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  • More ever-quests!
    SOE's EverQuest 2 dev team has released details on four new enemy mastery quests related to the "Desert of Flames" expansion... I guess going around collecting vital organs from evil creatures is in the spirit of Halloween. Yick.

    Lore and Legend quests, also known as Enemy Mastery quests, involve the study of various creatures to learn more about them. In order to gain knowledge about these creatures, you must find and study various body parts. You can find suitable body parts for your studies by killing the type of creature you wish to learn more about. Find out more about these types of quests.

    These Lore and Legend quests are but a small sample of the creature mastery quests available in EverQuest II.

    Help yourself to the enemy mastery quest info at the EverQuest 2 official site.
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    Fri, Oct 28, 2005
  • You don't need an alchemist to turn plat into USD.
    Terra Nova brings us a load of stats from Station Exchange, developer SOE's program designed to facilitate the sale of virtual items for real world cash.

    " The service opened on 2 of 22 possible servers mid-to-late July. As of Thursday last week, these two servers (taken together) had: 4200 accounts registered for Station Exchange (from 30,000 accounts in total) $420,000 in total turnover ($180,000 in characters, $210,000 in coin, the  rest in items) 7736 successful transactions [exact amount] Average amount transacted per account is $98.16 [exact amount] Average amount transacted per transaction is $54. "

    For more stats from the State of Play III workshop on Virtual Property, visit Terra Nova's Everquest 2 Station Exchange catch-up article.
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    Wed, Oct 12, 2005
  • How fair is EQ2's Gigglegibber Goblin Gambin' Game?
    Ethec comes across a snickering goblin in Everquest 2 who wants to help him gamble his hard-earned coin. Would you go along with it? Neither would... well, yes I would! But first I had my Mage friend Skeezix perform a little bit of mathematical magic on the gamblin' game first.
    Not usually being one to consult with the almighty spreadsheet, I couldn't pass up this opportunity to check out this nifty, free meta-game feature. What's it all about? Will it pass muster? How much is the goblin's theoretical total take when the first jackpot winner hits? These answers and more just a click away!

    "When it comes to gambling, who couldn't use some plat? Still, like Fred from "Scooby Doo," I had a bad feeling about this. Fighting the halfling urge to peeter away my cobalt fund (I have one of those kitchy jars on top of my microwave - "Armor Fund"), I decided to consult with my good friend (despite being a gnome) Skeezix. He's a sorceror training to be a wizard, and no doubt the Mages at the tower were putting them through the organ grinder known as "descriptive statistics." Which is kind of comical: my own training was simply a matter of being pointed at a fighter dummy and spamming direct heals while a creative invective-hurling high elf drill sargent-type screamed at me to click FASTER!!, spittle flying, the dwarf next to me sobbing. An ugly scene by all accounts..."

    I doubt you'll ever see the words "hypergeometric distribution" in a TTH article again, so you won't want to miss this! Everquest 2's gambling game exposed for the... fun that it is at TenTonHammer!

    Fri, Oct 07, 2005
  • Monitor the sale of your gnome.
    Sony Online Entertainment is broadcasting as RSS feed, popular among bloggers and news sites, to publicize "hot" offerings in Station Exchange, which allows players on select servers to buy and sell virtual items and characters for cold, hard, real-life cash.
    There's no word yet on whether the model who won the "Quest for Queen Antonia" contest will start blogging her bachelorette exploits, queencam included, that players can view as a Station Access premium option. Actually, I'm not sure that anyone's heard from her; did she take the money and run? Heh.

    "We have setup an RSS feed for hot auctions on Station Exchange in the last maintenance release.  So now you can monitor hot auctions in your favorite RSS reader."

    Read all about Station Exchange RSS feeds in the EverQuest 2 forums.
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    Thu, Oct 06, 2005
  • Gambling makes its EQ2 Debut
    A new gambling meta-game is included free-of-charge with today's EverQuest 2 update; it's sort of a slash between the lotto and a slot machine. I got to see it in action last weekend and it's a lot of fun. Other popular changes include 100% run speed while in stealth mode (balanced by the addition of more "see invisible" mobs in the world) as well as tradeskill and UI enhancements.

    " *** Headlines ***

    - Try your luck at the Gigglegibber Goblin Gamblin' Game!

