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  • Relationships and Group Level Differences...
    This Week's Ask Ethec on the TTH Everquest 2 site features advice for a young lady struggling to keep up level-wise with her boyfriend. She's wondering about the often-misanswered question of how group level differences work and specifically how high a level she can group with. As usual, Ethec's got the lowdown!

    "Outside of normal groups, SOE has provided a way for beaus and spouses to play together without the aforementioned frustrations of the "level leash." By "mentoring" you, he can drop down to your level while not making changes to his equipment, which also scales in level. He will have to change out his spell hotbars to match what he would have used at your level, but hey, he can give you a hand with completing your tasks when you're in a mood to play. Some guys I know create "alts" (alternate characters) for the sole purpose of keeping a character in sync with their gal's toon (or vice versa- guys keeping up with gals- as the case might be!)."

    Tough love and straight answers from a halfling healer (and part-time therapist) here!

    Thu, Aug 04, 2005
  • Will SOE Run Into a Great Wall in China?
    Gamania Entertainment will open public testing of Everquest 2 in China on August 23rd to compete with the incredibly successful release of World of Warcraft in the Asian block. Somehow the idea of Everquest 2 Cafes just seems... wrong.

    ""EverQuest II's" advanced animation and game play should allow the title to compete well against "World of Warcraft." However, hardware requirements may act to hinder development of "EverQuest II" in China. The U.S. version of "EverQuest II" requires a minimum of 512 megabytes of RAM, with a recommended 1 gigabyte of RAM, in order to play the game, requirements that few PCs in China now meet."

    Read the entire article, courtesy of Interfax China.

    Tue, Aug 02, 2005
  • Investing in the Everquest 2 community's future...
    A bit of lore called "Investing in the Future" is now sizzling on the SOE skillet related to the recent new content addition: "The Mysterious Mines". The good news on the adventure pack: its now playable (erm, 4 days after launch!). The bad news, its reserved for the upper, tippy-top crust of the player community (level 49 and 50 players only), though low level players can't complain. By all accounts, SOE's not been stingy with the new content. Everyone can, however, enjoy the aggro from the nasty little albino rat-like creatures near the home cities.

    "Only two weeks ago, a handful of little white rat-folk appeared, asking questions about the soil, the conditions and the mine's depth. He'd seen ratonga before, but not little rats like these. They reminded him of stories of rat-folk that had lived in Norrath long before ratonga first appeared. Stories he had not heard or thought of since he was a child.
    Whatever they were, the main thing was that they were willing to pay for the mine. Ashargru could retire and need never set foot below ground again. The rat-folk whispered excitedly amongst themselves, scurrying to and fro. Whatever else they might be, most of them were excitable and edgy. Every so often, they stopped running around to gawk at their surroundings as though overwhelmed."

    More lore than a boar can snore at here.

    Fri, Jul 29, 2005
  • More Bind Points. The cheer heard 'round Norrath.
    Like most things that are added to EverQuest 2, getting them is a mix of luck and good management. We've taken out the luck and posted the guide to the "Ties That Bind" quest. Imagine choosing your bind point? The future is now!

    " The Tie That Binds.

    Reward : ( Ability ) Set Recall Point (Change your bind location) "

    You can read the entire "Tie That Binds" Walkthrough at

    Thu, Jul 21, 2005
  • Be a Troubadour, not a Noobadour.
    The EverQuest Community Site has updated the Troubadour class guide. While dancing and singing and merry making a bard looked happily into the camera and shouted:

    "The Troubador guide has been updated with info on how to become a troubador (on the Qeynos side) at level 20, as well as how best to spend your training choices at levels 10 and 20. Thanks to contributors Maris (of Everfrost server) and Tessaire for their input!"

    You can read the entire EverQuest 2 - Troubadour Class Guide at

    Wed, Jul 20, 2005
  • EQ2's Splitpaw Saga becomes an "epic" tale

    SOE adds the final chapter to this summer's adventure pack. Those
    Underpaw gnolls are on the march, led by the epic-challenge mob
    Faroth Mal.  Before the SPCA descended on the instance
    for alleged cruelty to animals, the devs posted this bit of lore based
    on the exploits of guild Ascendance:

    "As soon as Faroth Mal fell, the caverns began to collapse. It was
    now a race to get out--a race for their lives. Ascendance began to
    scale the collapsed rocks and broken tusks towards the surface with
    desperate haste. As they moved through a final chokepoint, the ceiling
    let out its last shudder and buckled. With daring resolve, the
    remaining members of Ascendance leapt into an open cavern while the
    rocks filled in behind them.
    "The tremor stopped, and the guild looked around at each other,
    stunned. “So much for loot,” Kumek laughed and began dusting
    him/herself off. “Not funny!” Jedette scorned, “I’m sick of risking my
    skin for…” “Look!” shouted Drave. A mysterious glow surrounded them.
    Salvatorre reached forward to touch it in disbelief. “It’s gold!
    Wagonloads of it!” Ascendance had stumbled upon the fabled treasure
    vault of the Underpaw Clan. The rest is history."

    Visit our very own EQ2 Splitpaw Saga guide, if you dare!

    Sun, Jul 10, 2005
  • Yes, but where is the grassy Gnoll?
    Our own EverQuest 2 community managers have posted a guide to the Splitpaw Saga Instance. We don't gnoll for sure, but supposedly they wrote this:

    "If you've chosen to pre-order the adventure pack, the Splitpaw Saga
    access quest is available to you immediately. In it you'll find not just the key to get you into the upcoming SS zone, but also a scalable (meaning the mobs and experience adjust to your level or your group's average level) instance which can be soloed or duo'ed for a gain of about 10% exp total for a half an hour's work (this is for levels 41-50, at lower levels its likely more!).

    You can read the entire EverQuest Guide to the Splitpaw Saga at

    Mon, Jun 27, 2005
  • Spell tiers, not to be confused with spell tears.
    Our very own EverQuest 2 community site has posted a comparison guide to spell tiers for the Mystic class. We cried. We laughed and then we noticed that they probably wrote this:

    "The Mystic Guide now has Spell Tier comparisons. Jimbob finally used some of that extra energy to get me the spell numbers from his own list."

    You can read the entire Everquest 2 Mystic Class Spell Comparison Guide at

    Wed, Jun 22, 2005
  • It's your heritage. You owe it to yourself to learn about it.
    Our very own EverQuest 2 community site has updated their already comprehensive Heritage Quest Guide. We traced back through the family tree to find this:

    "Heritage quests have the combined benefit of providing some very nice items (which hearken back to EQ live- hence the name) and massive jolts of status points for yourself and possibly your guild. They are very involved, and usually very long. The good news is, they're usually worth it for the items alone and are great team-building activities for your guild."

    You can read the entire Everquest 2 Heritage Quest Guide at

    Wed, Jun 22, 2005
  • Add-ons and expansions.
    Scott Hartsman of Sony Online Entertainment has posted his June Producer's Letter on EverQuest 2. It was a long article, but we read at least the first few lines and are confident that he might have written this:

    "There's been a lot of focus lately on Desert of Flames, our first major expansion to the game due out this fall. While we're extremely excited about this first expansion, I wanted to take some time to talk about a few things that will also be coming up for EverQuest II."

    You can read the entire June EverQuest 2 Producer's Letter at the Official Site.

    Wed, Jun 22, 2005
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