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  • "Sales numbers and words do not a strong MMO make, mmmhmm."
    Star Wars Galaxies producer Julio Torres talks with Gamecloud about the current status of SWG and the coming expansion. Do a million units sold equal a large and strong playerbase, as Torres proports? Hmm, I still have a copy somewhere I think, and I'm large and relatively strong I suppose.

    " Gamecloud - First, what can you tell us about the current status of Star Wars Galaxies in terms of player population?

    Julio Torres - Well, you may have heard that Star Wars Galaxies recently passed the 1 million units-sold mark, which is a testament to our large and very strong player base. We are very proud of this milestone and feel that it really drives home the message that Star Wars Galaxies continues to grow, both in number of players and content."

    I can't fault Gamecloud for letting that one go and moving to the next question, it's hard to do decent investigative interviewing over email. If you get too harsh, the answers don't come back! Anyway, see the rest of the Star Wars Galaxies: Trials of Obi-Wan interview with Julio Torres here!

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    Fri, Oct 07, 2005
  • Cherries Jubilee? No, that's a "Dessert of Flames"!

    With less than a week to go for the heavy-duty Everquest 2 expansion "Desert of Flmaes" launch, we're pleased to offed you an exclusive interview with Ryan "Blackguard" Shwayder, Sony Online Entertainment's EQ2 Community Manager.

    Want to know how to track your faction standing with the 70-80 NPC factions? What do know what the how adventures of all levels can fight in the in the new Quake 3-esque arena system? And the big question: when exactly will the much-discussed "Combat Changes" go live? TTH brings you answers to all these questions and more!

    "TTH: With regards to expansions, various MMOs have been criticized for catering too heavily to the high-level game while failing to keep the low-level game fresh and compelling for newcomers. While "Desert of Flames" is primarily geared to level 45-60 players, could you comment on what's in store for lower-level players in this expansion?

    Ryan "Blackguard" Shwayder: Players of all levels will be able to participate in Arena Champions, our scenario-based PvP system that is part of Desert of Flames. All players in guilds will have access to guild vaults, which are a feature of Desert of Flames but will be accessible even to those without the expansion..."

    More, lots more, in the TTH Everquest 2" "Desert of Flames" SOE Q&A!

    Also check out the TTH "Desert of Flames" Preview!

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    Tue, Sep 06, 2005
  • A Jedi's strength flows from the Force. And from a coming revamp.

    SWGVault sits down for an interview with LucasArts producer Julio Torres for a Q&A session that reads like a cry for help. "Help us Julio... you're out only hope!" Okay, enough with the Star Wars quotes, sorry about that.

    We realize that the Jedi system in SWG as a whole needs to be re-evaluated, so we are currently discussing options to address this. Our goal is to make the next implementation resonate to the needs of the game and the Jedi players. To do this, we really need to give it design time and play time, the exact date of when we can release a great FRS system. It’s not set yet, but we are currently working on it to get out to the public as soon as possible.

    What other changes are the SWG devs planning to include in future updates? Read the rest of the Star Wars Galaxies developer Q&A at SWGVault.

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    Wed, Aug 31, 2005
  • I'm thinking Queen Antonia ought to know a gnoll from a drakota!
    Gamecloud has two more "Everquest 2: Quest for Antonia" finalist interviews for those of you that like to see hot women with give blithe answers to questions about gaming. Before you start with the letters, I think its cool when women play MMORPGs, and I'm sure there's plenty of hot ones that know their stuff. But these ain't it... case in point:

    "Gamecloud - Do you play Everquest II yourself or any other PC or video games?

    Carin Ashley - Yes, I do play Everquest II and other PC/video games. Everquest II is a unique experience in that it keeps you entertained and challenged at the same time.

    Gamecloud - What opportunities do you think will open up for you if you win the Quest For Antonia contest?

    Carin Ashley - I think winning the Quest for Antonia will open up many opportunities that I would not otherwise be able to experience without the opportunity provided by such a cutting-edge company as Sony Online Entertainment. You never know the future until you go after the possibilities and from there the opportunities can be endless."

    Let's face it: you, like SOE, just want to see some pics. Get your pics here!
    Gamecloud's interview with Anna Wainscot, and
    Gamecloud's interview with Carin Ashley.

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    Wed, Aug 10, 2005
  • Terrific Talk with Tim Temmerman. has posted an interview with Tim Temmerman, a developer on the Star Wars Galaxies team. A Jedi, a Wookie and a Ewok walked into a bar and none of them said this:

    "Tim Temmerman has been in QA at LucasArts for several years, and today is the subject of our first Developer Profile here on Periodically, we pin down a member of an MMORPG company and conduct a brief Q&A. The hope and goal is to provide the readers with an idea of what it is like to work in the industry, in a wide range of positions."

    You can read the entire Star Wars Galaxies Interview at

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    Tue, Jul 12, 2005
  • Gnolls have a saga?
    GameCloud has posted a Interview with Sony Online Entertainment's Scott Hartsman covering the latest EverQuest 2 adventure pack, The Splitpaw Saga. While watching the clouds drift by we saw one that looked a lot like Lord Nagafen and it appeared he was writing this:

    " The folks at Sony Online recently release the second "adventure pack" for their hit MMORPG Everquest 2 titled The Splitpaw Saga. Gamecloud got a chance to quiz the pack's senior producer Scott Hartsman to find out more about their mini-expansion pack for the game. "

    You can read the entire EverQuest 2: The Splitpaw Saga Interview at GameCloud.

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    Mon, Jul 04, 2005
  • Question, Answer this be.
    GamerGod has posted a Star Wars Galaxies Interview. We are 100% sure that George Lucas probably didn't write this:

    "Welcome to GamerGod's interview with a member of the StarWars Galaxies
    team by GamerGod staffer Jeff Rawlings. We'd like to give a big
    GamerGod thanks to Lucas Arts Associate Producer Julio Torres for
    answering our questions."

    You can read the entire Star Wars Galaxies Interview at GamerGod.

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    Wed, Jun 29, 2005
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