    - No more run-speed reduction with stealth and invisibility!

    - Tell at a glance if you don't have enough power to use a spell or art!

    - Imbued item recipes now available for level 50+ crafters!

    - Many user interface windows have a new look! "

    Read the Everquest 2 Live Update #14 notes here.
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    Wed, Oct 05, 2005
  • Going to court without a lawyer.
    Everquest 2 developer Sony Online Entertainment gives some background on the 3 rival courts vying for control of the "Desert of Flames" expansion city, Maj'Dul. With an estimated 12 quests to complete averaging 45-minutes to one hour a piece to gain membership in one of these courts (one can kill an indeterminate number of mobs opposed to your chosen faction for "coins" to turn in for positive faction, too), let's hope the Courts are more than just a pretty screenshot.

    " The courts of Maj'Dul are three separate factions within the city that vie for power over the remnants of the Dervish empire. They have each established an outpost at the docks, and their goal is to attract new arrivals to their competing causes. Asim Jul represents the Court of the Blade, Shahid Baligh represents the Court of the Coin, and Atyaf Nasiha represents the Court of Truth. You are encouraged to converse with these individuals, as collectively the courts are the most powerful political force in these lands. "

    More Everquest 2 expansion lore at the official site!
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    Mon, Sep 26, 2005
  • Can you spare some change (descriptions)?

    On EQ2's official site, the developers highlight some of the more blaring changes to characters' spells and combat abilities in the wake of the recent "Combat Changes." Now everyone can learn about the fun, new abilities no one really wanted!

    In this article, we take a closer look at how some of the abilities have changed for each class and how to integrate them with your play style. Utilizing the tactics and knowledge within and combining that with in-game experimentation and ability analysis will lead to success with your character.

    I guess the changes are good for us even if not particularly pleasant for some classes, like the Vegan junk our significant others might force upon our meat- and beer-craven mouths. See the Combat and Spell Changes at the Everquest 2 official site!

    Mon, Sep 19, 2005
  • The big day has arrived for EQ2 fans

    Today marks both the release of the "Desert of Flames" expansion, Everquest 2's first large-scale expansion, and the implementation of the combat revamp.

    Check out the complete update notes at the TTH Everquest 2 site!

    Tue, Sep 13, 2005
  • Crazy Overlord hijinx!

    Apparently Everquest 2's nutty prince of evil is messing with the weather again. What are we gonna do with him? Coming on the eve of the Desert of Flames expansion, there seems to be a strong hint of something else going on here. Hmm...

    He turned to the cloaked Teir'Dal standing behind him. "Now," he commanded.

    The Foci raised her staff and pointed it at the sky. An arcane fire glowed within her eyes for a moment as she uttered a single word: "Rain."

    The clouds began to slowly swirl and gather as a low thunder rolled in the distance. He turned back to the crowd below.

    "Now, citizens of Freeport, watch as I cleanse our kingdom of the last remnant of a distant past. Today, as we stand on the threshold of a new frontier, know that it is my will, not the faded memory of long-dead gods, which sustains us. Give me your loyalty and I will give you... the world!"

    Read the Everquest 2 lore piece on the SOE official site.

    Tue, Sep 13, 2005
  • Desert of Flames and Changes.
    Sony Online Entertainment has posted an EverQuest 2 Producer's Letter featuring Scott Hartsman. The letter focuses on the upcoming Desert of Flames Expansion and on the combat changes that are being introduced at the same time. It sounds like a while new game. Tom Cruise refuted claims that he was a Enchanted Lands Fairy and retorted:

    " For those of you who keep up with the forums, some of this is going to be things that you've heard before.  For those who haven't, some of this may come as a surprise. 
    Many people will be relearning parts of their characters, getting used to new spell lines and working with altered buffs.  That's a lot for us to ask, and we realize that.  As a way of thanking you for sticking through the effect this will have on your first few sessions, we'll be running a week of Bonus Adventure Experience for characters under level 50 beginning the day that Desert of Flames launches.
    I'd like to take a few minutes to talk about what it is exactly that's going on with the game, what you can expect to see on Tuesday 9/13, and our reasons for bringing you these combat changes. "

    You can read the entire EverQuest 2 Producer's Letter at The Official Site.
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    Mon, Sep 12, 2005
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