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  • Now in technicolor!

    You may have read the reports of the in-game wedding that took place at this year's fan faire, but now you can see a video of the actual event.

    Go see "With this click, I thee wed" on YouTube.

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    Tue, Aug 14, 2007
  • The Nazgûl dark riders catch up to the party and attack at night, wounding Frodo with a poisonous morgul-blade

    RPG Vault has updated thier site today with the latest in their media series for Lord of the Rings Online. Today we get a look at a new video.

    Tolkien Moments - Weathertop
    Strider / Aragorn and the hobbits have fled eastward from Bree, where Gandalf was too late to aid them, to Weathertop, which he passed through prior to their arrival. The Nazgûl dark riders catch up to the party and attack at night, wounding Frodo with a poisonous magical morgul-blade before they are driven off.

    Head over and take a look.

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    Wed, Apr 11, 2007
  • Video Dev Diary: Quests, Traits and Deeds

    Turbine releases another video dev diary. This one details the quests in LotRO and talks about the deeds and traits system in the game.

    Jeffrey Steefel visits us in another one of their amazing video dev diaries to describe their unique traits and deeds in LotRO."

    Get clicking and don't miss out!

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    Fri, Apr 06, 2007
  • New Intro Cinematic

    The European site for Lord of the Rings Online is sporting a new video for your viewing pleasure. It's a new intro cinematic that weighs in at 66.9 MB.

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    Wed, Apr 04, 2007
  • The Buried Sea: Raid on Solteris

    EQ Players is sporting a new video that features the newest expansion.

    We wanted to showcase the combat you will find in The Buried Sea expansion so we put together this video entitled "Raid on Solteris" which explores the end zone of The Buried Sea…

    Get clicking to check it out for yourself.

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    Mon, Mar 05, 2007
  • The Lord of the Rings Online Man Movie

    Fileshack has a new gameplay movie posted today for Lord of the Rings Online! Head over and check it out.

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    Mon, Feb 12, 2007
  • MMO In A Whole New Light

    Have you been curious to see what it would be like to play your favorite MMO with the new Wii technology? Wait no longer! We've uncovered a EQ2 video that shows what it's like to use Wii. (Thanks Jeff!)

    Check it out here!

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    Fri, Dec 15, 2006
  • Thorin's Hall Video from San Francisco Midway Event

    We are very happy to share this new clip taken from Midway's Lord of the Rings Online press event in San Francisco last Thursday. In it you can see the great detail that Turbine put in to this wonderful hall. Thorin would truly be pleased!

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    Mon, Nov 06, 2006
  • This EQ2 Halloween video is definitely worth the download...

    We've grown accustomed to a pleasant little holiday video from the folks behind EverQuest 2, but they've outdone themselves this time...

    This video greeting card features one of our in-game players as he gets decked out for a night of trick or treating in Norrath. He finds his coolest mask, wanders around the countryside, does some exploring in a haunted house (scary!) and even does a little impromptu break dancing with some skeletons. These are all events that our players are currently enjoying in the live game during Nights of the Dead (insert scary overture here).

    But they're not telling you the whole story. So, trick or treat? You'll have to watch to find out! Click here to download the EQ2 Halloween video.

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    Tue, Oct 31, 2006
  • Raw Footage Released for Public View

    How many exclamation points can I use before I break the Internet? I'm so excited about the raw footage of Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar that arrived in my inbox today! You have to watch it! Now! Wow!

    "What will you see in this raw LOTRO video? You'll see stunning graphics for one thing. Oh, and smooth combat for another. You'll see buff icons, monsters in motion, and landscapes. A careful eye might be able to discern one class from another among the player characters. Look closely: think of the descriptions of the classes. You're in for 4 minutes and 45 seconds of LOTRO ecstasy!"

    What are you waiting for?! Get clicking! Share your thoughts after you've watched this video a time or two at LOTRO Ten Ton Hammer.

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    Sun, Aug 06, 2006
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