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  • The best gathering this side of the Prancing Pony...

    Our friends at LotRO Source have done a fantastic job of putting together this year's Lord of the Rings Online Gathering, happening RIGHT NOW in Providence, RI! The devs are very excited about taking LotRO into closed testing earlier this week, and yea, that's exciting... but so is the fact that a brace of beautifully crafted Middle Earth weapon replicas are up for grabs as door prizes behind the "No Touchie" sign.

    Ten Ton Hammer is sponsoring the Hospitality Suite, so yours truly is on hand to make sure they drink all the alcoh... er, Diet Pepsi. I'll have plenty of news from the event when things ramp up tomorrow but why not check out Saturday's live audio / video feed direct from the Lord of the Rings Online Gathering instead?!

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    Sat, Aug 05, 2006
  • A world filled with pseudo-Eqyptian themes

    SOE shows off its planned mid-September Everquest 2 expansion with a new movie: "A World Filled with Danger." No "stranger danger" like they taught us about in grade school though; we're fairly certain a djinn will not float up on a spacious flying carpet and offer you candy.

    {Ed. note: no description given, just lots of dangerous looking creatures like a evil genies, chromed out dragons, Greenpeace protesters, and Vin Diesel.]

    The newest DoF movie, now live on the Everquest 2 "Desert of Flames" site in the "Media" section.

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    Wed, Aug 31, 2005
  • Videos live from the Desert of Flames.
    Fileshack has a new movie posted featuring the upcoming EverQuest 2 expansion, Desert of Flames. It's almost a certainty that they wrote this:

    "Seven minute long movie with gameplay footage from the EverQuest 2 expansion pack : Desert of Flames."

    You can download the EverQuest 2: Desert of Flames Movie at Fileshack.

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    Fri, Jun 10, 2005
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