EverQuest II + Star Wars Galaxies Interviews

  • He's Definitely Not Funny...Ever.

    Is there truly a shortcut to raiding in EQ2? Are raiders getting preference over casual gamers? What happens when you truly beat Askadian Adakus? Do Fae REALLY taste like chicken? All these answers (except for the Fae one) can be found in this week's interview with Askadian Adakus.

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    Fri, Jun 01, 2007
    Cody Bye
  • What's The Future For EverQuest II?

    Gamasutra has posted an interview today with EQ2's Scott Hartman.
    In person, Scott Hartsman is an enthusiastic gentleman, talking a mile a minute about his passion: Sony Online Entertainment's PC MMO EverQuest II. Mr. Hartsman joined the team as producer three years, ago, in the wake of the title's somewhat slow launch.

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    Mon, May 21, 2007
  • Talking Community with Brenlo
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    Tue, May 15, 2007
  • EverQuest 2 Expansion Revealed at SOE Gamer Day

    Senior Producer Scott Hartsman gives Ten Ton Hammer the lowdown on upcoming content in EverQuest 2. First we get a glimpse of the new fae race, the Arasai, and their nostalgic home city of Neriak, which is due out as a free game update soon. Next, the word all EQ2 fans have been waiting for - the name and feature set of the EverQuest 2's next expansion!

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    Thu, May 10, 2007
  • Chapter 6 Interview

    RPG Vault has posted this interview with LucasArts Producer Jake Neri and Associate Producer Tim Temmerman.

    When SWG was first released, it included a profession called Creature Handler that was ultimately removed from the game when we re-vamped it in 2005. It was a well-loved feature though, and players had been asking for this functionality to return to the game for some time. The team took a look at what players loved about Creature Handler, and expanded on it, ultimately creating the Beast Master system.

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    Fri, May 04, 2007
  • Interview with Jake "jneri" Neri

    WarCry has this interview posted today that takes a look at the new Beast Master expertise system. There is also a viedo trailer posted as well.

    If the player wants the most effective pet possible, he or she will need to spend all 45 points there. However, the player is more interested in creating Beasts, and not necessarily their combat abilities after they hatch, they won't need to spend all of their points in the tree. The point of the Profession Expertise System as a whole (including the Beast Master tree) is that players need to really think about what type of character they want to create and what kinds of activities they want to engage in.

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    Fri, Apr 27, 2007
  • Better Know a Developer - Midori "Momochi" McDaniel

    The official site for EverQuest II has been updated with this Q & A with Developer Midori McDaniel.

    Do you have a rule you live by? A motto?

    I always try to keep in mind the can-do spirit. I enjoy challenging new things.

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    Tue, Apr 24, 2007
  • Entertainer Upgrades Interview has posted an interview with assistant lead designer Thomas "Blixtev" Blair. This interview reveals upcoming changes to the game. The article includes a video as well.

    WarCry: Star Wars Galaxies has always been slightly different in that you have classes dedicated to entertainment. For those who don’t play, can you explain how traditionally entertaining classes have worked?

    Thomas Blair: We have always strived to offer a different style of game-play for those players who didn’t want to go around killing giant Rancors or who prefer an alternative to combat. We created a series of tools for the player who wants to log in and role-play as an entertainer or just chat with friends while hanging out in a social environment. The cantina, already popularized in the movies, became a nexus for these types of players.

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    Wed, Jan 31, 2007
  • New Community Manager for Everquest II, Craig "Grimwell" Dalrymple Interviewed

    Stratcis has posted an interview with the new Community Manager for EverQuest II over the weekend. You don't want to miss out!

    Stratics: What are you most excited about regarding the future of EverQuest 2?

    Grimwell: The developer teams commitment to quality in future content. In my first week I got to sit with Sr. Producer, Scott Hartsman and learn about his team's approach to the game for 2007. They have really learned a lot about how to improve the game over the last two years, and EoF is just the latest manifestation of the hand crafted content these guys are able to create.

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    Mon, Jan 22, 2007
  • Scott Hartsman, the Senior Producer for EQII, chats with has posted an interview with Scott Hartsman that was conducted at CES.

    The Sony contingent was once again CES in Las Vegas – I think it has to be because it’s in Las Vegas – and I caught up with Scott Hartsman, Senior Producer of EverQuestII who was there to do the show and tell on Echoes of Faydwer.

    Now, Scott… I think our readers here at MMORPG are pretty familiar with the Echoes of Faydwer expansion by now… what’s new? What’s hot? What’s to come? After a little joking around with Scott doing some flexing and me doing a little poking, we settled down for the goods.

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    Thu, Jan 11, 2007
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