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  • I still don't see how playing music helps kill monsters.

    Darkgolem has updated the Dungeons and Dragons Online Guide to Bardic Music, including
    new enhancements and new information. It's not the same old tune at all! Read
    the guide and gain a whole different repertoire.

    "Bardic Spellsinger is very good, since it saves spell points.,
    but Bardic Virtuosos and Bardic Warchanter are only fair. Bard Virtuosos
    depends on using fascinate a lot, and this won’t last through an entire
    series of encounters between shrines."

    Thu, Aug 16, 2007
  • Is this like the Bowman of Yeoman?

    The Yeoman Outlaw is a custom build that can do a little of
    everything, able to fight, heal and deal with traps. Find out how to
    make one with Perryc's newest custom build, the Yeoman Outlaw!

    "The Outlaw can also use almost any item, wand, and scroll to
    varying degrees. She is skilled at two-handed, two-weapon, and ranged
    combat and can switch to a board-and-sword when necessary."

    Tue, Aug 14, 2007
  • Forged for War...and So Much More!

    The opening movie of Dungeons & Dragons Online, which shows a warforged coming to Stormreach, is all many players know about this race. But there is a lot more to warforged than fighting ability. Find out the details and strategies to playing this fun race with Darkgolem's new guide.

    Very careful choice of enhancements and feats can do wonder's in mitigating the problems warforged class choices have.
    Mon, Aug 13, 2007
  • Robin Hood Would Be So Proud

    Do you play a DDO ranger? Then you'll be interested in Greg "Darkgolem" Stanley's updated guide to ranger enhancements, which includes level 13 and 14 enhancements. Even better, elemental and vermin empathy are lower level now!
    Wed, Aug 08, 2007
  • Sing-a-Long Songs

    Well, ok sure, everyone values a Dungeon's & Dragons Online bard's buff spells. But Ten Ton Hammer's Greg "Darkgolem" Stanley says there is a lot more to a bard's spells than simple buffs. Find out about the variety of the most powerful bard spells in his newest guide.

    This is an excellent spell, thought using quite an amount of spell points to affect an entire party. Very useful for fighting opponents such as undead or similar opponents who use fear or require many saving throws.
    Tue, Aug 07, 2007
  • Been There, Done That...or Perhaps Not!

    If you've played Dungeons & Dragons Online, then you've played through The Waterworks instance. But have you really? Find out all the nooks, crannies and rare encounters you've missed with Greg "Darkgolem" Stanley's new guide.

    However, it should be noted, you will need a fair spot and search check to find some of these encounters. If you can reach a total of 8 in each of these skills you can do this.
    Tue, Aug 07, 2007
  • Stabbity, stabbity!

    The newest of the Rogue Enhancements, including the level 13 and 14th enhancements, the Way of the Assassin, and others, are in the rogue enhancement guide, The Deadly Knife!

    Mon, Aug 06, 2007
    Cody Bye
  • Bladesworn Transformation is like a license to kill, right?

    The newest Paladin Enhancements, such as Bladesworn
    Transformation and Paladin Divine Righteousness are some of the things
    found in this updated enhancement guide, along with the level 13 and 14

    "Activate this ability to double the hate generated by your
    melee attacks and spells for 20 seconds, making monsters more likely to
    attack you. Consumes a use of your turn undead ability."

    Thu, Aug 02, 2007
  • Do songs of rage tend to endear the party to the bard?

    With this update, the newest bard enhancements have been
    added to Darkgolem's guide to bard enhancements, The Singing Soldier.

    "If you possess the Barbarian Rage ability, you gain +1 use per
    rest. You also gain the ability to expend a use of Bardic Music to grant
    all nearby allies damage reduction 5/-."

    Take a look at Ten Ton Hammer's DDO site.

    Wed, Aug 01, 2007
  • This is how dragons mark their territory.

    Dragonmarks are unique to Eberron, and with their recent
    addition to DDO, might pose a problem for new players... should one take
    dragonmark feats or not?

    "However, when used with certain builds, which capitalize with
    a dragonmark's abilities, dragonmarks can make a build much more powerful."

    Read the full guide at Ten Ton Hammer's DDO site.

    Tue, Jul 31, 2007
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