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    Esther Wu of Brooklyn, New York is tapped as Sony’s choice to receive 2013's $10,000 G.I.R.L. Scholarship.

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    Fri, Jun 21, 2013
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    BioWare drops an SIS Intel report with new details and images from around the new planet of Makeb.

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    Fri, Apr 05, 2013
  • EQ2_exp09_dun_drinals_castle06

    Chains of Eternity, the latest expansion for Everquest II is launching November 13th. To whet your appetite for venturing into the Ethernere, Ten Ton Hammer presents the following gallery.

    Fri, Nov 09, 2012
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    Sony online Entertainment teases new concept art for the 18th expansion to the long-running MMORPG, EverQuest.

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    Mon, Aug 22, 2011
  • freeport-in-flames-cover.JPG

    EverQuest (EQ) has undergone a number of changes since its 1999 launch, including the revamp of the city of Freeport. I had so many friends at the time that absolutely despised this change and even at times just jokingly wishing that the whole city would burn down. Whether that hatred came from the changes to the city or the fact that many of them were Paladins I'll leave to your own imagination, but someone at SOE must have overheard that conversation and went to work on it. In a new preview screenshot for an upcoming from the Wizard Epic Ornamentation Quest, we get a look at what EQ designer Chris "Dzarn" Black has in mind for players.

    While the quest is still months from completion, we do get to see that one thing some of my old friends used to ask for - Freeport burning. Check it out after the break.

    Source: EverQuest website

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    Wed, Apr 13, 2011
  • eq2_dov_eastern_wastes_kael_ramp_storm_giant (1)

    EverQuest II (EQII) is just a week away from the February 22nd launch date of its Destiny of Velious (DoV) expansion, which will br

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    Tue, Feb 15, 2011
  • holiday_wow_final
    Season’s Greetings! This is the magical time of year when everybody is besieged by an endless number of holiday greeting cards.
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    Mon, Nov 29, 2010
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    One of the most anticipated MMOGs at this years E3 conference is the upcoming BioWare/LucasArts project - Star Wars:The Old Republic.
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    Thu, Jun 17, 2010
  • EQ2 Icemane Plains 1
    One of the player's favorite EverQuest starting zones is finally making it into EverQuest II. It isn't the Halas of old but this frozen wonderland holds it's own charm, excitement, and danger.
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    Tue, Apr 27, 2010
  • Trooper with a Big Gun

    Featured at GDC this year for Star Wars: The Old Republic was the Trooper Class. The trooper is an advanced, versatile fighter that can adapt to any situation.

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    Mon, Mar 15, 2010
    B. de la Durantaye
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