at where orcs & trolls begin their journey: Durotar. This extensive guide describes the best way to work the 29 quests found in this level 1-12 starting region, and includes a touched-up map, some important tips for new adventurers, and even a little bit of lore!

    Foreman Thazz'ril, on the eastern end of Valley of Trials, needs you to whip some "Lazy Peons" into shape. You've probably seen these guys lounging around; complete this quest to get Thazzril's Pick before tackling the Burning Blade Medallion quest from Zureetha (upon turning in the "Vile Familiars" quest) so you'll only have to crawl through the "Burning Blade Coven" cave once. Take the northern track through the cave to go straight to Yarog Baneshadow and collect the medallion.

    Quests are fun, but backtracking isn't. Thinking of rolling an orc or troll alt in World of Warcraft? Just starting out? Let us streamline your early experience with the WoW @ TenTonHammer "Durotar" starting region guide!

    Fri, Apr 07, 2006
  • The fastest 10 levels in World of Warcraft...

    Unfortunately, they're also the first 10 levels. For those of you eager to get out of the starting region and on to the rest of the game, we offer a new series of guides dedicated to the starting regions of Azeroth. The first offers a map and a walkthrough for the 26 quests found in Dun Morogh, the starting area for all gnomes and dwarves.

    You'll start your WoW career facing a dwarf named Sten Stoutarm, and he's offered you a pair of gloves in return for some wolf meat (Dwarven Outfitters). This one's fast and easy, as well as being a great way to become acquainted with your character's combat skills, so turn around and take out some wolves, any wolves will do. When you've met Sten's quota, head back to him to complete the quest, and accept two more: Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery and Glyphic Memorandum.

    Prospective shorties: check out the TenTonHammer Dun Morogh starting region guide at WoW - TenTonHammer!

    Thu, Apr 06, 2006
  • We have lots of lovin for your eyes! If you love Warhammer you're going to love these shots.

    FAIRFAX, VA – April 6, 2006 - Mythic Entertainment(R), a developer and
    publisher of critically-acclaimed massively-multiplayer online role-playing
    games (MMORPG’s), today released assets from their upcoming MMORPG
    “Warhammer(R) Online: Age of Reckoning(TM)” (WAR), including screenshots,
    concept art, character renders, maps and logos. Scheduled for release in
    2007 on the PC, “WAR” is based on Games Workshop’s epic Warhammer fantasy
    world, and features an innovative next-generation Realm vs. Realm(TM) (RvR)
    combat system.

    The latest “Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning” assets offer a preview of
    two of the MMORPG’s six playable races - the Dwarfs and the Greenskins (Orcs
    and Goblins) - and their territories. Mortal enemies, the Dwarfs and
    Greenskins are locked in perpetual conflict in a world where war is truly

    The screenshots show off “WAR’s” Dwarfs and Greenskins in various levels of
    armor, playable zones including Ekrund, Bloodhorn and the Marshes of
    Madness, plus a few monsters like the river troll. “WAR” character models,
    zone maps, architecture and siege weapons are highlighted in the concept art
    and renders.

    See the shots here.

    Or you can get the full Warhammer Online experience and get them at our Warhammer Online Community Site!

    Thu, Apr 06, 2006
  • I can appreciate that they're releasing new shots frequently.. What I cannot appreciate is that I have to wait until October to play the darn thing.

    Shots are here.

    Thu, Apr 06, 2006
  • News
    Thu, Apr 06, 2006
  • ABC News, "World of Warcraft is the new golf."
    I read it on the Interweb, so it must be true. ABC News as part of their PC Magazine section has posted an article on WoW becoming a channel to meet and network with business contacts.

    "Overheard at brunch: two tech entrepreneur types discussing World of Warcraft. "What server are you on? What guild? Yeah, me too. It's a good way to schmooze." Is that true? Has logging on to the world's most popular massively multiplayer online game replaced a few rounds on the links as the way to make the right business connections in our tech-driven culture?"

    You can read the entire World of Warcraft is the New Golf article at ABC News.

    Thu, Apr 06, 2006
  • MTV discovers another non-music channel.
    Stephen Totilo of has delved deep into the music archives to write an article about weather in World of Warcraft.

    "Kaplan said Blizzard's weather team — game designers accustomed to being the godlike architects of the worlds they create — talked about a system that would have them decreeing the weather day by day, but opted to set up a program and leave the weather patterns to computerized number-crunching. "If we were to sort of handpick the weather for each day, we would probably do it in such a way that you wouldn't notice that someone was handpicking it, in which case it's like, 'Why go through that trouble in the first place?' " Kaplan said."

    You can read Game Developers Unleash A Storm on World of Warcraft Players on

    Wed, Apr 05, 2006
  • Get your new Burning Crusade Screenshots here! Gamecloud got supremely lucky and the shots are fantastic. Take a peek and tell me what you think!

    Want more World of Warcraft? Click here!

    Tue, Apr 04, 2006
  • WoW = Digital Crack?

    Memnok, from the WoW @ TenTonHammer community site, takes a look at the "lure" surrounding games like World of Warcraft. What is it about these games that keep millions playing rabidly?

    "Just 10 more minutes... just 10 more minutes... I'm almost done the quest...
    *3 hours later* That took a... little longer than expected..."

    How far have we all sunk in to the addictive game known as World of Warcraft? Blizzard has topped all the charts with the 5.5 million subscribers it has under its enormous belt, and their numbers are only rising. What makes us still play WOW after all these months? What makes us log in every day, join every second raid, and spend those late nights on this particular MMORPG? This article will provide a brief look at what Blizzard does to make us, the gamers, come back always wanting more, especially with the latest patch out!

    Check out the latest article from WoW - Ten Ton Hammer!

    Tue, Apr 04, 2006
  • The Funcom team has released a set of exclusives to various fansites covering the game. Take of peek at the 2 pieces of concept art from each site. Find the links here.

    More news and info on Age of Conan.

    Mon, Apr 03, 2006
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